Darling in the FranXX

I wonder how is gossip shared among the children of all Plantations?

We see the P13 kids mostly just talk among themselves, no internet or smartphones.
But they are special, so perhaps in other Plantations its more “normal”?
Or are children explicitly told about Hiro?
Or is there a leaderboard? But the P13 kids seem surprised that Hiro is well known.

Also, the P26 leader was terrified when he found out that Strelizia would also participate in the operation and he didn't want Strelizia participated in this operation too, and when he was going to attack Zero Two, Hiro appears right in front of the 16 leader and said he was Strelizia's stamen, he just gave up, so it calmed down and has accepted the situation quite easily.

Looks like the P13 kids have the special locked out treatment from the very beginning?
Or they have their brains wiped at one time?

is Hiro seen as some new kind of messiah and Zero Two as a demon?

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Hiro is a good boy

I thought that was interesting too, maybe all the kids started off in the same pin before being sent off to different plantations.

They all grew up in the same facility/orphanage (they call it the Garden if I remember correctly), after which they were assigned to different plantations.

Most likely answer IMO



I bet the P26 girls went to sleep with their panties soaking wet after based Hiro shat all over their leader's head by ignoring his grief over his dead partner and basically saying "shut up, I got this".

They seemed like frigid bitches to me.

The children have been moved around for their whole lives. There's bound to be kids who grew up in the same "garden" as Hiro, Ichigo, etc who went on to different plantations and spread the word about Hiro. I don't even think the kids from plantation 13 necessarily all grew up together, I'd have to rewatch the flashback scene but I only remember recognizing Hiro, Ichigo, and Mitsuru. Given that everyone says theyre a hastily assembled team, Futoshi's remarks about how he thought Hiro would be different, and Goro saying that he, Ichigo, and Hiro have been together since they were kids without mentioning the others, I think it's likely they didnt all grow up together.

They are all dead inside

Deadly rapist dinosaur.

Most adorable dinosaur of 2018 for sure.

I just want to marry 002, leave all this mech stuff behind, get a nice farm out in the countryside somewhere and be beekeepers together.

They've done more missions and are older so it's likely that they have been to other plantations. Also they could have been briefed on it, given their more experienced they may get access to mpre information.


02 is dino god, she turns Hiro into dino man in order to make sure he will survive when dino army took over the earth.


Darling in the Franxx - Karling in the Franks?

/his/friend here.

I've got this particularly bizarre theory. Darling in the Franxx is based off of the story of Charlemagne and Desiderata, where Hiro is Charlemagne and Zero-Two is Desiderata:

> "Desiderata, or Ermengarda[1], was one of four daughters of Desiderius, king of the Lombards, and his queen, Ansa. She was married to Charlemagne, king of the Franks, in 770, probably to form a bond between the otherwise enemy states of Francia and Lombardy. The marriage was annulled in 771 and this hurt relations with Lombardy, presaging the war of 774. She had no known children and her ultimate fate is unknown."

The Lombards are the Klaxosaurus. Hiro is Charles before he becomes Charlemagne. He "marries" Zero-Two, a Lombard/Klaxosaur princess and eventually throws her away to invade Lombardy/conquer the Klaxosaurs, eventually becoming Holy Roman Emperor/God-Emperor of Mankind.

Furthermore, what we see here are the other three girls in the back of this image who look suspiciously like Zero-Two. They are the other "three daughters of Desiderius".

What we see is that Charlemagne had at least one illegitimate child, Pepin the Hunchback. This may be interpretated as insinuating that Hiro will engage in sexually unbecoming behaviour in the future, siring a bastard child, who, like Pepin will attempt to rebel against him.

Notice additionally, that the Capetians who succeed the Karlings, had a floral coat of arms - we see very clearly the floral symbolism in Strelitzia and Delphinium. Thus Hiro/Charlemagne's successors will also be floral and might have something to do with the fleurs-de-lis.


Thank you for reading my crackpot theory.

>02 is dino god
Nice headcanon, but the parasites love Hiro and hate 02

02 is not only capable of communicating with Klaxosaurs, but is also their queen. Cap this.

Ive been wondering since last episode if this is all that needs to happen to solve Hiro's growths.

the butterfly didn't die in episode 5. cap this.

It's going to be something gay like, if they love each other more than he's more able to survive. They are already exchanging blood between each other, no?

They haven't shown us him stepping out bleeding yet, who knows.

But that's literally the opposite of gay

Yeah I guess in ep 6 we'll see the spider feeding it honey.

This may sound obvious to some, but I'm slow, sorry. Just want to ramble a bit.

Hiro is really good a naming people, it's been said numerous times. And in Ep 3 he was thinking of a name for 02. It's a pretty neat metaphor for humanizing 02, that's his shtick: names are critical part of being human and by wanting to name 02, he wants to humanize her -> change her. But she's distinctly not-human; with no regard for her life or caring about the temporality of existence. (aside from the fact that she ISN'T purely human biologically).

What makes is interesting is who going to get to who first. Will Hiro get ONI/AIDS and go full in-human, or will Hiro successfully humanize her, reducing her efficacy but getting her to care more about things.

idk. sorry. just wanted to write this somewhere. /blog

It's a good idea, but I think they're going to meet in the middle as a metaphor for the give and take of a relationship.

I had to watch 50 episodes of E7 for this.

Why is Zerome so retarded?

Because he doesn't know.


This little faggot is never going to live this meme down unless he dies.

Hiro is a true king

>D-don't be so r-rough!

I love this anime for those sex jokes.

Haven’t been this excited for a new airing episode since R2’s ending episode. I want to see Oni Hiro so badly.

well, Cocona said that ''The stamen has the initiative when it comes to handling, so consider whether the Pistil, who's connected to the Franxx, can keep up''
In other words, Zerome was treating Miku as if she was a piece of dirt or a worthless object, just as Mitsuru did for Zero Two in episode 3.

How do they pilot the robot like that?

Hopefully we get a cute scene in the PV. Plus the PV has consistently not shown their cutest interaction for each episode.

He was just being too rough with her.

But no one from P13 knows anyone form P26 and no one from P26 knows anyone form P13(besides Hiro).
Does that mean that kids from P26 are 'newer' and heard about Hiro from their senpais (who are all now dead)?

I gonna say so far my most hated character here is for sure Mitsuru he scream annoying scum rival which only want to proof which he is better than Hiro, he don't give a shit to his own partner and is totally angry over being stomped by 02 and not being the "special person", when i was "he finally learned" then we see which he still the same scum throwing the gulty on his partner and trying to look down on others, he is literally throwing death flags as the scum which diservers to die.


I was honestly thinking the 'humanizing Oni' part was going to be more about Hiro mellowing her out in terms of personality, rather than physiology. If she gets weaker in terms of performance it would put the show in an awkward spot where Strelizia either remains the same across all episodes or gets weaker when the stakes are becoming higher.

Oni? More like HoeNI

Oni lemme ride

I love Mitsuru.

He’s such a great character and generates wonderful reactions. I hope he gets healed and cucks the fatso. I believe in his potential development.

Oni lemme get off this ride

just like their mechs back home
they're bland boring and doomed to be forgotten

>he is literally throwing death flags as the scum which diservers to die.
Last time someone become emperor of universe by backstabing MC though

Daily reminder that only Sup Forumstards like 02

Daily reminder that we, Sup Forums, should cheer for Ichigo.

Remember to support her VA on twitter too. Franxx is her first work.


What? You know that irredeemable cunt all animes have? That's Mitsuru. There are people out there that are just irreedemable, it's one of the classic life lessons you learn from anime.

02 a test tube baby that was injected with the cancer Hiro has right now. That's why she seems to know it's painful.

Shut the Fuck up Goro your partner is shit

>first work
for Jap or Eng?
Either or, not too shabby for a first try.

i bet kokoro gives mitsuru handjobs under the table while the fatty is stuffing his face

Hiro was also saying he had more energy since he got an STD. Oni Transformation looking pretty big.

This show has a dub?

I'm not so sure that's true. Usually that kind of character is not given the opportunity to change.

Mitsuru has the opportunity to humble himself after one hell of a vision quest, It will be interesting to see if he improves or collapses.

Yeah, think it's on episode 2. Gave it a listen and Hiro sounds angsty as fuck.

What if i find Ichigo annoying and want 02 to die?

Why would you do that to yourself?

02 also gave him her share of food which was interesting

Why are you even watching the show?

I like the cast and animation. Can't you enjoy a show without being a waifufag nowadays? Fuck

>caring about English VAs
I guess this is what we've come down to, Sup Forums.

Mitsuru is far from irredeemable if you paid attention to the show.

The flashbacks indicate that he once looked up to Hiro, so he’s not a born asshole. He just needs to get his issues resolved. Furthermore, he’s actually quite dedicated, piloting despite his injuries in Ep 4. If he’s still traumatized by 02, he doesn’t show it and even sits next to her in Ep 5. He doesn’t antagonize her, either.

There are characters who exist solely to be scumbags, sure, but Mitsuru doesn’t seem like one of them.

I just want 02 and Hiro to be happy and have some good battle couple moments.

Hiro and Ichigo are obvious, so is Mitsuru. Miku is likewise pretty clear, as she has the same hairstyle. I'm pretty sure the two boys sitting next to Miku are Zorome and Futoshi with Kokoro in front of them. While I think that's Goro and Ikuno on the other side of Ichigo.

So 9 kids in all.

>sees 02 giving up on her own food to help her daaling~ grow strong
>has the audacity of saying that 02 is trying to suck him dry
dumb strawberry deserves to be bullied

>enjoy the show
>i want main girl to die
sure user

I really like 02. But I also really like Ichigo. I want to see her smile and I want the two of them to work out their issues and manage to become friends!
Also Ichigo's VA is doing really good work and I commend her!

poor goro
>tfw everyone is getting laid
>partner cant get over her childhood crush

I'm honestly curious about Mitsuru's reaction if the Hiro transformation plays out.

Like, will his resentment grow even further? Or will he feel some sense of relief? Like "Oh, that's why I couldn't compete, he isn't even human".

This show seems to be doing a good job with the characters who have actually received attention so far, I hope none of them end up being completely cliche even though some archetypes are apparent.

I find her annoying and who cares about the main girl? Hiro is the protagonist

I still don't know who is controlling the robot, the stamen or the pistil.

It seems that's Zerome in this scene

It's stupid how good this animation is in comparison to some of the other shows this season.

You got it wrong, 02 is the protagonist and Hiro is the main girl.

the stamen does, see .

I care about the main girl. I also care about Hiro and enjoy his development along with said main girl.

Oni lemme ride

in a few days they will be dead outside too

I wonder why they stopped at 02, was it just that she was an overall dangerous subject and the procedure had ridiculously low odds of success?

She apparently escaped from confinement, we know that much at least. I'm guessing it was Dr. Franxx who dragged her back.


Yeah, a shame about the art style though

Here we can see the exact moment a heroic pilot was injected with Oni/AIDs by dino-bitch in a cowardly poison prick attack.
While oni/AIDs is no longer a death sentence in this day and age, a lifetime of medical treatment will be required to keep Hiro's yellow blood cell count in check. Get yourself tested, doG bless

It looks good though.

Good for you

>That look on that kids face when Zorome asked if any of them became adults
These kids are going to get fucked

>The reason 02 is insanely happy that Hiro will ride with her still is because once the oni transformation is done she wont be alone anymore

I was the one who supposed to post that

She horn bump any time.

I was curious about this too, but the comment that Ichigo made to Hiro this latest episode implied that all the stunts Strelitzia pulled off were done at the instigation of Hiro. Otherwise her complimenting Hiro for doing exactly what she had planned doesn't quite make sense.

Albeit, I still think the line probably gets a little hazy with the mindmeld between the Pistil and Stamen, especially when it's to the degree that Hiro and 02 seems to enjoy.

Can someone edit him to be cross-eyed?

I wonder if Hiro would be a pro at sucking dick

Oni transformation aside, Mitsuru finding out that Hiro has also been suffering will either humble him or feed into his complex.

If he has enough self-awareness, he’d realize that the biggest difference between them is that Hiro was willing to keep piloting despite the risk to his life, while Mitsuru ran scared. However, I think it might be too early for his character to develop that far. Chances are he’ll get smug about it and suffer some more.

I don't think it's just that, Hiro absolved a night's worth of fears sitting in the rain with one sentence.

Ichigo revived all of 02's fears and doubts about herself in the course of a conversation. She was wondering if she was forcing Hiro's hand in this, and if he really did want to be with her.

I don't really blame Ichigo's reaction though, it was very in character and as you can see from Sup Forums's response pretty sympathetic. But that's only to the degree of taking the face value of what 02 says.

Fucking Hiro, just give 02 a name already, i'm tired of calling that bitch using numbers and shit

That and Hiro is probably the first madman she found who would gladly ride with her even if he knows it can kill him.

The pistil is probably closer to the low-level "execution" part of things like managing the robot's body while the stamen is closer to the decision making. Basically the pistil acts like a control system which responds to the stamen's input, but things probably get more and more hazy the higher the sync is.