Excuse me, I'm with city's gas maintenance departement

Excuse me, I'm with city's gas maintenance departement.

We've been recieving increased amounts of reports concerning gas leaks in this area, thus I've been sent to monitor the status of the households to make certain none of them are dangerous to its residents.

Would you kindly let me into your house to check the status of your gas connection?



Fuck no.

Sure, gas connections mantainment is something very serious.




I'm afraid to ask but, what's the context?


Episode 1 of boku no pico

best fap of my life

google Vladimir Ionesyan

get the fuck out

One guy went to jail for this, be more considerated, newfag.


Why do people bring this up so much? There are a bajillion worse doujins out there.

For real ?

People who don't know any others get easily excited. Remember when Sup Forums was starting a shitstorm about that one Legend of Zelda book that ends with Link getting killed at the end, like it was something completely unheard of ever?

To be fair, the copycat also went to jail.

Holy fuck

Geiger Counter



Is that artist still active. I haven't read anything new by him in forever. Mostly because I don't remember the name.

>oh ffuck...

I REALLY hate asking this, but where is this from. I honestly don't even want to read the hentai parts

Captain Tsubasa


don't just don't possibly more soul crushing then Shindobu's Emerence series.

If you just lurked you would already have your answer

Did you mean Los supercampeones?

gb2/lat/, virgin

The superchampions is a series that can turn you into an alpha latino man.


Good one, jose. Now get back to clean my pool or I call the ICE

I'm not opening. There are roving loli gangs around here. You either work for them or are insane. They'll never take me again. Never. Never. Never. Never. Never.

I found it in seconds and read it before posting this
It's nothing special but if you like footjobs I guess it's ok
Just Google Image search it ya dip


Making a loli cry should be punished by castration.


Literal instruction manual

my favorite panel

i love the fear

Well, so far so good.

Lets get one thing straight, lolis are for fucking, not hugs. Fuck lolis

When is the anime adaptation of this?

>You have a very tidy house.

The line that sealed her fate

The things that guy did to her can really only be adequately punished by hooking him up to a machine that stimulates every pain nerve in the body to maximum intensity and be left there for about 5 days or so, with dubstep playing on a stadium loudspeaker placed next to his head the entire time.

After that page, I closed the tab. Even if it's a fiction, I despised it.



What does Sup Forums think of Loli Tomodachi? What did you think of the ending?

Why is Sup Forums so hateful towards utility workers?

I wish my curiosity was as easily quenched as yours. I can assure you it gets a lot worse than that. It gets even worse still when they show the aftermath from her perspective, ending with her changing schools away from all her friends and being left with PTSD that makes her cry whenever a doorbell rings. and then the man tracks her down to her new house

It made me extremely sad, the life of a lolicon is truly suffering. It isn't our fault sexy lolis keep seducing us.

This particular one hurt a loli. No one can forgive someone who hurts a loli.

Hai, dozo

come on people, don't fucking make horror out of porn goddamnit

>and then the man tracks her down to her new house
Wait, I thought he was visiting another house with another innocent loli at the end.

Greatest love story ever told.

I fapped to this a long time ago, but does she kill herself eventually? Or is the second rape never shown?

>and then the man tracks her down to her new house

this didn't happen, that was another girl


was this quzilas as well?

also that outdoors one where the guy threatens to kill the girl's dog and set her house on fire was pretty brutal as well

I liked the ending
I didn't like the prequel but it was ok


A lot of people are gonna hurt her. See this is what's wrong with today's society. Kids aren't taught to fend for themselves. Look at nature, little lion cubs need to hunt to survive almost as soon as they can walk. Chicks need to learn to fly. And human females should learn not to whine so much when they get raped.

Too late

Good post.

Edgy post

Lolis are for protecting not touching.

Perhaps he was. Pity there'll never be a Geiger Counter 3 where he ends up trying to hurt a Yakuza's daughter and finally gets what's coming to him. Though the author quit after some faggot imitated Geiger Counter in real life and hurt some real lolis.

Lions throw their cubs from mountain cliffs as soon as they can walk, only the ones who make it back can rejoin the pack

It'sss aww-right!!!

If not wanting to be a lolicon makes me a pussy, so be it.

Curiosity kills the cat or so it goes. I don't like seeing cute lolis get hurt even if they are fictional.

Didn't her parents tell her to never open the door unless it's them, she got what she deserved.

never mind I got it mixed up, I'm retarded poor girl didn't deserve it.

didn't know that my farts have that much impact

Girl let's someone in to check radiation but he reworks her plumbing instead.

Good thing you didn’t post the degeneracy of the page where they hold hands

Boy, this fella just loves trains

He just had a new chapter of his Ballad series in the newest Comic LO

The weak lolis get raped, the strong lolis survive

What a nice fella trying to hug her

when the fuck is this shit going to end? we get it, you're a super hot singer and fuck a different loli every few days get the fuck over it

why would you need 6+ chapters of the same shit

The chapter ended with the first girl posting on twitter that she was creampied by him.

As the baby hadn't been born and was instead cut out of the womb how old was it?
Is it 0.0 seconds old or some negative number?

their's plenty of more nasty shit fetish-wise out their but the reason why it works up people more is because it goes out of it's way to feel much closer to depicting an actual traumatic experience then most other rape doujins. Close enough for an actual pedo to take pointers from.

Oh yes sir, I'll kindly let you inside! We can have so much fun~! All my friends are here.

By the way, do you like rock music? We have allllll sorts of rock music cd's in the basement! Come on down, don't be scared, we won't bite.

this the same author as the one who did the story about a guy getting brain damaged after saving his gf?

Jesus, user, I hope this is bait

>Close enough for an actual pedo to take pointers from.

and it happened

may I hope for a loli abuse thread already?
it's about time no?

if nothing else, what's stopping her telling it to her parents before it was too late? also what's stopping her from biting his cock off and then running but at that point she's already traumatized so it's passable.

I know he did one where he abuses his sister once she becomes disabled As shameful as it sounds, I masturbated to it

Come on in you wrinkly fuck


>wrinkly fuck
Yes, that's exactly what you will be getting

>Geiger man vs Loli Rape Gang

Who wins?

>yfw this shit has a sequel
It's even worse

Isn't Geiger Counter 2 just the end of Geiger Counter 1? Or is there a different sequel with another loli?

Life is a struggle, grow up user and stop being such a pussy. Back in the medieval period rape was commonplace and women knew what would happen when their village got invaded by armies.