Characters you wish to God you were

God I wish this were me



Madoka just because of Homura.

God I wish this were me.

It would be like living the dream

>1998 - Kara no Kyoukai
>2000 - Tsukihime
>2001 - Kagetsu Tohya
>2002 - Melty blood
>2004 - Fate/stay night
>2005 - Fate/hollow ataraxia
>2006 - Fate/zero


>2010 - Fate/Extra
>2013 - Fate/Extra CCC
>2015 - Fate/Grand Order
>2016 - Fate/Extella
>2018 - Fate/Extella Link
>2018 - Fate/Extra - Last Encore

What went wrong?

God I wish this were me.

Why'd you skip Mahoyo

God I wish this were me.

Any average 2D girl, it would be easy mode. All the guys would be flocking to me.

God I wish this were me.

Why? Who would want to be a Rhino?

Why not just be a girl instead?

Same pretty much to be honest quite so famalamablamadam

the dick just makes it better

Not really

God I wish this was I.

But he couldn't fap anymore?

>implying fapping as a girl is not 10x better

What a waste of potential. Fuck Nasu and his hunger for money.

good choice


I wish I were Lilithmon


I hope you're ready for Femme Fatale.

What happens if I post multiple?

You have to pick one.

I wish I could fuck you

I wish for that too

Get a room.



>those legs






what do you guys think about logan paul?


i didn't think there was anything wrong with his suicide forest video.

I don't think about him at all


Dude those fucking yaoi hands


Sieg so I could replenish Astolfo's mana and become a less lame MC than him.

>out all the great options he fucking chose sieg


>accidentally forgetting a word means you are illiterate
Not everyone triple checks before they post

already am tho

Eager to please old men, I assume?

Same, I too jacked off to the Asuka coma scene


That is all wrong
Her legs are broken and dwarf legs
Her wingspan has got to be a foot longer than her height due to dem fucked up legs what the fuck

Or eager to have steamy lesbian hatesex with blonde Finns.

Except it'd be you and half a dozen other girls competing for the affections of some never gonna happen hapless mc.

I'd be stealing beta's virginities left and right and breaking their spirit.


I wish to be Nowaru

So comfy...

God I wish this weren't me


cute immortal neet


Have to fight another eternally butthurt immoral daily to death, kinda sucks.

She'll get over it eventually


I'm already an autist. Being an all-powerful autist would've been nice.

anyone in this pic

saitom's Rin is so LEWD


>ultra powerful
>lots of friends
>all the best clothes and armor
>big boobies
>giga thicc

Erza is perfect.

Hell yeah she is. I love it

So you want to lose your soul?

Why you want to be a teacher ?

God I wish this were me.

>Supernaturally lucky
>Liked by everyone except jealous bitches
>Huge tits, cute face, very athletic
>Well-off enough to live alone in a huge apartment

I'd give anything to be her.

I'm actually very close but not graceful enough



I wish to be a busty red eye'ed chick with black hair character essentially a Akame.

me on the left

Isn't that a guy tho?

so you want to please old men?

why you posting this on all boards?

Saber isn't an old man. Nor is Rider or Luvia.

A Prostitute, war goddess?

Is the only true answer.

>Hairband in knee socks

Why be Rin when you could be the richer, hotter, more talented and superior girl?

ohouhouhouh intensifies



Rin is old and busted, why would you want to be her when literally any other Fate girl is superior?