It's V day

It's V day.
Perfect time for another Sailor Moon thread.

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>It's V day.

user, VE day is on May 8 and VJ day is in August. What the fuck are you talking about?

Sailor V(alentine's) day

They should show me their Vs.

Mars > Venus > Jupiter > Mercury > Moon

You should accept this as the ultimate ranking, the one true ranking.

Who is the best animation director?
I think it's gotta be Kagawa.

>Not posting the whole thing
Also Ikuko Itoh best girl
Masahiro Ando worst boy

Minako's VA's Valentine's day greetings.

this is good

Best inner senshi.

Itoh really is the best.
I like Ando's cute blobby faces though

I just hate the way he (and some others like Taichi Nakamura) draws Ami's hair

does minako two-time on valentine's day?

>only two

but have you seen that episode though

I just started watching the show. Me and my friends are playing the Sailor Moon RPG, it's super fun.

I wish I had watched this on tv when it was actually on when I was younger.

The SNES one or there is another one?
If it's the first yeah it was pretty fun
I was near the end so I should really finish it one day

Did you remember to buy flowers for your favorite senshi?

I think that's the only one.
Damn good music.

Believe it or not the table top RPG

Remember that chapter of Sailor V where Minako got fat off chocolates?

Ando gets some of the best Ami episodes
But now that you mention it her hair is served way better by almost everyone else. It's like he tends to give her an old lady cut.

The 1999 one? My inner fa/tg/uy is intrigued.
I've never heard of anyone playing that, is it any good?

I've read it, but I have no idea how it plays. It's built with Big Eyes, Small Mouth, or BESM for short. Unfortunately it has a lot about the DiC dub.


Our first session was really fun. We have two sailor scouts and one guy who's just normal (story is he's a bruce lee fanboy who does martial arts). In the actual fight he kicked ass, but we feel like he's gonna get outscaled really quickly.

I've played a handful of RPGs, of course DnD (which I'm kind of tired of right now) the Star Wars RPG, but normally we play a Vietnam war game called Recon.

I can say that the Sailor Moon RPG easily has the funnest most enjoyable character creation. It's addicting, I've been just making characters by myself. The character sheets have a bunch of different things, like favorite food, hobbies, goals, favorite gem, and so on.

Also, there's a lot of worldbuilding type stuff, which is different from Recon (which is basically, go here, blow up this bridge, defend this position, etc). We spent a lot of time making up friends, brothers, sisters, etc.

As far as the combat goes, it was really fun. I played the bad guy (a giant lobster monster who was serving man at a sushi restaurant). I could tell my friends were thinking they wouldn't make it. Really intense. I'm not sure how balanced it will be once they get really powerful. I think it depends on how you play, but I wouldn't do constant combat in a session.

Also, the book is really detailed. It's not only has the game mechanics and everything but an entire episode guide, information on the city of Tokyo and Japan in the 90s, and a bunch of full page artwork of the characters.

Also yeah, it takes a lot after the DiC dub. I watch it subbed, so a few things confused me (Zoisite being referred to as a woman)



Is Chibi-usa really that bad?

I can tell you who was the weakest. Taichi didn't float my boat.




I don't know if there's one for Sailor Moon, but it probably couldn't top this one.




I with Ikuko Itoh had a twitter where she uploaded drawings like Kagawa does.

If you were dating one of the senshi, who would it be and what would your ideal Valentine's Date date look like?







Seems Aya Hisakawa is taking over the role of Bulma.

Is the newest Sailor moon worth it?

Any lewdness?

It is not.
Not a drop.


Well Haruka does outright kiss Usagi.

You know one day we will have a show where the MC cures girls of lesbianism.

Read the manga for the first two arcs, then just watch the third season of Crystal.

She's just misunderstood because majority of Sup Forums watched the dub.
You try being the daughter of the ruler of Earth for 100+ years and having zero talent and you want your dad's 'Rose'.

Well Usagi isn't it.
Literally all the Senshi want the Moon

A bouquet a roses and a candle-lit meal I hopefully made correctly after lots of practice. Then a moonlit walk if the weather cooperates. There might be some time to sit, talk, and hold hands. Then I would walk her back to her apartment and say good night.

More like imagine her being related to that clumsy lazy crybaby who still writes in kanji.

Valentine's Day is over, but that doesn't mean you can't still post the best inner senshi.


Oh U

Fret not. Plenty of best inner senshi to go around

>Titty window
What a slut.

Jupiter > All

Fixed that for you, moron.

God that top rei is wearing

Codename: Sailor V

Y'know, I've always felt that way about Rei's wardrobe in general. In particular, that ultra-short red dress of hers.

For a Miko, she's got quite a revealing wardrobe.

It's too bad Ando peaked in the first season and by his third season episodes it was almost an entirely different art style.

So lewd for a shrine maiden

That top is kinda too lewd.