>anthology tomorrow
Quite literally the calm before the storm.

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>all that happiness will go to waste once the new chapter gets released
My poor heart.

Mei will step up

Let me live.

>no Harumi/Matsuri previews

I love Mei!


>Mama Harumin with daughteru Matsuri.
I hope they get a spin-off.

I want to believe.

Black Yuzu will save the day

shinu! baka ningen ojiisan

Someone explain this detritus to me. This mistake. What the fuck is this garbage you suggested to me? I'm 5 episodes in, and my fucking god this shit is next level trash. What the fuck is the appeal?? And dont fucking say lesbians because thats not enough. This shit is a joke. The writing was clearly done ad hoc. The character development is inconsistent. Each arc ends with a development that is completely disregarded in the following arc to make room for another contrived episode of meaningless and redundant tension. I don't understand how people can consume this psychological sewage without suffering from decreased neurological activity. Can someone please help me understand the reason why this exists? I just struggle to comprehend what would possess anyone to even create this festering jumble of incoherent nonsense, let alone what possesses so many consumers to take any interest in this.

Next chapter she will probably spill the beans and break up and then hook up again in the next volume after this arranged marriage stuff is somehow resolved.

And? That isn't a preview.

I feel like I've seen this pasta a hundred times.

Nice digits

But how though?

Yuzu is gonna fuck Mei with her girlboner!

If you don't like it then why are you watching it?

Let me just say this,this show is pathetic, comparing to "bible black" this is like borderline trash. Before watching the show, i was like, WOW, this is awesome, finally a show that i can message my willy to while watching, so my mommy wouldn't see my Hentai Heaven Ethernet search history. BUT after watching i was like WTF, why isn't their a single tits or pusi shot in the show, and my noddle didn't even stood up, and its definable not my Erectile dysfunction, i took like six 24 Hour SEX pills before. In conclusion this show is garbage compare to my ravioli anime "Bible Black", and i give this show a 1/10. Plz don't hac me you weebs, i am only 13 and i just want to massage my willy, and have phone secs with my roblox girlfriend. Goodbye i am going to sleep now

Most of the stories will be about Yuzu and Mei. Given that the authors who did the Harumin/Matsuri stories in the previous anthology are returning, they'll most like still get a story or two focused on them. Yuri Hime isn't previewing every single story.

This is the third time I've posted it, and the first not in an OP. I spruced it up a little since my last thread 4O4'd. Assuming the OP who I have initially gotten this from wrote the initial post in that thread, then this is the fourth time it's been posted on this site. And this is a much expanded version from the first three, like I mentioned.

>Mei when she sees Yuzu's monster dong

You're trying to hard. Mine is funnier because it might at first appear that I'm genuinely upset. You have to know a little about the anime/manga, and apply critical thinking, to understand that it's a joke, that I'm actually just overreacting for attention, while also putting forth valid arguments that would seem to validate the satirical overreaction. It's just amusing. Your shitty mimicry, on the other hand, is an effect for shocking vulgarity and nothing more.

Bend over you autistic slut

I love this pasta
>And dont fucking say lesbians because thats not enough
Always gets me

Why are you trolling the threads with the same pasta?

The initial use of the word "detritus" cracks me up because it implies an air of higher education and brings to mind the image of a well versed but ultimately clueless weeb who has, by dint of his isolation and disconnection (or autism), reacted to this moderately-better-than-mediocre yuri with an intellectualized moral outrage.

We all know that Yuzu would be gentle.

Either chapter 36 will solve things in an anti-climactic manner, or cliffhanger and things don't get resolved until volume 10, which won't start releasing chapters until April.

There's only so much mental anguish our girl can take before she goes full bullying on Mei and makes her addicted to her orange juice

I honestly just think it's funny. It's silly. It's silly to be that outraged over this anime, as if it's that terrible, or even that important to begin with. I didn't expect that the fanbase would take it seriously and get offended. It's not intended to be taken seriously. The actual arguments apart from the insult hurling are not without merit, but that just adds another layer of satire to the joke. Because you have to parse for yourself that, yes, these might be (exaggerations) of flaws this anime/manga has, but do those flaws really merit the righteous outrage being intoned? No, they don't. Not by a longshot. That's the critical thinking and common sense you need to have to understand that the pasta is just for fun, and all in good humor. It's not a personal criticism. It's just a joke.

She's already addicted.


She's not addicted until she calls Yuzu her mama

This really triggered my autism. Come on, this was an important shot.

Fucking delete this.
It's not like the manga is about Yuzu and Mei or something.

Isn't 10th supposed to be the last volume? Next chapter will almost certainly end on a sad note with cliffhanger and things are gonna get resolved in the finale. Hapilly.

>those yuzus


>Isn't 10th supposed to be the last volume?
No, it's speculation.

No, no and no. Saburouta just tweeted months ago about a climax/turning point and people just rolled with it.

>no saliva trail

literally dropped

Just wait user

See you Saturday.

Do you think Yuzu's two former gyaru friends are secretly dating each other? They seemed defensive about the concept of lesbianism.

They're just ashamed for getting wet when reading Momoiro Sisters.

So what is the least cancerous site to read the mango now that batoto is dead? Kissmanga shows only blank for chapters 25+. Sorry for the dumb question lads, been out of the loop for a while.

would be a nice twist but in all likelihood we will never see them again

with no further evidence, this case will remain - unsolved.

Thanks, that'll do.

I've just watched episode 6 (today came out in my language) and that was fucking amazing. Finally without plot twist at the end of episode I can sleep calmly.

Kodama Naoko's story in the anthology is called Imaginary Wedding. Next level cruelty t b h

Which citrus would have the largest penis size?


Kodama is a nigger. She should fuck off and do yaoi and het.

>it's another episode of "Yuzu buys yuri eroge"

Is Yuzu an otaku?

Naw, you should fuck off. Kodama is great.


She's in it for the research.

I see. I'm learning.

Go away, Mickey.


But thats my favorite episode.

Didn't say it's a bad thing.

Not even caring enough to be original, its a sad day indeed

>not original
I totally rewrote the whole thing except the first few lines

What music should I listen to while reading this?

The anthology? Hopefully something upbeat.

>Harumin/Matsuri is basically canon now


the manga

Soft core porn BGM


Hey Mei, don't make it bad~
Take a sad song and make it better~
Remember to let her into your heart~
Then you can start to make it better~

I don't think doing drugs would help Mei.

Hey jude is not about drugs

close enough

Pls m8, it was written by McCartney.

>just made it to the end
Fucking hell this is exactly why I never read ongoing romance. And yet I keep picking them up. Am I retarded, masochistic or both?

Pls m8, so was 'blackbird' and 'yesterday' and 'I'm looking through you,' and 'I've just seen a face,' and literally dozens of other songs which aren't about drugs. Stop being a basic bitch who knows nothing about the beatles and thinks they were only ever le xD LSD and speed band

Hey Jude is literally about a guy named Jude that Paul knew.

Aerosmith's snow is about coke though. That must mean that every song is about drugs.

I was being facetious, but as for "Hey Jude" there are several ideas as to its meaning, going from what you said, or it being written as a kind of encouragement song for Lennon's son (after he ditched them for Yoko), or it being about McCartney's personal love life, to it having no deeper meaning whatsoever, but referencing drug use (or it involving any of the aforementioned themes, but also making references to the use of drugs).

I know the lyrics of hey jude off by heart. There's absolutely nothing in that song that could even imply the use of drugs. Any claim to the contrary is wrong.

this. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds = LSD guys I figured it out dude all music is about drugs

Alright guys that's enough blatantly off topic shit please.

>There's absolutely nothing in that song that could even imply the use of drugs
>Remember to let her into your heart
>Then you can start to make it better
>The minute you let her under your skin
>Then you begin to make it better
Then there's also the fact that Judas is slang for heroin.

The song implying heroin use is nothing new, and it's been speculated for decades.

I'm in the same situation. With so much mediocre stuff out there, it's hard to drop something and move on, when you have to then put in the effort to find and become invested in a new story. It almost feels like the hobby becomes more about looking for new material than actually reading/watching stuff. Do we have a name for this phenomenon?

That's a mind-numbingly retarded interpretation of those lyrics. You're twisting the lyrics to suit the interpretation rather than the interpretation to suit the lyrics.


No doubt

I was mostly referring how it's so frustrating to have to drop something on a cliffhanger. I don't have problems with getting invested in a new story, but I hate leaving stories before they're finished. I just want that sweet closure.

Ah. "Ongoing" and not "going on forever."

The closure itself looses its luster for me when it's been touched and danced around for 10 volumes

Maybe, but it loses its lustre even more when it's hard to stay invested in the story and characters when you get just a small advancement every month.

>Kodama is a nigger. She should fuck off and do yaoi and het.


ty anonsama

Got it

Anthology scans in around 8 and a half hours from now if anybody bought the kindle version.



So cute and so comfy.