Tfw the days of KyoAni experimenting with different art and animation styles are over with because their three most...

>tfw the days of KyoAni experimenting with different art and animation styles are over with because their three most ambitious series art-wise (Nichijou, Muntou, and Maid Dragon) were complete flops

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Violet Evergarden is their most ambitious series art wise.

>Maid Dragon
Ok let's rephrase

>Maid Dragon

Maybe they can try experimenting with good writing instead of relying on good animation to compensate for the crap they either adapt or write themselves.

Like you'd know what ambitious animation looks like.

It's their most polished but there's no ambition behind it; it's just more of the same in slightly higher quality.

>the three shows with the simplest artstyles were the most ambitious

>three most ambitious series art-wise (Nichijou, Muntou, and Maid Dragon)
I think Hyouka should be in their top three. It was the first show with their current art style and they liked it so much that they just stuck with it.

>7,020 average sales
>Maid Dragon
>3,568 average sales
These are not flops. These are, in fact, profitable as KyoAni uses below average budgets because they use small, efficient, skilled staffs:
>Budget for KyoAni shows is nothing special, in fact is below average

Munto is KyoAni's only non-profitable anime in their nearly 15 years of anime making. KyoAni finds a way.

>small, efficient, skilled staffs

Kyoani has 160 permanent staff. Even Production I.G only has 120. Mappa has 70.

>7,020 average sales
This is wrong. It's the sum including re-releases, not the average.

Smaller staff per episode. There are far fewer animators working compared to other studios

I just want more PW

It's the average per volume including re-releases. There is no reason why re-releases shouldn't count; if re-releases sell, it's because the anime was good enough for interest in a re-release. This, yes, it's the average.
>b-but r-r-re-releases don't count
They do. Deal with it. KyoAni found a way.

>Nichijou flops
>Instead of thinking "We probably shouldn't have charged so much for the BD" they go "It must have been the cartoony animation, we need to move away from it and focus on super realistic animation"

And now we have beautiful but souless shows like VEG.

I'm sure managing to make a profit over six years isn't the same as getting the cash as soon the show airs.

Very ambitious use of an ugly half-opacity white filter, I'll give you that

I didn't know KyoAni was Kadokawa. I know you're retarded, though.

>The evil company is to blame! Not my kyoani!
Why don't you go back to your KF thread to suck Tatsu's cock?

Nichijou is a Kadokawa project. KyoAni has nothing to do with the BD pricings.

How does that invalidate my point? I said they have bigger staff and you point me the number of key animators. You think you only need key animators to work on a show?

>They do. Deal with it

They don't. You're reaching. Deal with it.

They do. I'm sorry KyoAni, the best anime studio, makes you mad because they (thankfully) don't make juvenile shonenshit or pretentious deepshit.

You're deliberately counting re-releases and calling it "average". You are a loser and you know that deep down.



>did all that shit in hibike with only 10 animators per episode

>ten people were required to look at every single episode and nobody thought it would be nice if the show didn't look awful
damn indeed

except it didn't

>Maid Dragon

hibike is unwatchable slop, like everything else they've churned out in the past half decade but without any good qualities at all

>Contrarian the post.
The first season was AOTS at the very least..

maid dragon flopped?

dumb multiple full stop poster
turns out youtubers and twitch streamers don't buy anime

It didn't. It averaged something like 3.5K sales, which isn't spectacular but could be considered average at worst. Also, the streaming numbers (especially in China) and the merchandise sales were excellent and made up for the average disc sales. Only Sup Forums thinks it flopped.

it's ok if you have shit taste, user

Merchandise alone apparently made the money up.

Why does Sup Forums insist that Maidragon flopped when in fact it wasn't a flop at all? Even Nichijou was not an ambiguous flop. KyoAni's only recent flop has been Phantom World.

>Euphonium 2
It shows. Their downgrade really shows.



What's your favorite Kyoani's recurring animation schtick?

instead of adapting shitty light novels, why do't they just hire some good writers?

What was ambitious about Maid-Dragon?