Be honest. This series wasn't that bad. It went back to the adventure formula season 1 had...

Be honest. This series wasn't that bad. It went back to the adventure formula season 1 had, and was leagues better than season 2. Season 3 is overrated mainly for Renamon lovers and nothing else.

It was a nice change to shift focus to becoming the Digimon avatar yourself.
Having a strong pet was cool but this fulfilled a nice niche.

I remember almost nothing about that series. Was this the one that had the royal knights who spend most of the later episodes beating the heroes?

This is the worst Digimon series.

Their were better villains than the Royal Knights I think you're forgetting

kaiser greymon is my favourite digimon ever

No that would be season 5. Let's take Tai and make him a meat head, with an oversized Agumon where everything is solved with PUNCH!

I think it has the most interessting digiworld, but I havent watched more than the first 4 and a bit of savers

The best villain from all seasons bar none

>that episode where the old villains appeared to stop the royal knights when they were trying to fuck with the digieggs
That was good shit.

Someone sounds butthurt about the second best series

Season 3 is rated perfectly.

It is objectively the best season of Digimon and a much needed apology after the trash that was 02.

Frontier killed the formula that made Digimon great, “Kid and his Nuclear Warhead Dinosaur best friend”. 04 brought the adventure but lacked entirely on the focus of Human/Digimon companionship.

It’s a Sentai series with a Digimon theme and while that may be entertaining to you, it’s a tremendous and very awkward deviation from the overall theme of the Digimon franchise.

Season 3 already brought in the idea of turning kids into Digimon via fusion. Frontier just took it a step further since it was a success.

It was a cool edition to tamers but kids becoming Digimon wasn’t the entire theme of the show.

Even though fusion was there, they still interacted with their partners

In frontier their Digimon were nothing more than a super suit. It was dumb

Tamers and punch sexual adventures were pure unadulterated fun.

No digimon series can be bad, because they all had the redeeming quality of a Koji Wada soundtrack at least that used to be the case, RIP

Asking again, should I watch xcross wars? After the first episode I hate everything about it, is the final saga worth it just for the fan service or not?

It was around a 5 for the first part and around a 3 towards the end.

is that cyberVulfnarlochmon?

Xros first season is decent.

Xros second season is abysmal.

It's war dogomon (virus).

>Xros first season is decent.

Fuck I can't even imagine how bad it becomes then.

I am sorry....That's reserved for pic related

>manipulates girl into being partner
>completely abuses the partner system
>does all manner of evil fueled by the power of xros loader
>figures out how the xros loader works and mass produces it for the enemy army
>manipulates another child into being his partner empowering his factions already powerful xros loaders
>once every major villian is killed he fuses them all together and makes a super boss
>backstabs the big bad of the series and absorbs his power for his own![/spoiler
What's there to hate
>monster heroes instead of tools of battle or side pets
>humans are just members of the group instead of trainers (yeah I know those two are taking up space, but you can ignore them)
> objective is revealed within the first couple of episodes (no being lost)
>god tier ost and singles by koji wada
>diabolical villains with actual motivation

I mean common man!

Still think the dark spirit warriors are some of the best villain groups ever

threatening, relatable, intelligent, creative, cool powers

not having digimon pals was a mistake

Impossible. Nothing is worse than 02.

This shit has nothing to do with the original series, only some monsters designs they share. They gave all the kids transformation powers, it's basically a super sentai show with some digimons.

So what, Better the the pokemon anime in which the hero has been on the same journey for 20 years without making any headway

redpill me on season 3 Sup Forums

is it actually good or horribly overrated kiddie fare? im not falling for a meme again

>digimon is a card game/videogame
>some kid creates his own OC donut steel digimon
>digimons are reals and there's other tamers fighting digimons with their cards

It's pretty damn good, it's nothing 2deep4u but it has it's own depth that only an adult can understand and still retains all the fun elements of digimon, particularly when they depart for digiworld.

thanks user, i'll give it a try

After you're done with the series make sure to check out the movies and the audio dramas, they are worth it, specially the second movie.

And last thing, watch it subbed, the english dub has a lot of dialogue changed and scenes censured, mostly in the last saga.

>leagues better than season 2

Agree with this. Even after all this time and all its problems, I'll rather rewatch Frontier over 02.

It is better than season 2, but not better than 1 and definetly not better than 3.
Adventure,Tamers and Frontier are all pretty great tho.

>No that would be season 5. Let's take Tai and make him a meat head, with an oversized Agumon where everything is solved with PUNCH!
>He doesn't like based kenka banchou
I don't even know what to say.

Pure kids anime kino.
It is written by the guy who wrote Lain so you can kinda expect you are in for some shit.

I genuinely liked the cast of this series. They all had real problems, real lives, and even the digimon had really emotionally traumatic moments and dramatic morality changes.

Frontier > 01 > Tamers > 02 after episode 20 > Savers > everything else > 02 first 20 episodes

Good theme, hell most of the different series have good themes.

>They all had real problems, real lives, and even the digimon had really emotionally traumatic moments
I like how Konaka initially wanted Juri to be a child prostitute that is forced into the job by het yakuza dad after her prostitute mom died.

Mons were one of the coolest. And by that I mean only Shinegreymon and Miragegaogamon
Why did he have a partner if is he was stronger than all of them? He literally punched his way out of everyones problems. How was his Agumon not suicidal for being worthless?

Masaru wasn't actually capable of 1v1ing everything like people think.

He just had moments of boosted strength which would be transfer over to Agumon for evolution and so on.

>people spend years insisting that season 1 and 2 being a cartoon in season 3 was a dub invention
>Konaka's production notes get translated
>they confirm that it was the intent from the beginning, even if the Japanese version doesn't outright state it like the dub

Agreed. After two seasons in a row where the digital world was just an afterthought, Frontier brought back the sense of adventure and exploring an alien world back, it also had the best group of recurring antagonists that made for some amusing interactions.

And yeah, tamers is very overrated. It's like konaka believed crippling personality and emotional issues were the core of the digimon franchise judging by how hard he insisted with having the entire human world arc being about kids who gives the evangelion kids a run for their money when its about being fucked up in the head, and despite how he insisted with "character development", the villains of the show were barely developed at all, with the devas and the phoenix god being just glorified mustache twirling evil monsters of the week and the dreaper couldn't decide if it was akin to a natural disaster or was a self-evolving program with how it sometimes was a mindless destroyer and sometimes fucked with the minds of the kids.

There were just some things Konaka wasn't allowed to get away with and I feel that is one of them. This also explains why Jeri's family feels so disfunctional and empty, the major plot was removed from it.

I liked Frontier's strong Narnia vibe. I also liked that the main kids fucking hated each other for the first 10 or so episodes. Even the goggle kid, who's usually the glue that holds the team together, was constantly starting shit with the others. I didn't like that Ranamon was the only opponent in the entire series Fairymon was allowed to beat.

It was neat how they really were kids who randomly ended up being together. They pretty much had no chemistry and it wasn't until shit got real that they started to try to get along each other.

And nobody talks about Hunter.

I liked the scenes of the girl transforming at least

>Why did he have a partner if is he was stronger than all of them
Wut. He had tons of problems all the time, jsut because he can push back digimon doesnt mean he can fucking delete them

Frontier is my favorite season

If you hated 02 you'll probably like Tamers