Draw your waifu in Paint

Draw your waifu in Paint.



I know you can do it.


Hey, your waifu is mine.

haa haa look at this humblebragging fag

Anthy Himemiya?

brb in 5000 hours.


>This thread shows up while I'm at work
Please stay alive.

cute boy!

I did this with my laptop pad fuck off

Let me guess, there will be a collage for all the entries in this thread. Am I right?

I wonder who this mystery person could be

If this wasn't your first thread you wouldn't need to ask.

I'm starting to think this waifu shit is just some popularity contest, or some means to just "fit in" with a crowd.
You guys need collages for everything.

Some people like to have fun.

How a collage means that it is a popularity contest? Please explain.

These threads are easily the least obnoxious. No-one's begging anything, drawfag epeen is somewhat sapped, you only put in as much effort as you want and nobody says shit, you don't have to compliment anyone's pleb waifu, etc. I agree that the collages are unnecessary though.

Decided to have some fun with it.

What an absolute disgrace



oh shit i forgot the hands

You got something with hairy girls? Not judging.

bE my OnEE-ChaN user PLEAS?

good job




there is nothing wrong with thicc eyebrows and a strong monkey hand for painful HJs

who was your waifu before the current season? although most likely you've discovered anime this month

it was you

If this don't give you a erection I don't know what will.

very cute kininarimasu




Nice strokes

Do you have a graphics tablet (like a Wacom)?


Loved her since her first appearance...


>no layers on paint
then I can't paint her, what the hell was microsoft thinking

Do you think real canvases come with layers?

real life sucks as always


great taste

ritsu's lookin bulky
them drumming gains

only if you're a pedo

cute dork


>page 8
No, I'm almost done

It's not rude if it's a fact.


You have 5 minutes to explain yourself. Explain in full detail what you mean. Justify yourself.
If you don't plan to explain your words, apologize right now.

Spot the user that can't draw.

I see. Seeing that you won't answer, I'll assume you're just joking and/or didn't mean it in a pejorative way.
Have a good day.

Y-you too.

that quote can be used on all 3 of the girls in toradora

Yeah, but only one of 'em is the "palmtop tiger".



Just a sloppy doodle.

damn son


This is false, that book should be at least 15 times bigger.

It's a tile. Plus the only rule you can read is the only rule you need.


danke schön

>sloppy doodle
>that hand quality

Just wanted to say sorry, user. I don't know why I was so angry earlier. B-bye.

It's okay, I forgive you dork.

I love her.

That's better! You can call me a dork. Just leave my beloved out of this.

i'm not very good, and this took longer then it needed too. Nagatoro


It was supposed to be Valentine's related but it turned out horrific. I started over 6 times and now it's food related. I felt like using the paint bucket a lot.

Best anime.

Nicely done.



Nice job, cute style.

I seriously hope you guys don't still use microsoft paint

I still use WindowsXP.

user pls
mspaint is fun, plus you did well

Thanks! I almost left it at

I can't defend this, I'm a horrible artist.


Why wouldn't I? It's like my best friend.

I don't have anything else besides paper.

Draw you're waifu as Blue Ai.


>draw your waifu as not your waifu



>literally 10000 hours in paint

Really damn cool.

Ah, I realized I don't have a mouse at my workplace right now and drawing with the touchpad is impossible. I'll post my drawing tomorrow, so here is a traditional drawing of waifu in the meantime.