Is this anime quality graph accurate?

Is this anime quality graph accurate?

Needs an off-the-chart spike in 1995 & a bigger one in 1997

No, but it's decent bait.

What exactly was released in 2013-2014 that was so great?

Not really, no.

Sword art online and Attack on titan

Nope. The quality of anime is basically identical over time, the only thing that has changed is the volume of stuff being made. There are 30-50 shows per season now, if you can't find something you enjoy then it's time to find a new hobby.


The amount of shows in 2012-2015 was the same but there were more shows I enjoyed.

If you started watching anime in 2012, yeah.

>Is this anime quality graph accurate?

This bait is so weak


And you responded to it. sega in options field.


What are your favorite early 80s animes?

Gundam and dragonball

For someone born 1998, sure.

Yes. That's a great graph.

This graph was made by an /m/ closeted moefag.

It should peak in 1995, 2007 and 2011