Dragon Ball Super

Will Vegeta actually do something for once or is the whole episode going to be a beating?

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shut up fgt

Getting beat is in Vegeta's job description

As is tradition

Does anyone think this week's episode will have crappy animation? The characters in the preview look off.

Vegeta will land 1 (ONE) good move on Jiren before being eliminated and everyone in U7 will praise him for that but for the Goku vs Jiren fight it won't even matter.

I doubt it will have much action so who cares? Besides Super always looks like shit unless that one guy is in

They could easily fuse and in the 10 seconds that they are fused they could push Jiren off the stage and win.
Same shit happened against Kid Buu. Even if the spirit bomb hadn't worked the potara earrings are easily made by kais and they could've ended him in seconds as Vegito.

Even if they didn't instant-ko Jiren as Vegito I still think Vegito vs Jiren would be better than Goku*gets asspull strength and hax form that dodges for him* vs Jiren part 2.
Or Gogeta too. Throw him a bone since finishing up the job in under 3 minutes is his specialty.

tbqh the animation since 125 has been above average, I'm not too worried about that

he will at most learn jiren's true wish, and get one or 2 flattering comments from him

tbqh the animation since 125 has been below average, I'm very worried about that

>below average
What is the average animation for Super? I'm curious what the average is and how these recent episodes are below it.

17 will come back with ultra instinct

> What is the average animation for Super?
Maybe something like this?

I think this arc has a better average compared to the previous arcs (especially the movie re-tellings)

I also feel like the last couple of episodes have been below average, with the last great one being Vegeta vs Jiren

Did Tate make this fight scene?

Which is the best SS form, and why is it SSG?

The still shots are drawn well, but damn it looks like it's barely animated and missing frames. The first 10-15 seconds was like 4 different shaking stills with smoke overlaid on Jiren.

DBZ had a good mix of on-model and animation at least some of the time: youtube.com/watch?v=v9g5l5dh8rM

That's not ss2

DBS needs someone who can properly storyboard a fight scene and maybe tries to stick to the art style. We need less "b-but it's fluid!" animators.

That was one of best quality fights in DBZ, next to Goku vs Cell and Vegeta vs Recoome

But yeah the Final Flash itself dragged on a bit.

SS2 is not great when a surprisingly large amount of people confuse Vegeta and Adult (or Buu) Gohan in their SS1 and SS2 forms

He'll figure out Jiren's weakpoint for Goku

"Better" is a relative term though. Better than the animation used when the Saiyan Sluts Arc debuted? Sure. But compare this to the art in DBZ's Buu saga of 1996 and tell me which is better (unironically).

How far behind is the Super viz manga?

Remember Caulifriends, it is your civic duty to dump all of your lewds

>That was one of best quality fights in DBZ, next to Goku vs Cell and Vegeta vs Recoome
Agreed. I would also add in the first Goku vs Vegeta fight (though it kinda dragged after the beam struggle) and, if we're also counting DB, Goku vs Piccolo at the World Tournament.


>GT was too dull and de-saturated
>I know, let's turn the contrast up to 11 for DBS and turn it up to 3000 every time they turn blue!

Does LSSG count?

>DBS needs someone who can properly storyboard a fight scene
This so badly. Fights nowadays seem to devolve into:

2. T-there so fast that we can only see the impacts of their attacks!
3. Generic ki blasts

The Caulifla and Kale "arc" was good though


My bad

>look off
They all look on model what the fuck are you even smoking? And the art isn't a indicator of the animation quality.

Dont talk about Freeza like that.

You sound retarded OP.

For comparison

He'll be Jiren's personal punchbag for like 15 minutes, go MUH BULMA, land one good attack and get ringed out.
Then, after witnessing Vegeta's performance, Goku will realize something and go from making out with the ground to mastering UI in less than one minute (Freeza time).

>m-muh cherrypicking
Like clockwork


Them vs goku and the kefla fight were the best.

This was a good quality GT episode vs a good quality DBS episode

I try to avoid cherry-picking. You want cherry-picking? See pic.

Freeza is going to go full retard and get erased just like Frost isn't he?

Someone answer me. I want to jump over to the Super manga since the anime is going on hiatus. Are the fan translations significantly further ahead than the Viz translation? I wanted to buy physical if I could


>Jiren beats up Vegeta
>Vegeta powers up
>Jiren beats Vegeta up even more
>"m-m-muh p-pride. MUH BULMA!"
>Vegeta powers up again
>Jiren beats Vegeta up even more and eliminates him

This is what I am expecting.

It's good actually.

Stay mad Vegetafag

That wasn't the question user

Not really, the fan and viz translations are the same basically.

That swollen eye looks more comical than anything. 4kids tier of violence was a mistake.

>Are the fan translations significantly further ahead than the Viz translation?
Viz ones release on the 21st of every month 99% of the time. So if your fan scans come out earlier than the 21st then they're faster. However Viz is completely caught up.

Pretty much, jiren is going to ryona vegeta. You might as well skip this episode.

Viz and fan translations release very close each other. Pretty sure Viz is up-to-date

Mad about what?

He'll probably get incomplete UI.
Didn't the preview say Goku figures out mastered UI by watching Vegeta?
Chances are low but still...

Imagine if DBS moves to a different time-slot

>gets near-killed by Black
>beats up no stamina Frieza after he got drained by Goku
>is the sole reason why Perfect Cell exists, more to blame than Krillin
>beats Goku in a fight but still loses the fight and goes on to stay behind Goku forever
Not that great t-b-h.

The only real victory of Vegeta there is against Toppo. Goku doesn't count cause he will always be stronger


You fools, this is goku's show and he cannot be stopped.

>he thinks we live in the good timeline
no user, DB will never have blood ever again aside from Yamoshi getting hurt on his left arm and there's a scrape or two.

why is gohan, doc and dose the only people that actually uses martial arts in this show?

> 2018 DB Movie "based on the Saiyans"
> DBS final episode recording party has the VA for Cabba

Forget the Planet Sadala arc...we're getting a Planet Sadala MOVIE

>martial arts
you're not serious right?

It's going to go through the traditional routine of taking a beating but being tough by taking a lot before he goes down.

Stop baiting you fucking retard, toriyama already said it's about the original u7 super saiyan god which takes place in the past. No sadala arc or movie.

So Bulma isn't even going to be in the final episode? Do they just go straight to planet Salad after the tournament?

None of those damaged him in the least kek

he's not just jab spamming and is actually using his whole body.

Unlike the Goku vs Jiren fight which was LITERALLY them punching each other's fists for 2 minutes.

>toriyama already said it's about the original u7 super saiyan god
No he didn't


I mean full body ATATA is still ATATA. You can at least argue that UI Goku parried some of Jiren's attacks during the ATATA, all Gohan did was blur his body and flail it around.

Toriyama revealed the name Yamoshi separately (and I think before) the Movie details were announced.

All we know is that the movie is Saiyan-centric.

But there's no way we'll have a movie centered around Yamoshi and not Goku. That's financial suicide.

Yes he did, go look up the interview cause I'm not spoon feeding you.

>Goku asspulls mastered UI
>waku waku vs kiero, round 2
>Goku still loses and gets ringed out
>U11 celebrating
>U7 in despair
>Zenos about to push the button
>but then they notice that Freeza's still in the game, but no one can see him
>where the fuck is Freeza
>Jiren runs in circles trying to find the lizard
>finally someone recalls Jiren's spergout blast
>El Grande Padre contacts U7 afterlife
>he's dead, Jim
>Jiren gets DQed for killing
>U7 wins
>kyun x2
>muffled OHOHOHO from the afterlife

How the fuck do you defend the Goku vs Jiren fight and then complain that 'all Gohan did was blur his body and flail it around'? THAT'S THE ENTIRETY OF THE GOKU VS JIREN FIGHT, except they just punched each other and at times neither goku or jiren would even fucking move.

Will this be the last movie? I can't imagine they make another series, these VAs are old as fuck. Which one is Cabba?

No he didn't you retard

The "Yamoshi" interview was the same interview that Toriyama talked about S-Cells.

Part of Saikyo Jump January 2018. Which as far as we know, has nothing to do with the movie.

>complains about spoon-feeding
>needs to be spoon-fed himself

The irony

This is so stupid. If Jiren wanted he could ring out Vegeta in an instant and later Goku who is already on the ground with no effort at all. Shit doesn't make sense considering all that stuff he said from the Manga is not in character for Anime Jiren so here he doesn't care about the fates of the other universes. HE IS GOING TO LOSE BECAUSE HE IS A LAZY FUCK

>wrestling isn't real

Because Dragon Ball is a 1986 anime and by then they were full grown adults already

Your a retard and misinterpreting this whole thing. It's pretty obvious toriyama wants to expand on the whole super saiyan god/yamoshi story. The u6 dykes are done after this tournament and they're not getting a movie, now fuck off.

What a shitshow. Jiren is so OP that he stopped Goku SSJG attack with two fingers and beat him in a moment WITHOUT MOVING an inch from where he stand in SSJB state, but now Vegeta depleted of energy, barely standing on his legs in normal mode can take a couple of direct punches to the face from Ayy; This implies that Jiren either is toying with them (all of that with 2-3 MINUTES left with 3 enemies left to kick off the stage where stake is fate of your universe) or powerlevels are being changed on a whim for convenience.

Either way, this is pinacle of shit writing and people arguing that ''but GT was even worse'' are delusional.

>he killed a dead character

nice fanfic Paco

It wouldn't count because Freeza is already dead so that would be a loophole

The time-slot isn't the problem, but Japan's new laws. They are not allow to show that level of violence regardless of the time-slot.

>waifutards actually believe they're getting a movie dedicated to their erased characters.
Wew lad.

what are you a weeb?

no. He's too popular

Doesn't make sense considering most Anime still have a lot of violence. Maybe its just for kids anime

>It's pretty obvious...
Okay, so your whole argument is headcanon

Funny how you acted like Toriyama did in fact state that Yamoshi will be part of the 2018 Movie:
And then back-step when you were proven wrong with "b-but it's obvious isn't it??"

>the art isn't a indicator of the animation quality.

For Dragon ball it always has been. If the art style is shit then the animation is likely just as shit. From the studios perspective, why bother getting the animation up to standard if the art direction is fucking shit from the get-go of production.

Imagine if the original manga had an actual anime adaptation that lived up to the manga's quality

>people arguing that ''but GT was even worse'' are delusional.
Tell me what in DBS is worse than Kid Goku (which the GT Perfect Files state is as strong as Buu Saga SS3 Goku) not being able to lift a building?

Or how about Base Kid Goku tanking blasts from Omega Shenron when SS4 Goku couldn't?

And I'm sure you thought SS4 Goku spamming Ki blasts at Super 17, AFTER he already said he absorbs ki, was excellent writing.

You have selective memory, my friend

>not being able to lift a building?
He was pushing the building, not even lifting it

Don't forget them jumping from building to building in that one episode. If I'm not mistaken, Goku struggles to clear the gaps.

Yamamuro will storyboarding this weeks episode lets hope we can see some interesting choreography from him.

It would be pretty boring. Most of the iconic scenes of DB comes from Toei, not Toriyama.

Is the Future timeline the "main" DB timeline?

El Trabajo