Murata is streaming


Chapter is 58 pages long.

This is page 52 by the way.

Next page more monsters appear.

The speech bubble on the left says "ojisan".

As expected, they took Tareo hostage.

I guess the fight does could end there, Garou gets distracted by the hostage and is owned. He could take jellyfish with him in this fight just like he did with senior in the webcomic.

It doesn't really end. He will surely kill the guys who caught Tareo though, and since he now has to protect the kid, fighting will be harder.

Before that it was easy.

I wonder how many pages Murata has completed so far. He doesn't show the spreadsheet.


Psykos lounging around.

Is that an actual bed? A puffy chair?

Murata is redrawing Tatsumaki. he posted scrapped panels on Twitter.

His eyes look a bit sharper, more like a monster's

? His eyes have always been angular.

Just a feeling, guess I'm wrong.

Thought the red eye was going to become important.
Apart of his monster form

>Before that it was easy.

You say that, but neither RR nor BG seems particularly wounded.

Anyone else upset about Garous change in character?
Anyone else upset about Tatsumakis & Fubukis lack of character? Or is it intended to make Tatsumakis fall more important?.

Why would the puppet need a bed?

I want to see real Psykos doing the same "draw me like one of your french girls" pose.

The characters are the same as before, what are you talking about?


Nor is Garou. If we keep track of what happened in the fight, he handled them easily, especially Ripper.

I mean, he was electrocuted, but does his expression look like he was just electrocuted? No. Well, it's Garou.

I don't give a shit about them. I'm here for flashy fights.

Hold up, if Garou is charged with electricity, will his punch literally disintegrate the Sludge monster?

>charged with electricity

I don't get what you're talking about.

That would be brilliant.

Some people havent read the comic
Garou seems less like a punk and more like an anti-hero. His character arc will still be the same but its happening sooner than later. I feel by the time he becomes a monster nobody is going to see him that way (maybe thats the point) but maybe its due to reading the webcomic before the manga.
Fair enough


Well, the reader is not supposed to see him as a monster. It's quite obvious that he is human and a special case. He "transformed" to protect a child originally too. Some characters will see him as a monster just because of his ridiculous abilities and strength. So it all works out.

I feel like in the manga Garou just resembles Bang a lot more.

I guess he'll lose because he was just toying with monsters, while monsters had serious intentions.

>I feel like in the manga Garou just resembles Bang a lot more.
That's a good way to put it.

I can give ya the manga-only perspective, as a lot of my friends have it and they don't see it that way.
See, they see Garou as a punk with actual potential to be a crazy strong monster but with the potential to be a strong hero.
But his anti-hero nature was still the same in the webcomic as his motivation for entering the MA was the kid, and since the first moment he saved him it was infered that he is the anti-hero archetype.

He'll just have to protect the kid and fight at the same time, which is a nuisance.

No sound, or is that just on my end?

>Some people havent read the comic

What's your point?

That sucks because in the webcomic it seemed like a serious fight to the death where no one was fucking around.

>He "transformed" to protect a child originally too.

He didn't. He transformed because he wanted to, saving the kid was another matter.

That makes sense.
I just really liked how he was as a cocky punk.
Good to hear
Some people see him as his own monster

In the webcomic the kid disappeared from the picture completely, which was super weird.

I thought that the'd play a crucial role here and get captured or something. The long dialogue Garou has with him at the start of this chapter gave it away.

>Well, the reader is not supposed to see him as a monster.
Nah, that's the point. Will he become ultimate monster or it was just his delusions? We must wonder until the very end.

>In the webcomic the kid disappeared from the picture completely
Garou pushed him away before fight started.

The timing of his "transformation" is not an accident user. Just like that look he throws back at the ugly kid when he claims that he's a "monster" in front of the heroes. It was always obvious that his case is complicated and unique.

At the same time it was obvious that he felt worried for Bang in one of the recent chapters, for example, even without the manga blatantly spelling it out.

Those people are fucking idiots, their ignorance is nobody's problem but theirs.

Just think about it. How far could he push the kid away when he had to fight a giant centipede at that same moment? The kid basically just disappeared during the fight.

W-What. They just havent read the webcomic is all. Im saying that he needs a bed because it makes him look like an individual and not a puppet.

Also Ripper ignored Tareo in the webcomic for some reason but kidnapped him anyway. Here he focuses him because he's obsessed with killing children. It actually makes sense.

Redrawn Tatsumaki.

Nah, the point is that he becomes the ultimate OP "monster" and stays human nonetheless because of [The Heart]. His nickname is spoilers.

I love how much detail Murata puts in her tiny black dress.

>he becomes the ultimate OP "monster" and stays human nonetheless because of [The Heart]
You just pointed the results of the arc.

No, it was obvious throughout the arc because of the way he behaved towards the kid (completely human) and how quickly he grew absurdly strong anyway (transformation or the limiter stuff). Like I said, he "transforms" into a devil right when he has to save the kid and keeps an eye on him while fighting heroes for a reason. His nature is complicated.

So, how long is this arc going to be?


At this rate, 3-4 more years.

Bug God's nose, man. So distinctive. I'm unexpectedly loving it.


Seems Tareo will keep calling Garou that until he actually becomes an old man.

Stop covering up details

Huh. Did Bug God transform? That's him besides Ripper, right? He looks FUCK hueg.

>Murata is streaming
Is he ever not? Every time I check the catalog there seems to be a thread about him streaming

He takes breaks for a couple of days sometimes.

>Mosquito Girl won't appear in the chapter, even as a cameo

I know that he initially posted the design on April Fools Day and we only have ourselves to blame, but damn.

This outfit looks like a bodysuit

>We will never see Prime Bang.

It had nothing to do with april fools. To start with he uploaded it in March and he only ever said it was something he wanted to draw and never once said it would be canon.

> and never once said it would be canon.

When the official artist draws something, it's fair to assume it's canon, except of course when it's something silly like genderswap Genos.

Can someone post female Genos please?

I get the feeling he wanted it to be. He spent something like two and a half hours drawing it on stream, revising the design a couple of times, originally she had no prosthetics it was just regular MG in an apron.

Then uploads it to twitter explaining all the design changes. Even now he won't say whether she's dead or not which is a simple question.

He didn't transform to protect the child. As has been made evidently clear in the last chapter, Garou is entirely unaware of his own desires for heroism.

He already began his transformation right after collapsing. He already had claws then. He didn't transform at the point you said he did; he already transformed before then. The reason why Garou transformed was because of his own frustration and complexes coming to a peak. That's essentially it. Being beaten down repeatedly by Saitama and not entirely committing to his complex (as Saitama said it, he half-assed being a monster) allowed him to calm down and revert, likely since, somewhere in his heart, he wanted to be defeated.

Garou transformed because of an evil complex, but it was a "half-assed" one and that's what allowed him to give it up, I believe.


I repeat, I'm talking about the timing of the "transformation" and its implications. It happens when he has to kill MONSTERS to protect the kid, rendering his words about having no humanity at the same time a very clear narrative ruse.

Just the way it's portrayed makes it incredibly obvious that he's a (special kind of) human. Even in the webcomic. That's the point.

He already got his power up before saving the kid though, even if he physically didn't totally change yet.


That was by far the most drastic change in all aspects though, an on the spot "transformation", which is purposefully clashing with the context of the situation: Garou protecting the kid and killing actual monsters.

I'm just saying that the implications of Garou being a special human, or an anti-hero if you want to call it that, rather than a generic transformed monster have always been there for the reader in the webcomic.

Just a single character away. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.

And Garou hasnt lost his t-shirt yet, that means we still havent gotten the moment that replaces Garou killing Senior. This fight might likely continue in the next chapter.

Yeah, he says he's human before that and even as he supposedly renounces his human side he's still clearly human, essentially babysitting Tareo again.

The pose looks much better than the first version, could see that being the reason Murata redrew Tats.

>could see that being the reason

What else would it be?

Pretty much it will, probably both of his eyes

>Anyone else upset about Tatsumakis & Fubukis lack of character?
Their arc already started in the webcomic after the MA arc

Bug God carrying that jabronie Royal Ripper

Are you kidding? Ripper is making Bugetty look good

They’re both shit.

Everyone is shit.

Everyone except Saitama is an irrelevant jobber.

Nah. And Saitama is barely relevant outside of being a plot device.

You know some people unironically believe this. When Garou loses to Saitama there's going to be nothing but shitposting about how he jobbed.

Same way practically every character is accused of jobbing by one group or another.

He didn't show the page sheet in this stream either, did he? So we're still on the release date being Thursday/Friday like he said.

>how he jobbed
Who? Saitama?

Well, ironic or not, you can always filter and ignore shitposting.

This.The story is about Garou, Saitama is just a tool to finish off some dragon monsters.

>ignore shitposting.
There would be very few posts left.

Murata is streaming again.

>when Garou loses to Saitama there's going to be nothing but shitposting about how he jobbed.
Can't wait.

ga ga ga gachi daze

That means comfy discussion. Really, just filter the idiots.

Jesus, what's going on with Murata's mic?

Honesly I'm hoping this is the case. Seiing a horde of faggots getting triggered as Saitama mops the floor with Garou will be the most hilarious thing of the decade.

Like, imagine following this as it releases and the secondaries continue to refuse to read th webcomic, now imagine if Murata decides to go full troll and end chapters with Garou in the advantage.

>Garou gets up from that first Saitama punch

>Garou takes a stance and begins to outplay Saitama by the end of a chapter

>Garou gets up and begins his "More..." monologue

>Garou transforms

>Garou transforms again

And that's not even counting what extra content Murata will add to make Garou look cooler.

Threads are gonna be more fun than the chapters themselves.

There can't exist people to this day who think anybody is going to stand a chance against Saitama surely?

Who am I kidding. People thought Gouketsu would give him a fight.

No one following this series would get "triggered" over a titular walking gag character punching problems away and winning his fights. It's just a given.

The thing that's bad is Saitama's own slow as molasses development. Though ONE makes him introspect and tries to build up his change in the remake. So who knows, maybe he'll GAIN something.

Well, the thing is that, despite how climatic the MA arc was for us readers, it barely registered in Saitama's mind. He just beat up some punk until he reformed and then his house got destroyed.

He gained more by talking to King walking on the street than by talking with Garou.