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Sh-sh-sh-shit anime.

Tsubaki OVA when?

Tsubaki as my gf when?

Kirara Fantasia when?


Looks like she's holding semen in her mouth


Why was this so much better than Sanshit?

Weak bait.

Judging by the threads I've seen so far, at least the AHfags don't feel the need to enter other threads to stir up shit.

Because AHfags don't even exist.

I liked the show and found SS boring.






She just sucked Serina off.

Nothing to say after all, huh? As expected of anneshittyfag.

It's one of the most fun shows I have seen. The threads were fun. I haven't seen many 3sha, 3you threads unfortunately

I watched and enjoyed both, but prefer Anne Happy. Anne is just too cute.

Why the fuck do you niggers still respond to the shitposter?


>objective truth I don't like is shitposting

Shitposting aside, Sansha Sanyou was really better

Are you a comedian?


Name one thing that Sanshit does better than Anne Happy.
You can't.

Easily AotS when it came out and still one of my favorite CGDCT shows. Anne a best.


Who is best girl and why is it Ren?

These are my feelings as well. Also the OP is one of my all time favorites.

Ren's a slut

Its okay, no one can actually fuck Botan without killing her anyway. She's worried over nothing.


Thanks user, now I have to masturbate again.

Is still stuck in my head.


Otherwise it wouldn't be unhappy don't you think?

I might actually play it if they do that.

It's from the latest chink datamine, so it's coming.

Unhappy threads are unhappy by default, due to being dedicated to the worst sol in history of sols.

Only problem with this is
>Not dancer

Did they fix the boring as fuck battle system already?

>trusting Anne with weapons

This girl walks up to you and hands you a chocolate. What do?

That's a big chocolate.

Apologize that I haven't finished her show yet

Give her more roles.

What classes would the rest of the gang fall under once they get added?

You never saw episode 8?

The ED is also great too.

Implying they won't mix things up a bit.

The ED is really good but the OP for me is like one of the best OPs I've ever seen in a CGDCT. It feels like Silver Link went above and beyond for it.

Lolno. The game is there because it is Waifu roulette.

Don't open this.

All of the character songs are so good. Anne's are especially good though.

I agree.

I did.

I miss them


Why are they giving people boners in public? What's their plan?

Making it assume direct command.

I completely forgot I started to watch this show
Thanks OP

Something will go wrong, she's got bad luck.

Why would they want to do that?



Why was she so best?

How you lads liking YuruCamp so far?

I originally picked it up becuase of Hanako's VA and boy am I glas that I did. God Bless Forward.

HOLD ON, Yumiri is working on Yuru Camp? Picked up, also AOTS.

She plays Anne's pink twin.

Max comfy, Nadeshiko is an angel. Yorimoi is its only contender for AOTS.

Motherfucker, it's almost been 2 fucking years and you're still on this Sansha Sanyou rivalry?

Fuck you. Anne Happy is a SoL classic.

I don't understand why no one likes Ruri.

Brats and miracles of the universe.

Hae you seen the Colors OP. Because it's fucking amazing.

Yes, its pretty good.

Sansha was better than that crap. Nuke this shitty thread.

>decide to read the manga after the anime ended
>it's extremely boring when compared to the anime adaption
One of the few times when the anime is superior to the original manga.

Hibiki best girl, by the way.

That's how I usually feel when I finish watching a show by Shinbo's right hand hack.

>Hibiki best girl, by the way.
I thought it was Hibari.

Praise Anne.

>start reading the manga
>people found her weird since she looks like a foreigner with blond hair and blue eyes

So I'm guessing in their universe Asians have orange hair and red eyes, blue hair and green eyes, etc. while blond hair and blue eyes is foreigners only.


Shansha sanyou would have been better with Hibiki and Unhappy would have been better with Nishiyama.

It literally wasn't. Sanyou was as generic as they come.


Give her a weapon.

I genuinely thought they would be doing the roles that the anime already did.

Forshadowing from 2 years ago.

Shut the fuck up bunny boy

There can be no rivalry when one show is a masterpiece and another one is garbage with no redeeming features.

I partially agree user, Anne Happy was wonderful but it feels extreme to call Sansha Sanyou a garbage CGDCT SoL.
After all, Pan de Peace aired in the same season


What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?

>giving Anne sharp objects
What did they mean by this?

How does she gets roles exclusively on masterpieces? Excluding Yurucamp.

>Rolling Girls 2015 Winter AOTS
>Etotama 2015 AOTY
>Ping Pong Girls 2016 Fall AOTS
>Anne Happy 2016 AOTY
>Yuru Camp 2018 Winter AOTS (AOTY contender)
How does she do it?