Put your grasses on

Put your grasses on

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We'll never get an opening this good ever again

The superior Berserk song

nothing will be wong

Everything went wong.

Hopefully we meet Wong in the manga soon, it's been too long

Is this a secret berserk thread?

and I mean secret because mods keep deleting them for some reason.

I don't know, I'm just glad they got off the fucking boat.

Really? I guess that makes sense. I remember the last few I saw kept posting rape panels. I think people keep forgetting that this is a blue board and we have to at least pretend to be SFW.

Man, when the hell is the manga getting an update. I want to know what Casca will be like when then un-potatoe her.

Why can't we have it back, why does it have be so bad.

In a week, I also I can't wait.

erica was qt

In this world... is the destiny of man controlled by some transcendental entity or law?

Is it like the hand of God hovering above?

At least it is true. That man has no control.
Even over his own will.

I never understood this part, what's the point of asking if he already knows the answer?
fuck you void.

t. brainlet

Still gets a laugh out of me

I took it to mean that man was subject to the whims of other men, never mind the god hand hovering above.
Could be wrong though.

Came here to post this.

I actually watched the last episode today

It's so disappointing that we will never see something on the same level.

Why didn’t a halfway decent studio want to pick up berserk?

Come on it sucked

This intro is great and I say that without a shred of irony

Objectively incorrect.

I would never trust trips

>Wasting trips like that
Come on lad


How can one user be so wrong?

Face it user, she ded.

I'd say it didn't suck, but it was nothing special comared to the rest of the soundtrack, which was extremely good and it was surprisingly uplifting for a show like this
also the engrish was pretty funny

Nothing will be ron

>not wong

You'll have to wait until 2019 till Miura unpotatoes her. Hopefully she goes back to her old self so she can interact with Farnese on the 7 year long boat trip back to Midland.

I don't remember her dying... What happened?

Checked 'em. I'm hoping it doesn't take THAT long. It might switch back and forth a bit, but it'd be foolish to try and make the trip back take as long.

Also, this fucking panel.

>guts truly was

It was hilarious desu.
Hirasawa OST is God-Tier.
So it surprised me it got a vocal opening.
I mean, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop and a couple more anime I'm sure had instrumental OP'.s

Will the new season of Berserk finally be 2D again?

Also the Berserk OST is god tier with the exception of the OP.




the wind is pushing mee

Except the opening is god tier.

God, Guts' theme is so spot on it's crazy. Perfectly encapsulates his sadness.


what new season?

The one that will inevitably happen once enough manga chapters come out to adapt.

If is the same studio doing it, then don't expect it to be 2D or good.

How far did the last season get?

Why can't a good studio like Madhouse or TMS do Berserk. It's a moneymaker. How does some no-name studio get the rights to be able to do anything related to such a great work of fiction. Even though the the Golden Age arc movies were pointless, at least most of it was done in beautiful 2D with some shitty and unnecessary CGI scenes here and there. There's no excuse why it can't look nice.

This, it also bothers me they skipped a lot of stuff.

Why Skull Knight didnt kill Griffith before eclips

because causality and shiet nigga

t. void


This is the superior Berserk song. Prove me wrong. Oh, wait, you can't.

Jap authors like Murai love adding symbolism and lite philosophy into their works to seem cool and deep, not because there is any substance to them. Try not to think too hard about deep stuff in anime as real depth is quite rare in this medium.

Maybe the true berserkers were the friends we made along the way

It was both fitting and unfitting desu. It has a kind of raw and upbeat despair to it.

I don't hate the grasses but it doesn't fit Berserk at all.


The definition of evil in Berserk being free will is pretty neat desu.

You want to know why they call guts "The Black Swordsmen" because he got BLACKED!

I still waiting on Miura to make a doujin under a different name that's full of his delicious lolis.

I miss back then when there were cooters everywhere. Now he won't even draw boobaloos.

The 1997 anime was damn good.

Safe for work on Sup Forums is fucking retarded, Why the fuck is that even a thing

>Hopefully she goes back to her old self so she can interact with Farnese
Hopefully she yuri bullies her with aggressive kisses and fingering


I want to marry her and take her away from her abusive father.

The ED is more incomprehensible. It's a decent song, though.

One thing I never got was who's hand this was.

Up until the blonde knight kid fought the pirate at the dock.

Voids hand

Void has like 6 fingers tho, unless those are his fingers in human form when he has the crimson behelit idk

Now put your grasses on and nothing will be long
L=Try reading this exactly on how a Japanese would read this in exact English, R=L and R
>grasses = glasess
>long = rong = wrong

I meant L=R and R=L

Well no shit.

Also, Godhand backstory when? I know it might not add anything to the overall story but man I really want to know the backstory and who they sacrificed. Along with Grunbeld, Locus and especially Irvine.
Irvine is so calm, collected, and kind that it's just weird that he'd be an apostle, the fuck did he sacrifice and why.
A story about any person being put in a position where he chooses to kill his own loved one should always be great.

It always annoys me when people say Berserk has never had a good adaption. The 90s Anime was great and certainly doesn't deserve to be grouped with the other two.

And it attracts the worst kind of people (for example Digibro and his cult). You throw something that sounds phylosophical and suddenly every brainlet or teenager thinks he is watching something meaningful. See also: Zack Snyder movies.

That Berserk quote is not really the best example of that though, there are much worse ones.

So Berserk is basically a Zack Snyder movie.

>missing the entire point


I didn't want to believe but damn, every anime is either just pure dumb fun, which is great, or it's a Zack Snyder Movie.
Really makes you think

That's a really awful strawman.There is a difference between inserting something that sounds "deep" to make people think you are smart or actually doing something smart. Berserk is mostly not guilty of it, but it's a common practice in anime or jRPGs. I was not saying all of anime is dumb, but there are a lot of Zack Snyders involved in Anime creation.

This is just speculation, but it could have been for revenge. A lot of terrible and cruel things happen in the world of Berserk so it wouldn't shock me at all. Alternatively, they could be "reformed" apostles that truly believe that Griffith could change the world, and maybe that struck a chord with that small tinge of humanity still within them.

I was kind of shitposting user don’t worry. There are some “deep,” or at least has thought put into them, anime and manga I’ve watched that I absolutely love. Not going to list them of course.
Lost Child Chapter is better than anything Hollywood can produce so.

>imagine a Berserk movie directed by Zack Snyder

Ah, Irvine, a humble hunter living a comfortable life in a cabin in the woods. His family gets attacked by soldiers during wartime. Add a little rape of his wife, entire family is killed, the hunter returns home with his friend to find out what happened. Both try to get revenge but get beaten to shit, behelit actives and sacrifices his friend.
Maybe it could work? I hope we get more out of Irvine, seems too out of place for an apostle, pissed me off at first but really interested when I gave it a lil more thought

It could work on a visual level, but Snyder would probably change the entire meaning of the eclipse scene to something like

>Look at Guts slicing all those Demons, he is so badass!
>Look at all those weak pathetic losers dying! So much blood!

I could watch a Hellsing movie directed by Zack Snyder.

I hated that midget, and the other two were total enablers if his stupid shit.

Manlets, will they ever learn?

I miss her so much, that brief moment before they rescued Griff when everything was perfect and Guts had a nice hat.

>Its Perfect Because Muh Nostalgia™

Not bad, but there's really nothing special about the art nor animation even compared to its contemporaries like Revolutionary Girl Utena or Gundam Wing.

Jill is for Rosine!

People hated the 3part cgi movies but at least there was actually fully realize swodplay for Guts fight style. 1997 anime was muddy colors and still frames. Both adaptions have different strengths. but the strengths of the 97 anime is outdone by merely reading the manga instead.

She's dead, Jim.


Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

>kisses Jill
How old is Rosine suppose to be right now anyway? Could she be a smol 18 year old or teen?

I'd say 16 with extra smol