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OVA when?

Perfect wife material.

Why does she offer underaged girls alcohol?

What is the appeal of Hifumi?

Because she's a gay pervert.

Here is at least 5 things

I want to lick Ahagon's tanned Okinawan tummy!

Are you a little girl with a fat ass?


I want to spend the weekend inside cuddling with Hifumi

Then you're out of luck.



What if I get on the floor and beg?

I want to spend the weekend inside Hifumi.

I want to be birthed out by Hifumi.

Become Aoba.

A shitty thread saved


so cute

The 2nd cutest.

Does Hifumin have tasty armpits?

Those quints would know something about luck, baby

a-am i supposed to cum in the cup?

No, that's her cum in the cup. You're supposed to drink it like the little slut you are.

She's going to pee into it for you.

Cumming on Hifumi's armpits and making her go to work without washing it off!

Hifumi cumming on your armpits and making you go to work without washing it off.

You know it

Why would you cum on Hifumi's armpits when Hajime's armpits exist?

I wanna LICK them

Only weirdos like Yun would cum on that boy.

I'm a weirdo like Yun.

Yun has good taste. That's why shes best girl.

I wanna impregnate her armpit pussy.

Why is my wife kissing that fatty?



Why first ED of S2 is so fucking good? I've been listening it forever.

Christina should be the main character!

There needs to be a show exclusively about lesbo cakes getting drunk and going to hostess clubs together or something.

I would like that more than anything.

post rare hifumis

I'm keeping her to myself.