Pre-2000s Anime Thread

Drop that seasonal shit and watch that good older title you've backlogged.

Recently saw the subbed Minky Momo OVAs and movie and they were plenty fun and comfy despite most of the main series not being translated.

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still the best mahou shojo anime ever made

a reminder that in the anime she she loses her powers and dies after being hit by a truck then the anime continues for more than 10 episodes like nothing happens

I wish more was done with this series

Oh hi Minky. Long time no see.

i'm at episode 3. It's pretty fun so far, don't understand why it got axed 23 eps in.


watched Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru

it was super fun, gave me early Dragon Ball vibes which I liked, the recycled transformation scenes are annoying but whatever, I enjoyed it

Who is she aiming at, can you give context.

Still working my way through Layzner. I've crossed that half way point and it's really starting to drag.

Is there any anime that parodies the girl witha toast bumpig with another person and combines it with the trucks runs main character?

I remember this along with Knight of Lamune & 40.




I really like those OVAs allot. Super comfy and gorgeous background art.

So do I, but 5 episodes for a hyper violent cyberpunk/apocalyptic OVA is quite a bit in general.

Recently I watched Dirty Pair Flight 005 Conspiracy, and I think it is a real gem. One or two scenes cut corners on the animation,but many others have movie level fluid character acting. The art was easily the best in the franchise, and the the plot was incredibly engaging and tightly woven, especially for a Dirty Pair product. The music could have been a bit better but did'nt really detract much. This and The Affair On Nolandia are really underatted.

Now watch the main series. I'm 20 or so episodes into Umi Momo and it's fucking great, looking forward to that episode where they visit an anime studio I've read about.

I just started watching Yu Yu Hakusho for the first time, which is odd since I was about 8-9 when it was airing and I just never sat down to watch it
It’s god such a good atmosphere, those long shots of the city at night, the the funky techno synth soundtrack, the corny but also well-done writing and dubbing both end and jap, and that bright, neon colour scheme that melts into a drabber, darker, but more heavily shaded set of shading and colour. Plus Smile Bomb may be the best anime opening of all time.

Fitting since there’s that 25th anniversary thing coming too.

Started Ideon today. The voice acting is hard to listen to. Sounds like they picked up random people off the street and recorded their dialogue through a tin can.

don't tell me what to do

She's resurrected after though.

Holy hell what episode is this?

Well I finally finished Anne the other day. I already miss her a lot, and Green Gables too.

I would like it if Dirty Pair as a whole got more attention (well maybe not flash).


Fuck you! You're gonna watch Crusher Joe and you're gonna damn well like it! Then you're going to come back here and tell us how much you god damned loved it!

Man, Dirty Pair will always hold a special place in my heart. I rented Project Eden as a kid and it was one of the things that really got me into anime. That James Bond style opening credits just blew me away. I rented it a few times and then just never returned it.

Too bad there wasn't more of those OVAs
>a reminder that in the anime she she loses her powers and dies after being hit by a truck then the anime continues for more than 10 episodes like nothing happens
Now I'm only more frustrated that the series isn't subbed

Revisiting this

jesus christ mazinger z is fucking shit

>what is a filename

about to watch Saint Seiya, what am I in for?

>That James Bond style opening credits
The only thing anyone knows about that shitty movie.

I thought that only had Hong Kong subs?

I thought the same, but hang in there, the show will start ripping off HnK soon, which makes it much more watchable

HnK as in fist of the north star?

Finished RoV recently and it was great,thinking of starting Oniisama e... next.

You might get your fedora soon.

The series that single-handedly ruined shounen by introducing a bunch of shitty tropes. The OP is amazing, though.
Do it. It's got a totally different atmosphere, but it's got everything that made RoV great.


I had a hard time with Oniisama e... since there's a lot of people being shitty to eachother for stupid reasons. That doesn't make it bad just hard for me to watch.

agree. so is getter. fuck nagai

I guess one plus side of older anime is they are easier to get in HD than early 00s anime, since they were made on traditional animation frames and can be captured at higher resolutions... rather than the early digital anime that was mastered at 640x480 or similar.

That seems like a strange direction for it to go in but it's something to look forward to I suppose.


>complains about teenage girls being melodramatic
I don't know what else you expected, user. Besides, there's more to it than just melodrama.

Watching Zeta Gundam. I like it a lot, and I swear to god they keep namedropping Amuro as if he's jesus christ and I love it.

Old anime is garbage.


Reminds me of shit I watched a long time ago.

Lina is always in my mind.

What did I miss?


I just love the way cell animation looks in HD. You can see where they painted outside the lines and film grain is sexy.

Go Nagai is credited as the writer (sometimes co-writer) for Getter. He didn't do the art obviously but he did have his fingers in it. I'm not the person who's hating on Getter and Mazinger I actually like that stuff. Just pointing it out.

You can do teen girl melodrama well. It just really frustrated me here.


>Go Nagai is credited as the writer (sometimes co-writer) for Getter. He didn't do the art obviously but he did have his fingers in it. I'm not the person who's hating on Getter and Mazinger I actually like that stuff. Just pointing it out.
I'm aware, but I can't really think of it as his work when most of his input consisted of "Hey this would be a neat idea."

Possibly, but I'm not sure really

I knew I recognized them from somewhere.

Youkoso Youko, the least-known Ashi Productions mahou shoujo and the best after Minky Momo.
Probably others.

agree. especially mechashit

>2000 is 18 years ago



I dunno how you can like those silly primitive robot shows, Mobile Suit Gundam is the first good mecha title as far as I am concerned

You mean other than it being a top tiered sakuga spectacle and incredibly fun?

I loved Basara's autism.


do you like my car

Akazukin Chacha

You haven't seen shit till you get to the Dark Tournament arc, that is where shit gets real.

>The series that single-handedly ruined shounen by introducing a bunch of shitty tropes.
which ones? I thought it was Dragon Ball that did that

>incredibly fun
Whoa, never heard that one before. Worthless comment from a tiny brained poster.

It's a more worthwhile and meaningful comment than just "it's shitty".

Oh, and B-ko and Gunhed.

Well I mostly like the manga versions of them. The anime are too long and slow. No they're not nearly as good as Gundam but they're enjoyable in their own way.



The new villain they introduce is pretty fabulous and probably should have been in the show all along since he has more character than anyone else in the show

I would have loved if they would have just killed off Costerro early on and let this guy start appearing sooner. Part 2 had so many great ideas, it is a shame the show got canceled and had to cut so many of them short.

Any MAPS fans?

It actually isn't, idiot.

Good to know that even 20 years ago, BONES was making really boring anime

This happens every single time I find an anime with an unusual premise or setting. They get you hooked on that, but put zero effort into making the story interesting or the characters engaging. Almost every time, without fail. Don't know why I even bother anymore.

choose anime based on execution rather than premise, brainlet

Joke's on you, I have time for my seasonal anime and older stuff. Currently working on Lupin Part 2 actually.

get a job you worthless neet

I'm watching this again. It never gets ay old.

Teach me your ways of seeing into the future to tell what the execution of an old anime that no one watched is like before I watch it, senpai

if nobody remembers it then it was probably shit, the good stuff stands the test of time

I have a job. I do part time work doing tech support from home. It pays my way.

I spend a lot of time on /m/, which has pointed me in the direction of some very obscure shows which turned out to be really good. I don't let popularity determine my opinion.

if /m/ remembers them they aren't obscure, brainlet

I watched Apocalypse Zero for the first time ever earlier today and really enjoyed it. It was pretty brutal and vulgar but it seemed appropriate for the setting and tone of the story.

Essential old anime list: ???

Boku no pico

It makes it so much weirder when you actually see whats become of Amuro.


Legend of the Blue Wolves

>Wars are bullshit!
Truely the greatest mind of a generation.

There's more to that board than Gundam and rubber suit threads. Sometimes, anyway

I love Apocalypse Zero so much, it's fucking comedy gold and it's a crime that the manga is half untranslated

>Ashita no Joe
>Lupin III
>Cutey Honey
>Future Boy Conan
>Rose of Versailles
>Moble Suit Gundam

>Urusei Yatsura
>Ranma 1/2
>Maison Ikkoku
>Dragon Ball
>Saint Seiya
>Fist of the North Star
>Gundam Zeta
>Legend of the Galactic Heroes

I've been watching my way through Cobra and City Hunter.
City Hunter is perhaps one of the best SOL animes I've ever seen, its mostly the same plots rehashed in new ways but something about the pacing and animation makes every episode feel like its over way before the premise out lives it potential.
Cobra is....... well Cobra is a lot weirder then I exspected, I like the presentation and animation surrounding the psycho gun and his robot partner but it feels like a lot of the stuff its doing I've seen done better by later series. I can however see how its lasted so long, seems like a japanese James Bond deal, every few years a new Cobra property releases and you go oh yeah....... I could watch that I guess.