Happy Valentine's Day, losers

ITT: We write an Isekai

But instead of a japanese teenager, the protagonist is a large aged black bus driver from New Orleans.

He dies in a horrible bus crash and is transported to a fantasy world.

What happens next?

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Have him also be faceless and he'll be an unstoppable rape machine.

>Shieeeet, I'm in Game of Thrones nigga, where that booty?

The protagonist is initially disliked by the people of fantasy land but wins their hearts with his cooking skills.

Hmm, I like this direction. Fantasy food wars perhaps?

After some encouragement from fellow olds, he joins up with the town's militia and becomes the Black Knight.

He terrorizes the battlefield with superior blacktics (black tactics).

He calls everyone slanteyed gooks.

>Black Knight.

>fapbait waifu character in skimpy clothes teases him
>she instantly gets BLACKED

Already better than half the stuff out there

After casually performing in the village tabern one night he starts a musical revolution.

>implying he isn't a tender soul and loves her gently

>serving isekai trope characters greasy ass philly cheesesteaks and crawfish boils

God I'm so fucking hungry

>black man turns out to be BASED

He is transported to the first city but everyone treats him coldly, up to the point of kicking him out of the city. While he wanders the outside forest completely defensless a group of knights attack him but he's promptly saved by a group of black elves: they mistook him for one of them due to his skin but as soon as they understood he was a human they try to kill him too. Running for his life, he is lastly saved by a group of goblins that assisted the ruckus and is later informed of the situation: apparently the world is in a glacial age due to the final battle between the Evil God, with his minions and army of fire, and the non-classically-evil races, helped by the lovely Mother God of ice, from over 1000 years. It's kept in this state to prevent the return of the unholy flame and due to the low temperature and little sun irradiation (since the Demon God is kept on the moon the ozone barrier is very strong or something) all human-like creatures lost their need for melanine and are all white (except for black elves that, due to their slow changing organism, still have old age skin color and are therefore discriminated). For all this time the world was at peace against the Evil but a prophecy said that "one day a man of black will appear, gather an army and will engulf the world in fire". So the goblins think he's their savior and pledge him their alliance. All the while he's extremely butthurt and decide to go with them, gather all evil monsters and organize the greatest Black Lives Matter demonstration was ever done in the streets of the capital

Jazz Iseaki when? The Miles Davis of Oakani

Orcs mistook him as their kind.


Well if he grew up in new orleans he certainly knows how to fight, and he's got that lethal old man strength and cunning. he'd probably survive maybe even raise a couple dozen kids...

>Jazz Isekai
I want this.
I want this real bad now.

He arrives to a war city, where lowlives like him are send to do the petty works. He is fine with this until he finds out there is a new practice in that city, as winners they kept as trophy all the women for the enemies, who are actually elves. The females are treated worse than animals, and old man gets inspired and decides to help them to rebel.
At the end he guided an elf revolution, and falls in love with the matriarch of the elves, who is 500 years old but looks like she is 18.
This results in the story of how dark elves born.

He gets ostracized because of his reverse vitiligo

That's uncle Ruckus you uncultured fuck.

What should his weapon of choice be?
I'm thinking a flail whip that he also wears as a belt.

That or a massive cleaver if we're going with the cooking thing

He should also be good with spears do to his roots.

a whip, and while he uses it on humans he yells "the tables have turned, bitches"

>"Well looka here, I'm in the Wizard of Oz! Maybe I can find a tin man, a scarecrow or even a cowardly lion!"
>Konichiwa, do na tadesho ka?"
>"Scratch that, I woke up in Vietnam."



>mc uses his knowledge of science to steal some shit

The Church of Black Hatred is established.
Led by Reverend Father Uncle Ruckus (no relation)

>Cheesesteaks and crawfish boils
>Not Jumbalaya and cajun mashed potatoes

I can hear the UMAI! from here.

Have Sup Forumsnons even watched boondocks?

They should.

His cheat ability is summoning magic but he can only summon a bus. The bus runs off magic and it absorbs it through the driving wheel. His services are a big hit and pretty soon he’s rich and drowning in dark elves, catgirls, and succubi. They have a massive orgy and they all bare his children. The end.

It has better animation than your average anime

>next time you call a coon a nigga, call him a jungle bunny instead.
This fucking dude always destroys my side.

I hope there isn't a slave market in that world, we all know how it went in his.

Oh fuck my face hurts

he goes to white heaven

He's labeled as a magical beast/orc, funny situations occur while he joins a party of elves and all the girls fall for him over time, more funny situations occur.
>look, that orc must have enslaved all those elves, let's save them!

Probably not. They'd love Ruckus though, so he alone will keep them entertained.
McGruder knows his shit about anime/manga.


bitches love the smiley faces
Black dynamite has similarish comedy

The hell, actual content?
This is too good for this thread.

OP they already made this anime

Of course.

Uncle Ruckus gets Isekai'd into a world where the noble kingdom of chocolate elves is being overrun by pale skinned barbarians, he then faces a moral dilemma.

Depends. Does he have his deadly nunchaku?


Underrated post, and I mean it this time

I can't decide if the scene where the most childish member of his harem asks him to be her Daddy should be Cute/Sentimental or Fanservice

The antagonist is the person whose bike the protagonist stole in the previous life.
Having chased him between worlds, he will get that nigger who stole his bike!

This plays in the OP and ED

Why cant we have nice things like that?

I read it in his voice, holy shit

filthy degenerate

heart-on >>> hard-on