Elf-san wa Yaserarenai

Chocolate elf

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Goddamn it, Meth

Fat fucks should be gassed

I'm not creative today.

You are never creative.

I want to see Kuroeda dress like a gyaru


Best Elf.

What's she thinking about?

I want to make her a mother so badly.

How fresh she is.




It's not a bad fat if it's in the ass.

And tits and tummy.

Why are they so fat? Even the dog is fat.

Just tell me when there's an Ogre chapter. Miss me with these disgusting, fat shits.

>reads a fat fetish manga while disliking fat girls


I need more pig.

Neither am I.

Speaking of which, if pig succeeds with her diet won't she be unable to go back to the fantasy world?

I want her to sit on my face and play my video games for hours and hours and hours

Those thighs+that ass in mom jeans

I want that fat elf to brap all over my face until I pass out from lack of oxygen.


How do you gain weight in the right places

pork the piggy

>you will never tie up Orc Girl and eat a whole rack of Baby Back Ribs in front of her

>tfw no puppy gf to humiliate and reward with stinky socks for being a good girl

How do I get an oni wife, guys?



Invest early

I want to tongue fuck her asshole.

very nice


>you will never trick her into eating pork and get to see her face when she realises


Come home Oga-san

>ywn date donk elf and compliment her fat butt so much that it becomes a point of pride for her

Come home Oga-san

But it's so fat. How could she ever be proud of something like that?


A fat butt accentuates a woman's fertility and femininity.

What skin tone do you think she really has?

It's just a fat ass.

>this is uncensored in the tank
looks like i'll be spending money soon


>Weight gain from cannibalism
Muh dick

>only one day into my nofap and about to break
Y u do dis

It's for your own good.

Pig is BIG
Also best girl

>that top center panel
Just how small is pig?

She is like a head shorter than Human, that would place her even below fish.

Come home Oga-san

Come home Oga-san

Come home Oga-san!

This is not a fat elf.

Come home Oga-san

I wanna run my tongue on her cellulite

this isn't a freshness chart

Come inside Oga-san!

Do you want small onis? Because that's how you get small onis.

> he doesn't want small onis

Come home Oga-san

I just want to make Oga a mother

That's a fat ass dark elf.

Best girl. There is no need for her to lose weight

She's fat where it counts.

Need dark elf and the ogre hmanga

Piggy is the cutest.


You don't. That's only possible in 2D.

When will Muronaga make his own chubby girl manga?

Someday, user.

Boss and Pig both jump from a tree.
Who do you catch first?

I feel like I´d break my spine trying to catch Pig.

Boss. Pig is fat enough to absorb the shock from impact.

Never cause we need more huge tiddies H manga

Especially since Sasakimaru is basically dead at this point

It's just this playing on a loop


come home oga-san


But he already does though

some because of shit working conditions like Buttelf and Flowermilf, but mostly it's just gluttony.

Come home Oga-san

Come home Oga-san

I really like fat-butted elves as a character type

>tfw body dysphoria

Come home Oga-san

Fish is FRESH

Come home Oga-san

Much as I love Pig, catching her would probably break my back.

It might be somewhat worth it.

Come home Oga-san

Come home Oga-san

Made for cuddles.

Come home Oga-san

Come hom, Oga-san!