Dragon Ball Super

>potara's allowed
> only 3 minutes left
> goku and vegeta still don't fuse

What did they mean by this?

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"Vegeta is nearly at his physical limit and now fighting through sheer willpower, but Jiren closes in for the finishing blow. And so, only Universe 7's Goku and Universe 11's Jiren remain in the arena. Before long, a certain change comes over Goku's eyes."

Vegeta's truly out, the title wasn't misleading in any way like most people thought.

Source: Reddit
[ reddit.com/r/dbz/comments/7xl1q3/super_spoiler_megathread_episodes_128129/ ]

also faggot frieeza is still in the ring

I feel like with all of these summaries leaving Frieza out of them definitely hints towards Frieza's plans coming to light. He'll probably hide (Now that he got his frustration out on Jiren for the most part and learned he can't fuck with the dude.) and wait until the end with an OH HO HO HO

They used Vegito is Zamasu arc, they won't use it again

After Namek, Dragon Ball is about the "heroes" willingly messing up or handicapping themselves to make the fights hard when they have all the tools to easily win.

Because fusions aren't allowed by the rules, so Toei can't fit Vegito in without going too much against Tory's outline. Kefla is pure filler mark my words, she never existed in Tory's outline and is just Toei filler (which is why she didn't do anything of note and knocked out exactly zero people).

Part of me hopes that is the writer's plan to give Freeza the Super DB wish.

The other part of me is afraid the writers are just going to have him get KO'd as part of Goku's win, and the only reason they have not had Freeza out yet is because they know they can't properly write Freeza sitting on the bench without him raging and getting deleted like Frost did.

>Goku could touch Jiren and teleport him out of the ring but won't do it.

>Goku could have asked the dragon balls to make his stamina infinite but he won't do it.

>Goku could have brought Dende to heal him and have had already 3 zenkai boosts, but he didn't do it.

>Goku could have used the drabon balls to awake Majin Boo, who would beat almost everybody alone.


>Jiren has had dozens of chances to just kick U7 off stage by now, but won't do it

Go back

Reminder Vegito has a 0-2 track record.

Vegito succeeded in doing what he wanted to do against Super Buu.

>Freiza in the last man standing and about to make his wish
>beam blast comes out of nowhere and knocks him out
>Android 17 has been hiding under a rock this whole time (After he off screen knocked out Hit who was hiding in a time void of course)
>Winner of the possible final battle of the dragon ball saga is 17 who just punched poachers for years

He beat Buu and held out against Zamasu. How is that 0-2?

>"Yeah, I lied about giving up on the cruiser"

Losing on purpose, aka jobbing.

If he had really lost, then he would have won.

>Dragon misunderstands his wish and gives him a space cruiser
>it's a train that travels the stars
>takes his family off into the unknowns of the galaxy turning out it was a prequel to Galaxy Express 999 and how the robo empire was formed

Gogeta probably would be more useful. Vegito is not something you can drag apart, or has a time limit...YOU EITHER SHATTER THEIR POTARAS OR KILL THEM BOTH WHILE STILL FUSED

>Losing on purpose, aka jobbing
Jobbing is not losing on purpose. Jobbing is losing to make someone else look better

I have this same feeling.
I also think Toppo transforming into GoD was toei bs as well

El Hermano is the antagonist of Super.

>gogetafags thinks humilliating Boo and sneaking into his body as it was planed is losing
>gogetafags thinks beating the crap out Zamasu and need a retcon to stop you for being too OP is losing

Fucking this.
I can point to the three years training for the Androids for at least 2-4 things that they did wrong

>Breaking the potaras while cancels the fusion
Can we fucking kill the secondaries on this site, please?

>I also think Toppo transforming into GoD was toei bs as well
Of course it's.
Toppo's GoD mode and Vegeta's kawai form are fillers to make them as strong as SSBKK Goku (who is also filler). In the manga Toppo has been a Goku tier god since his introduction and Vegeta is already as strong as Goku too

Atleast have a scene where beerus throws the potaras but jiren destroys them with a blast so its not a concern anymore.

Then they have to do the fusion dance and we get Gogeta finally

Vegeta is out next, there wont be fusion shenanigans.

Any new spoilers we have for later episodes?

reminder that pic related will be what complete UI looks like

I know there won't. I'm saying they should have since potara's are now allowed


>SS2 hair

>Source: Reddit


Nope, mastered UI is a literal palette swap of UI Omen


Reminder broly is beautiful.



Even if time ran out, Zeno would probably decide he's unsatisfied with that and declare an extension.

Does this mean that El Hermano was a good boy all along?


Leave ToP to me!

jobbed to vegeta

At least it isn't the Raditz turned good AU

And then vegeta jobbed to merged zamasu.

New bread found

Vegeta couldn't even finish him off, his beating just made Black realize he could randomly create a dimension-slicing scythe that generates clones.

Toppo can use god ki in the manga, but he isn't GoD tier.


Not canon bullshit. This is canon, tho

Iwen and Vermoud disagrees

I want to see broly fuck those u6 saiyan womanlets.


So this?

If Goku actually gets white hair I'll forget this because just a shitty eye change and weird blue aura in a series with dozens of auras isn't cool at all

el demonio americano..la besta..

Seriously, why do you suddenly like my coloring, Sup Forums? What happened?

wont happen only CHADHAN WILL GET BLANCO


Who could possibly stop him now?


>killing yourself

>>potara's allowed

I fillered your mom last night

How big are Goku's genitals?

>gohanfag defending kefla's canonicity

the cell saga only works because the entire cast becomes mentally retarded in their own ways

What about fusion dance and get Gogeta instead? Even though we all know this doesn´t end till Goku enters the energy source 17 left there to attain U.I one final time.



So, i'm watching super for the first time and I have a question
What the FUCK is Zamasu's deal? He fucks up the time-line because he got beat by goku, then proceeds to murder other gods and animals to preserve earths beauty, despite the fact that God's and Mortals are the reason WHY earth is beautiful. The dumb ass murders all the animals that actually pollinate, stop forest fires, and a bunch of other shit thats important for earth to have, and says, "guys, i'm just preserving the beauty of earth!". Hes also a gigantic hypocrite, he takes over Goku's body despite preaching about how terrible humans are.
Is he supposed to be a stupid hypocrite or is he just accidentally written that way?

you think kefla scares us Gohanchads? we will take her and everyone else, canon or not.

not Godhan

This, we do what we want.

>gohan kill cell now that you have the chance
>lol no
>goku dies
Yes even chadhan

How do we stop him?

>implying the series wasn't better off without Gokek

Godhan was just trying to save Dragon Ball

Gimme the balls and I'll take care of him

Goku and his 5D chess already has him as the winner of the tournament.

You know, considering what it takes to gather the super dragon balls how in the hell did he avoid Zeno's or the other gods and kais gaze?

The Future Trunks arc is the worst written arc in Anime. More news at twelve

We can't desu, he's got plot armor on his side. Jiren is our only chance to save us from this menace.



>unironically killing yourself for a tournament you said you didn't really care about

Kaioshin can teleport without restrictions since their apprenticeship, as soon Zuno told him where the balls are he just needed to teleport there

He already was.

It would be a waste to lose when they are this close to winning

What about Freeza though. He's still on the field isn't he?

CHESSMASTERhan knew that letting Goku die would allow him to go ss3 & know the fusion dance. GODhan also allowed himself to get absorbed so Goku & Vegeta would fuse into Vegito.

What did she mean by this?

PROPHEThan knew we needed goku in the otherworld to learn valuable techniques in the future

>What about Freeza

Fusion has never amounted to anything in Z or Super. Even Kefla didn't eliminate anyone.


Is this how female Saiyans express their interest in potential mates?

Who's a bigger jobber? Gohan or goku?