She literally committed a genocide against christians? Tell me again why you support her?

She literally committed a genocide against christians? Tell me again why you support her?

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she's cute

fuck c*stians

But in that moment she was euphoric
Someone put this audio over some holocaust vids.

>She literally committed a genocide against christians? Tell me again why you support her?

Because I'm Roman and Pagan
Christianity is a ploy of the Juden to submit the gentiles.

Fuck that sect. Nero's right all along.

Because the christians were basically ISIS at that point of time.

They also hated Nero and proclaimed Nero to be the antichrist, fuckers also wrote the history records regarding Nero afterwards so there is some basis to believe that Nero wasn't as bad as the records say.

>1998 - Kara no Kyoukai
>2000 - Tsukihime
>2001 - Kagetsu Tohya
>2002 - Melty blood
>2004 - Fate/stay night
>2005 - Fate/hollow ataraxia
>2006 - Fate/zero


>2010 - Fate/Extra
>2013 - Fate/Extra CCC
>2015 - Fate/Grand Order
>2016 - Fate/Extella
>2018 - Fate/Extella Link
>2018 - Fate/Extra - Last Encore

What went wrong?

What is that newshit religion you keep talking about?

Short stack.

Which one is the chuuniest ?

>Killing gentiles is a good way to get back at the jews

I wonder who could be behind this post.


Because she committed genocide against christians. Next.

Zero and Tsukihime by a wide margin.

Ever thing after 2010 that's what

Early christians werent europeans

Funny story: your God was a Jewish man.

Most credible historians believe most of the crap about Nero is just slander
There is slander about all controversial romans, a lot of what you hear as "history" is usually heavily exaggerated for dramatic effect
Suetonius is well known for writing some pretty questionable things about Caesar (that he was a fag, dressed effeminate, plucked his pubes out, was super self conscious about his bald spot)
Tldr take shit with a grain of salt and realise its all based on anecdotes

wtf I love Nero


>2011-2012 Fate/Zero anime
Right here

>She literally committed a genocide against christians

Because christianity is not my heritage, paganism is. The jew man in the sky and his hordes of fanatics should get wiped.

Nasu a shit for genderbending based Nero into a fucking saberface.

She was trying to protect Roma

Can prophets be summoned as servants?

Is Buddha a Buddhism prophet?

David and Solomon were already summoned so yeah

Imagine what fucking her must be like, She won't grunt or moan. She'll just go UMU.

>She literally committed a genocide against christians? Tell me again why you support her?
that, is a bonus my friend...

>Implying you got what it takes to please an emperor who experienced the finest ROMA could offer

Lets be real, she wont even notice you.

>Can't even holdhands without blushing

of course I can

Because the Christians back then were cunts

>Back then

and today they arent?

today most of them are larping and don't actually follow the religion at all
>I go to church once a year on Christmas, I am totally a Christian

And an Allahu akbar to both of you too. Lemme tip my fedora

not in america, here they are fucking batshit. we need nero overhere...


Do americans christian even count as christian, they don't even listen to the pope

why does she enjoy christian festivites so much?

You know the Vatican is the only continuation of the Roman Empire which lasts to our days? They kept the basic offices and structures and adapted the rites.

Neither do Orthodox Christians. But a lot of Burger Christians seem to really just be in cults.

they follow the damn bible and use it to treat everyone else like shit. nero wants to kill em, please do.

>a lot
Drastic overstatement. Most American Christians are either protestants and thus don't follow the Catholic Church at all and are way, way more lax, or are otherwise some other denomination of Christian (or just Catholic, but a more relaxed version of Catholicism than what is typically followed) or even Mormon. Evangelicals and the like aren't the majority of Christians.

because most of the canon of commercial santa comes from finland (santa is actually odin when you look into the lore)

Nero wouldn't really disapprove of the Vatican. Like he said The Vatican IS the last surviving branch of the Roman Empire, and the "romanized" christians which aren't a problem. What was a problem was when they didn't obey a centralized power and had cults aka Burger Christians. The christian issue was never religious but their issues with authorities. The Pope (aka Pontifex Maximus, one of the former attributions to the Emperors, but a title to the highest ranked priest of their officed religions) would be legitimized authority in her (or his) eyes.

To be fair who wasn't a big of a fag in ancient rome.

She genocided even more Jews, and even destroyed Israel

Having sex with a guy wasn't the problem, but nobody should find out you bottomed because marked you as a bitch. The reason why there aren't many explicit records of Alexander's obvious affair with Hephaestion despite everyone knowing about them was because Alexander was his bottom and nobody wanted to admit it. When it was about the fuccbois he fucked, it was open but in case of Hephaestion, a man older than he was, it was more scandalous and against their sensibilities.

She killed over 50,000 Jewish soldiers and 1.1 million Jewish civilians

truly /our gal/

That's a little referenced at least.

It did. When?

That's Titus.

Why is Fate Julius Caesar a fatass instead of a sexy milf?


It's amazing how people still fail for propaganda bait 2000 years in the future. The chronicles of Nero's antics are written by some guy who was born two years after Nero died, and shitposted about every old emperor because Hadrian told him to, so he could glorify himself

He got depressed after cleopatra leaving him

Not strictly what Nero did, but Roman is at first uncomfortable to take up his new name because is linked to the Empire that mistreated his people, but he tries to let the bygones be bygones. Still, he's one of the characters who treats Nero fairly coldly for his standards, in a very professional and distant way when he discusses things in Septem (very different to his warmer treatment of Jeanne), and calls her a moron and incompetent in Koujiro's interlude without making him seen in the wrong. Any praise he has of her comes off as passive-aggressive (like the one about the sailing skills, he's just making fun of her).

Nasu wrote all Roman scenes, so Sakurai couldn't just make him join in the Nero-fanboy cheering squad.

Desu. She tips my dick.

Santa Claws is a pagan though.

tell that to the soldiers of odin and see what happens

She accepted his rolls in the Valentine event, giving up he would slim himself. It was romantic.

His summoning was intentionally butchered by Lev because he was worried real Caesar would blow him the fuck out or something like that I think.

They are bunch of dumbasses.
>Hurr durr, we want to keep our culture intact so we'll name our organization after a god of country that enslaved us for hundreds of years!

it was actually a genocide against Jews, early Christians who were ethnically Jewish were also caught up in the purge

What's the difference tho? All abrahamic religions are cancer

>What's the difference tho?

What should have written is:
>She literally committed a genocide against Jews? Tell me again why you support her?

Then we could share our Nazi themed UMUs

They're clowns. Literally vikangz-tier larpers.



genocide is cool tho