>80% of the population is students
Is it really possible for a gigantic city to function with 80% dependent population?

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it's a japanese cartoon user, who cares

I feel like this is very familiar...

A lot of shit is automated with technology 30 years ahead of the rest of the world so yes.


People lack creativity, dear user

Considering that 60% of that population seems to be punks and gang members, I think so.

Magic technology economy or some shit. Like Silicon Valley x 100

I’m on to you fucker



Stiyl if you're here, you're allowed for this one thread.

The answer is quite simple - coffee and many latent Accelfags that unlike Kakine are not tsundere for Accel

Are we going to hit a critical mass of Aleister memes soon? Or will he not even be the main antagonist of the upcoming arc and Kamachi was just speaking generally.

He's finally been freed from the shackles of this taiwanese basket weaving image board.

Pretty sure he meant NT18 when he said the upcoming fight against Aleister

> Is it really possible for a gigantic city to function with 80% dependent population?
Didn't Kamachi cover this at one point?

I like in Cold Game that the judicial system has kid jurors/judges and they have to be assisted by machines to understand what the fuck they are doing.

Didn't he say in NT5 that machines do a lot of the work

Season 3 soon?


How old is frenda?

Our insanity truly started to gain height at this time last year.

Doesn't matter now, does it?

So what happened to Nagai? Why was Iron Blooded Orphans so bad because of him? Apparently, he has had no directorial work since the anime? Could it be he pissed off the top brass, I mean, failing your anime doesn't necessarily mean you're not getting director work anymore, right?

Crowley is made of money.

Here we are a year later with not only season 3 confirmed, but a whole To aru project.


Judgement and security robots?

Old enough to breed.

It needs to be updated

Wasn't he the one who wanted to kill off everybody in Tekkadan at the end of IBO?

If a cities critical functions are done by robots, yes. Which is exactly what you see.

Theoretically Artificial general intelligence coupled with automata style androids could sustain a 100% dependent population. The possibility that a city like this where we send all our students could exist in the year 2400 or so is very real. The psychic powers part is bullshit, but the city itself could exist.

i cant see filenames


Plus Academy City has most of the world's governments and organizations by the balls. Its external sources of income is probably USA budget levels.


Million Arthur anime before S3.

Purple jailbreak fucking happening lads

It's only half his fault, Okada is also a shitty writer


>smearing a car in shit brown

That better be an electric.

>all customer service jobs are done by robots
>all move stuff from place to place is done by robots
>all prostitutes are sex bots
Yeah I'd say a future city with 80% students is possible

>Almost three years since the last Soba Raildex doujin

Not even a real car.

This is a middle school girl.


Roberto Katze is the best.. the BEST!!!

Did they ever do anything with that giant space elevator?

They destroyed it


Well if you live in the west, that's actually a high school girl.

>a year ago the madness began
>a year later we’re getting VO

Where's the other two from the previous speech threads, did you edit any?

I had to do some stuff, I might tackle it later. Accel's is kinda short though, I almost think another thread might be warranted

We’ve been making more OC lately. Does my heart good.


Nice edit by the way

I still think most of the denialfaggotry was just anons baiting for (You)s

Leave Aleister to me.

Misaki a pile of shit


Maybe some, but there was definitely quite a few that were full denial. It started thining out as the year went on and the evidence kept surmounting though

>*makes you a jobber*
Nothing personnel, cum queen

What? Is this a pv or something?


>we made it to the Season 3 timeline
Feels fucking good

What the fuck is the point of that skirt? it would impede movement and it looks stupid rather than cute

Kyousuke, Aika, and Queen appeared at the end of the Index 10th anniversary PV. I quite liked Kyousuke's seiyuu, too.


And that's one more to the collection.


Dumbest bikini ever concocted, as expected of Misaka.

N-no you are!

>Is it really possible for a gigantic city to function with 80% dependent population?
Sure, just look at any city with a black majority, like Chicago, Detroit, Johannesburg, Mogadishu, Malmo, etc.

But I like it.

Checked. Also I still can't believe it. More info soon

Dumb but cute

Just shoot Touma.
Like, it's not that hard.

Everytime I come around to Kuroko, DonalDuckBitchBoytan kills it for me.

I still have PTSD from this shit.

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They've tried that. Now you need to be a manime MC to stand a chance.

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I liked it the first time

Cause you got cucked out of your 3rd season? Cry harder fanboy.

Sounds more like you got cucked out of a Season 2

That shit still makes me laugh, like what the fuck does that even mean?

I'm working on an update now. Might as well since I made that specific one.

He is the one who shoots now. Moralfag Touma is ded

Someone please ask her next time she shows up.

Mikotofags have truly terrible taste.

Real talk here.
Why is Kakine such a tsundere for Accel?

It's SCIENCE, I ain't gotta explain- oh wait.

> gigantic city
it's officially approx 2 million
>to function with 80% dependent population?
about 45% of people in my city are either kids, students or retired. and that's not counting in government employees

>my car

Robutts takin' ar jawbs. And external funding, my dude.

I loved her :(

I want to see a Maika and Maria spin off

Really cute outfit

Tch, latent Accelfags