Darling in the Franxx

What did she mean by this?

She probably knows more than what she’s saying. Shitty ningen are responsible for the current state of their world.

I want to rub her horns.

>another thread
6 isn't enough?

That she's been bullied all her life by humans for being different and that she doesn't give a shit anymore

as long as they hit bump limit this train aint stopping

Humans breed thousands of test tube children and send them to their deaths. They treat the kids nothing more than tools to be used and discarded, their deaths are nothing but a statistic. The children have no choice in the matter and die screaming in pain.

If being human means being a fucking hypocrite then she's out.

Who prepared the best Valentine present?

It's rather likely none of them are real humans

This one is 02, the first one was a teaser.

What would a bunch of kids with codes as their names that are also holed up in a one place and raised under an apparently cultic society know about what makes someone humane?

It's a valid question as they seem more like weapons than anything else. If anything Hiro gave them a little more sense on what it means to be an individual and human with these nicknames


Kokoro's looks the most impressive and tasty. 02's is probably just the appetizer, the real gift is honey and chocolate covered Oni

sorry, my bad
Have 02 as an apology

inb4 thread deleted

Beautiful isn't it?

she is so salty knowing she is a disgusting subhuman


>What did she mean by this?
She probably knows just how rotten their whole society is.

>Ichigo - plain
>02 - wild
>Miku - sugary
>Kokoro - rich
>Ikuno - neat
Was the lolipop licked by 02? It's important.

Most likely

Why do you asume that she meant it in being humane way? They might be literally not humans. Or Adults might be not humans.

who here /ready/?

>tomorrow most of us will wake up to the preview ready for the watching
>3 days later well have the new episode

about fucking time, the ep5 preview was not as misleading and I though it would be, hopefully this one shows us some anikino scenes. The first few episodes had enough unasked fanservice already, might as well full-on focus on the plot right now. Loving everything SO FAR

>Darling, lets have sex!

Exactly, Hiro made the argument internally that 02 was human (or "just like us" I can't remember exactly) before he said the 'embarrassing' things to her while 02 showed him the most basic, yet meaningful thing humans do to each other: kiss

>Bite the pillow Darling

You can judge the quality by the PV. PV for episode 4 was visibly worse than the rest of the show. Hopefully this time Trigger will deliver. Name of the episode should be telling too.

It's supposedly the game changing episode so they better deliver.

Oh boy it's another anime where I'm not supposed to care if society gets destroyed.

You should care because protagonists will be the ones destroying society. That much was clear in episode 1. Actually, it should have been clear as soon as they announced the staff.

Merch when?

I loved the last episode and how it was fully character-focused. Everyone, including the fodder group got a little piece of plot added to them, I did not feel anything in this episode that was over the line or not necessary.

Speaking of the fodder group, I will be mad if they go out without a fight. Notice how they dont flinch when they tell them the klaxosaur numbers? Theyre supposed to have some experience.

What would be the most acceptable death they could have? (implying they die but come on, we know its bound to happen)


>Ichigo - cute
>02 - shit
>Miku - sugary
>Kokoro - rich
>Ikuno - neat

Ichigo has very good friends

They defeat the initial group of dinos but then the level boss comes out.

>Why do you asume that she meant it in being humane way? They might be literally not humans. Or Adults might be not humans
Because Ichigo went after her morals when she called her inhuman. I assume that was going to be the line of conversation.

She's only 56% human, just like the "white" amerimutts.

Their social order is certainly getting destroyed. That whole praying to papa thing, there is no way the show leaves it at that.


>mfw i read that as "maybe he'd be better getting off with her"

I took it as a dig that the pistils/stamens are emotionally-stunted circus animals that don't have any understanding about the world outside of their cage or living independently.


How do we fix this drug addict, Sup Forums?

Japan isn't very fond of N. Korea so it's a given.

This episode proved that most people on Sup Forums just don't have a high enough IQ for Darlifra.


Ichigo does not deserve this bullying. She has been a good girl and good squad leader. Ichigo always tries to keep the team happy and focused. Those are very good traits for squad leader. Ichigo cares very deeply for her team mates, especially Hiro. But ever since this bad manipulative oni joined the team, Ichigo has gotten nothing but trouble! Ichigo knows that oni is up to no good. Oni even killed her last partner! Ichigo doesn’t want oni to kill Hiro, because Ichigo CARES about her team mates. Lately, Hiro has been very hurt. Ichigo thinks its because of oni and those balloons she’s been stealing from Hiro’s room. That oni’s always up to no good! One time, Ichigo walked into the room, and Hiro was completely passed out with a bunch of sticky balloons next to him! Oni must have hurt Hiro to steal his balloons! Ichigo wants Hiro to not hurt, so as a team leader, she talks to oni. But oni just tells her that Hiro is her “darling”. Oni doesn’t want Hiro, she just wants his balloons! That oni is nothing but trouble! Ichigo deserves better than this. Ichigo is a good girl.

Wonder if he has a blue oni tumor as well

You know that you have failed to understand one of the most well known characters of one of the most well know anime series of all time right?

Hiro wants self justification, (or if you prefer a way to justify himself, )not his partner's approval.
02’s approval was just a way for Hiro to justify his sense of self.
This was kind of explicitly stated more than a few times

If you're going to use a Hiro image in this thread it should be accompanied with
>"muh piloting"

But I guess that's a little 2deep4u

Be glad that you chose a male character otherwise I wouldn't have been as nice as i was to a subhuman retard like yourself

>Ichigo's face hidden the entire time
Yet more proof that Ichigo is the Jorougumo. Duplicitous bitch.

But her face isn't hidden to the other girls.

>that analysis at the end actually makes sense
Someone should stop the flowerposter already.

This, hiro actually shows more destructive/ sociopathic tendencies more than 02 ever was

>"That, or he's extremely compatible with her."
>that look
Goddamn, Ikuno with no brakes!

Perhaps he should have thought of that before going out of his way to build friendships with them. People can't turn off their emotions like a faucet.

will turn into klaxosaur soon

>What is human to you people?
a plague.

Probably not. Nana and Hachi said that Hiro's reaction is different from anyone else, so I guess that the tumor is exclusive to him.

Yes, because they're not aware (yet) that she's hiding something. That is a hint to us, in the audience, not the other characters.

A good friend can tell the harsh truth even if it hurts like hell or maybe she's just trying to get rid of competition

Who has Hiro sent to the hospital?

it just shows a contradiction to ichigo's action.
looks calm but actually care af

I have been waiting for an anime like this ever since Kill la Kill. Say what you will about the quality of the show or it saving anime but it was damn fun speculating about how the story would progress over the months.
Darling in the Franxx has that same feeling of fun speculation that Kill la Kill had and I am enjoying every thread. Episode 6 will be the deciding factor in how big this show gets on Sup Forums and I can't wait to watch it.


Somebody probably did that already, but I hadnt saw it.

Did you ignore every two cour original since 2013?

>calls herself leader
>sees that her team, including herself, are just bunch of jobbers who need constant saving from elites
>doesn't force them into training bots to work their asses off until they are not shit, like Hiro does
Defend this

Yeah but the womanlet got a good chuckle out of me.

Fuck Ichigo. Bossy cunt.

wakeup call when?

Yes because this is the first one that has hit the sweet spot for me of personal preference and virility.

>tfw no oni thighs to rest your head on

>Ichigo barely visible

So you have shit taste

Why hasn't this motherfucker shown up again after episode 1?

Find yourself a girl like 02. Make Abe proud.

>Hiro's going through some shit pretty much alone
>She doesn't give a single fuck
>Hiro's found someone and actually has something to live for
>She actively works behind his back to ruin his happiness

She truly is a cunt.

Ichigo = dedication
Oni = raw
Miku = fake shit
Kokoro = Comfy
Ikuno = manufactured

Too busy scheming behind the scenes

By the way, why exactly is she considered a leader? I dont remember her doing absolutely anything leader-like and even behaving that way.

She has the highest number.

Rewatch the episodes maybe? To her credit, she does act the part of a leader.

>when you know the obvious reply but don't care enough to self edit

Sasuga Sup Forumsnon, you played your part well

I agree with ichigo that 02 is not human
because she is too perfect

>oni transformation before power of love
get that fairy tail shit out of here

What, she definitely acts like a leader personality.
Were you just tabbing over to Sup Forums whenever Oni wasn't on screen or something?

She should kill herself

huh are u retarded 02?

Is it wrong that Karling in the Franks make me smile everytime I see it?

So this is gonna be the next TTGL/KLK/Re:Zero, right?
Sup Forums jerks off over it being the greatest thing ever in the first cour, then they realize normalfags like it and that it's getting popular and suddenly they're pretending it was never good in the first place.

She also gives the children pep talks just like a leader should, and acts like an onee-san type to everyone otherwise. It's an act though, and her mask slips whenever Hiro is concerned.

Not him but she plays the part of a leader who is also an immature child. Not that that is necessarily a fault for her as a character because she IS by definition an immature child, as are they all.

Strategically retarded, they would lose a Franxx. She should just stop being shit.

>believe this
>the poster isn't a hint

Almost no one believed the flowerposter until episode 4, especially in the week when episode 3 aired. The fact that Hiro is adapting to the blue shit was accepted pretty fast.

What if every theory is true at the same time?

then AOTY

Thankfully this has enough fanservice to disgust the normalfags.

>Ichigo is the Joro
Ichigo doesn't have any alternative motives. She cares for Hiro because they were test tube childhood friends. They've been with each other their whole life. Ichigo is just as clueless as any other child.