We are all connected

>We are all connected

What's wrong Lain

You are Software Lain not Hardware

I love Lain

Don't be mean

Let's all lewd Lain

Yet I still feel so alone


delet this



didn't nakamura say he was working on something again?
any word?

er, yoshitoshi.

Just another fantasy of a girl who acts like a guy wrapped up in a bunch of meaningless mumbo jumbo to sound cool. Would have been better as a moe slice of life show where the spooky stuff was a recurring joke.

i have no idea. despera is on the rocks since the last director for it died or some shit.

And you don't seem to understand.


So you didn't watch the show?

the sad part is that anime studios actually cater to faggots like you

I want to hug her and kiss her nose and tell her everything will be ok.

Yoshitoshi is designing characters for Project D if that's what you're thinking of.