DROPPED. Why does Sup Forums like this?

DROPPED. Why does Sup Forums like this?

Haruhi was effective neither as a comedy nor as a character study of Haruhi. This series held a lot of promise and only half-delivered. For being so reliant on character interactions, it very much lacks them.

I don't even remember this scene or anything else about the show.

The show itself was quite forgettable. It's the movie everyone remembers.

Talk for yourself. Live Alive, Someday in the Rain, most of the Melancholy episodes, the island and most of all Endless Eight were all memorable.

The first season had great moments. But the movie was so over the top that it eclipsed everything in the regular seasons.

I'd fucking hope you'd remember the endless eight, you got 8 chances to cram in into your brain

Because we're older than you.

Where does this cricket come from?

Funny, I barely remember the movie but I have various fond memories from Season 1 (and a trauma from season 2).

God that CGI is ugly.

It was 11 years ago

It's the Computer Club president or more exactly a data entity that formed around him in a pocket dimensions made from an algorithm spread several times in the internet through a drawing Haruhi made for the SOS-dan web page.

I don't have a slowpoke slow enough for you.

It was intentionally incongruent with the background and characters for plot reasons. Like other similar elements through the series and movie. The point is basically that Haruhi is one reality shaping character, but the MC is another. And when he adds things to 'her' world they look out of place.

Toy story was 20 years ago.

And it had Disney Theater movie budget.

>a character study of Haruhi.

The one thing i have come to understand about Haruhi is that she's a proper cunt. She's a bully and an outright horrible person.

t. speedwatcher who can't into character development

Fuck i don't remember this scene at all.

Meh, the only time I really enjoyed Haruhi was when I watched the cam version of disappearance

Please, enlighten me. How do her actions portray her as anything other than a despicable human being?

t. seen 10 anime

self-centered girl who wants to be special above everything else, even at the expense of others to the point of denying the world in Melancholy 6
>Kyon kisses her
"alright maybe the world isn't so shit even without aaayys"
>baseball episode
"I got to play and have fun but there's no need to go overboard with my autism, let's back down and have a good meal with everyone"
>murder episode 1
"wow i sure want a murder to happen haha jk OH SHIT IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED"
>murder episode 2
"i fucked up so i'll create an imaginary culprit because i don't want anyone to be involved in this kind of shit"
>Live Alive
"i'll help these random girls I don't know. Shit now I'm feeling guilty because I think I didn't help enough."
>Endless Eight
"I just want to have fun with you guys"
"i'll just spend 3 days watching Kyon's comatose ass"

She has her low points but there's a clear progression from a delusional egotistical girl to a balanced person

I've only ever watched the original non-linear order and the movie.

I will never undestand how someone can watch the entire show (and movie presumably) and still retain this opinion

Which makes the fact that the series is in eternal hiatus much sadder. I really want to see Haruhi getting jealous as fuck and having to deal with Sasaki threatening to take Kyon away from her.

Have you seen toy story recently? The other day I watched it and god does it look awful.

The dog and each human character look like abomination by today's standard. And each second of that movie probably had a bigger budget than that entire sequence.

endless 8 was a piece of shit i stopped ate the fourth episode there is only so much you can tolerate its the reason i dropped haruhi.

How did the island thing go again? haruhi resolved it with her god powers or something.

Yeah I stopped there too and never finished the second season because of it. Fuck Kyoani. Yes, I'm mad and I will always be mad.

It was the most ballsy thing KyoAni has done.

I wish I could understand the appeal of Haruhi

Haruhi already dealt with jealousy and Sasaki. Actually she dealt with it in Sasaki's very first scene. Sasaki acted as if she was really close to Kyon which got on his nerve, but Haruhi just went "oh nice to meet you".

I'm sad about the hiatus, but Haruhi's development is about over with Surprise. She's grown. In fact, Kyon was the one who needed maturing in these volumes.

It's also the most devotion to portraying a timeloop in the history of timeloop stories. Groundhog, Steins;Gate and Madoka don't have shit on it.

The character or the series?

It was a fake. But Haruhi might have created a culprit that still lurks on the island. Good job, bitch.

They could have done the exact same thing in four episodes, the initial day, two loops and the conclusion. Making 8 episodes was ballsy but also stupid and a waste of time and money.

If you're gonna do something, do it properly. I don't think it was a waste of time and money because the end product was what they intended it to be and achieved what they intended it to do. The mere fact that so many people hate it proves that it properly captured the frustration of being trapped in a time loop.

By that logic you could argue that making this arc 32 episodes long would be even better, at some point you just have to stop. I think four episodes already make you feel the frustration of being trapped in a time loop while letting Kyoani fit another arc into season 2. I wouldn't really care if the anime got a third season but since it's stuck in limbo forever it really feel frustrating.

Endless 8 = ∞

>making this arc 32 episodes long would be even better
Yes, that would only be better. But impossible for anyone to do.
>while letting Kyoani fit another arc into season 2.
They didn't have another arc to adapt. They couldn't adapt any of the arcs that required knowledge of Disappearance, and they didn't want to adapt an even later arc that only acts as set up in case Disappearance was the last part of the anime (it was). There was only 3 arcs they could confidently adapt, and they had to decide how to distribute 14 episodes between them. Giving 8 episodes to E8 was ambitious and effective.