Do you accept their gifts?

Rin: "Here, take this. I had extra left over, it's not like I made this for you or anything..."
Saber: "Master, I hear this is a day where we give chocolate to the ones we care most about. This is my gift to you."
Sakura: "Senpai.. If you don't mind, I made you some chocolates. I hope you like them."

I accept all of them but Sakura is the only one I give a gift to on White Day


except for Sakura because worms

Do you accept his gift?
"Rejoice, Emiya Shirou! Your Valentine's present has arrived."

For me, I'd want to give Sakura a gift on White Day the most as well. But imagining how disappointed Saber would be at not receiving anything back breaks my heart. So I'd get a gift for both Sakura and Saber.
I don't think Rin would care, so she gets nothing.

No because I'm not Emiya Shirou. He got wrong person.

Accept Rin and Saber's for sure.

Sakura can fuck off and die though

Sure, but not Sakura's. There could be some worms inside.

Just like that scene in Carnival Phantasm

I'm not a big fan of spicy food, sorry.

"No thanks"
"Thank you" And then I put them in a cupboard.
"It means the world to me that you made these. I love you" I then put my hand on her cheek and kiss her, long and passionately.

>ITT A lone Sakurafag samefags


This is a tough one for me if I can only pick one.
It's between Saber and Sakura for sure.
I'm not a fan of Rins personality type so she's out.

>11 posters, 13 posts, 2 mentions of "worm" and someone replying to "worm".
More like one Sakura-shitter samefagging.

For Saber, a huge chocolate cake on White Day.
For Rin, a game of chocolate Russian Roulette.
For Sakura, a wedding ring.

>1998 - Kara no Kyoukai
>2000 - Tsukihime
>2001 - Kagetsu Tohya
>2002 - Melty blood
>2004 - Fate/stay night
>2005 - Fate/hollow ataraxia
>2006 - Fate/zero


>2010 - Fate/Extra
>2013 - Fate/Extra CCC
>2015 - Fate/Grand Order
>2016 - Fate/Extella
>2018 - Fate/Extella Link
>2018 - Fate/Extra - Last Encore

What went wrong?

Oh, how embarrassing.

They kept milking the Fate Cash-Cow, much like all franchise's that started out good.

Just accept it user, stars die.

I'd happily take all of the chocolates and share them with Illya and Taiga.

What kind of chocolate do they all make?
Saber strikes me as a white chocolate kind of girl and that is my favourite.
Sakura's would be infused with cherry blossom and maybe Rins would have a hint of lavender.

But then what do I give Kirei on White Day?

If only one, then Saber because she would wait until the end of time to meet again.

Ideally Saber and RIn because Rin wouldn't mind joining in with"mana"" transfers with me and Saber.

>Shirou didnt eat his tofu
What was up with that?

Shirou is an ungrateful little shit, that's what.

>Do you accept their gifts?
Why would I ever not?

No thanks, I already have a cute waifu.

Accept all, but it's a fact Sakura is the best at making candy and confectionary, so hers will be the best. She gets the best White Day present because you know she did the most work, girl makes her pie crust from scratch, that's work.


I only want Medusa's chocolate and Medusa's only.

Accept them all because I don't want to make Sakura feel bad.

You are a kind soul.

Only Sakura is worth it

Only Sakura gets to receive a gift back, Saber takes the scraps.

get a load of this American

That's not very nice.
I like both Saber and Sakura equally.

Spotted the rhinocucks

take all there chocolate and have a threesome with Rin and Saber.

>Only the true heroine can give out hand-made chocolate!!

I love this outfit for Sakura.

>sakura always most unpopular with Sup Forums
>everone suddenly loves her once her film gets out
It's as if Sup Forums was full of anime only fags all along!

>Mfw Medusa still doesn't receive the love she rightfully deserves

Why must us Rider fans suffer?

>"Master, I hear this is a day where we give chocolate to the ones we care most about. This is my gift to you."
>That sincere smile
Jesus fuck, that actually got to me.


This doujin is slander, Kirei would never waste food like that.

If it's to cause suffering he would.

Fate/Cooking Night makes me appreciate all the girls way more. I've always been a Rinfag, but when Saber is presented with this colour palette and these expressions... I get it.

You have to give a gift to everyone who gave you a gift in White Day, but the girl you like, you give her a present 3 times the worth of the present she gave you.

It's natural to be touched by the confession of the best girl.

D-does that mean OP is best girl?
I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Would Saber approve of me buying a Lion costume that I'd wear to surprise her on valentines day?

2015 hit

Why is Apo not on this list.

Nasu need to eat & pay bills.
Fate series is canonly ended after Fate Hollow Ataraxia.

Chocolates wtf? I said I wanted anime, ANIME! You lazy pieces of shits couldn't shed some cash for something of actual worth for me? For a second there, I was excited.

My top five Type Moon girls are: Nero, Bazett, Arc, Medusa, and Touko.

What does that say about my taste?

user, when you have 5 women constantly living in your home, you'll be too busy cleaning drains,working and cooking to watch anime.

>main 3 fate heroines
Absolutely disgusting.

Same reason Strange Fake is not there.
Not written by Nasu.

Then Extella shouldn't be there.

She always was liked, she just attracted shitposters from other boards who went ballistic whenever they saw her. Nowadays, the cancer is all quarantined in a certain general.

>you'll be too busy cleaning drains,working and cooking

>Shirou = Self insert Alpha male

>Saber = Kuudere, loves Shirou
>Rin = Tsundere, loves Shirou
>Sakura = Yandere, loves Shirou

Its only 3, user.


Calling Sakura a yandere is a pretty unfair description, considering how kind and gentle she is when not crazy and how much it takes to make her go mad in the first place. She's more of a hajidere or yamato nadeshiko most of the time.

She killed hundreds of peoples.

>True Assassin
That makes for four.

She absorbs people mana at the beginning of HF, then completely eats them on middle part of HF.

>a few weeks later...

That's Angra Mainyu, not Sakura. Sakura is just its vessel.

Shes aware of that though.

You mean after Gilgamesh attacks her, which is the night it stops?

Marry Sakura, Fuck Tohsaka, Kill Seibah

>having taste that is this bad

The more important question is, why do I buy for Saber?

Can I get a Valentines threesome with Rin and Saber?


maybe if it's under the guise of "mana" transfer

Out of all of the heroines in Type-Moon works, Akiha is the one who is most dedicated to the person she loves. It's a shame that her route was overshadowed by others and that she has essentially been demoted to the level of a joke character by Melty Blood, Kagetsu Tohya, and Carnival Phantasm.

Best Type Moon girl?

Strange/Fake comes after H/A tho

I'm sure Rin is willing to dyke out on hot blondes at other times as well.

Reminder that she gets mindbroken by SHIKI right in front of Shiki in her own route.

>Fate Kino

Stay Night
Hollow Ataraxia
Case Files
Strange Fake

>Fate Shit

Grand Order
kaleid liner PRISMAILLYA

No I am spending the day with Shishou.

I'd happily accept them all, but Sakura is the only one getting a gift back.

A true gentleman

Akiha a shit.

Gift of love by Rin "Gwaaa!!" intense blood loss but user endures, for user is a magus of renown of.."i feel dizzy"

Then by Saber on the way home "Argg" Images of threesome, ends up caried home by her all the while whispering lewd things to my blushing servant showing my gratitude and interest.

The final blow comes at home, by way of Sakura. Needless to say user faints due to blood loss with a smile and a paradoxical boner.

Wakes up naked, restrained and surrounded by said beauties receiving hungry looks. Worth it!

>you didn't need to get me a gift saber, I already have you.

Receive my penis

What a way to die.

pull the gacha, slave