who is the best loli of all time?

God I love loli.

new comic lo was uploaded yesterday but I hate how ponsuke is dropping so much detail on his lolis, specially the navel area



I want a loli to kill me.



why loli is banned in so many countries?


Sakura Kinomoto

Ideological enemies are profitable, you can make a lot of money complaining that google doesn't have filters for content that you have intentionally shoved out of vogue yourself. Orchestrated hysteria led to the CFAA by making fantastical hacking movies and before that led to this moral panic with movies with even more exaggerated versions of miyazaki the cannibal and so on.

She turned me into a lolicon.

>so many countries

Submitted for the approval of the lolicon society.

Bongistan user, it's legal in the US, unless you're poor but then everything is illegal.

I hooe you are not a normalfag with friends.

whichever you masturbate to the most.

This but not for sex



Was getting banned part of your plan?

I'd say Miu since she is the one that made me a lolicon, but recently Kukuri made a really strong impact on me.