Dungeon Meshi

Cute cat!

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Pet cat?

>No dick edits to this.

Years on Sup Forums has ruined me.

The withdrawal is real

Is it time yet
This long wait has left me nearly extinguished.


Angry cat

Gonna post stuff I found on a Chinese imageboard.


o k a w a r i







Yfw you realize this is the catgirl from the draft

but that's a boy



I will not be tempted by spoilers user, when the translation is so close.

say it ain't so

Still has a hole.


ungrateful bitch, how could you waste food like that

>feeding mushrooms to your cat
no user

>her pupils change and dilate like a cat


>looks like a boy
>uses watashi
What is it?

Itty bitty kitty titties.

>[Angry Cat Noises]

She looks so pettable.

Shut the fuck up.

Senshi boutta lay down the fuckn smackdown

>hand holding as soon as she reveal her face
Holy shit Laius is thirsty.

Reminder that a cat tongue looks like this.

>Laius likes monstergirls

God dammit, there goes my Marcille ship. Fuck. Should have seen it coming.

>Implying Elves aren't the biggest monsters of all

he'll turn back into a normal little boy after the beast curse gets lifted
elfship is safe

He's fascinated by monsters, damn straight he's gonna try and stick his dick in the first sentient one he sees
I don't even blame him

Finally a ship that makes sense for Laius.

Damn, she really looks like a boss monster.

My dick is ready.

Her face is cute. Cute!

The cat is a boy?

No idea, the cat looks exactly as s/he did in the oneshot, except completely flat.

Maybe she got six nipples, same as a cat but no chest.

Good. Marcille is for Farlyn.

A catgirl is fine too. Makes sense for the monster-obsessed character to end up with a cute monster chick, too.

How do you even fuck that thing

>God dammit, there goes my Marcille ship
Good, that shipping is cancer.

Well, at least he has the conscience to find a sentient one.

Is he gonna try and eat the cat?

No, he's gonna try to feed the cat

You could look at it that way

its time


What's the fucking cat's deal? Don't bully elf!

ALWAYS bully elf

I already don't really like her, she seems like a bitch and she might throw the balance in the group out of the window.

her first appearance manages to piss off everyone but Laius
comfy time is over

So ... Handsome.

That page is so well crafted, you can just imagine how struck dumb you'll be if you're in Senshi's situation

Some sort of binding curse for loyalty?


This is not a man's hand-
>Fingers have hair on it

just look at cat here cat is furry as fuck

Is it still fun? I stopped reading after his sister was taken by this necromancer. It looked like fun story will be dragged by drama with his sister being controlled and chasing after her.

bruh. It just came back after a two month break

I'm curious as to how it would look like in a color page. The coat can't be too thick since her hair color is black.

Shapeshifter chapters were funny

Yes but I have not been reading it for more than half a year. Something must have happend after her ressurection and her being taken away by magic man.

There are still some fun chapters, but the serious drama comes crashing down ever so often. There is certainly more drama than before they fought the dragon.

> Dryad chapter
> Brown scrub got mindbroken by Laius
> 'Murrica Marcille
> Doggo Laius
You're missing out

Oh shit that dog is baring its teeth! It's clearly about to bite that cat!!

marcille looks like a cat here too.

Hmm, she's kinda doing dog ear-body-language

You should have seen what his clones were doing to each other while in the prison cell.

This fucking bitch. Fuck her up Senshi.

I want to bag this cat.

Chater is out, dump on /tg/ has begun.


she's a bigger bitch than i thought

animal spirit? Does that mean she'll turn into a normal gril if the curse is lifted?

I never knew i wanted yandere Senshi to be a thing until now.



>licks her bowl

>Please help me become human again!

>Laius: NO


chapter's out and translated already...


You gonna dump, or...?

me? no got to head out soon someone should do it though, fun chapter

It's a cat possessed by a human spirit. Humans are animals too.

Will she go into heat?


okay but where's the real tl?

That would be nice, but we both know that this isn't that kind of manga.

Is this a boy or a girl ?

a cat

It's on now.