Shingeki no Kyojin

Happy Valentine's Day, brothers

Rest in Peace Best Girl

>cool posters with scenes that never happened

Heart Broken Connie soon

>making a new thread before the previous one hasn't even reached bump limit yet
you're supposed to wait until the previous one reaches page 10, but you just took it one step further.
Just because of that, on this special day, know that your waifus are fake 2d drawings and you will forever be alone, and die alone.

>tfw no Dinosaur Titan to fight against Eren


I still have hope we will see Eren in titan form riding into a battle while on a T-Rex titan

Imagine inheriting the Beast Titan and you end up being the fucking Zebra Titan when you could have had a cool one that flies or a dinosaur

Imagine being the whale titan. Do you think you'd be bigger than Zeke's 17 meters?

Still better than the Camel Titan

The Whale Titan would be pretty useless on land, but it would easily give naval superiority to an army

What if the whale titan still has a human like appearance and has legs though? I mean it's not like Zeke is full ape. He's half ape half man.

I hope we get in the future a spinoff during the great war showing how the attack titan escaped from falling into Marley's hands.

Is Valentines Day, I couldn't risk to lose an OP without the endgame

Eren and Pieck should end up together.

I like to see former Attack Titan holders who love freedom as much as Eren

>Paths. You think Mikasa said goodbye to Eren in the beginning? Wrong, it was Kiyomi saying goodbye to Eren Kruger. Paths, open up your mind

You mean Kruger?

Yeah, but like a whole story about them.

I know right?

Would be pretty sick if it started with him getting out of the cabinet he hid in.

Literally who?

>Literally who?
Non deeplorefags OUT. Did you even understand Bloodborne?

The Asian lady who spared Udo after he spilled wine on her clothes.

Frankly I think the story of Kruger would be the most boring.
We already kind of know what he did, and it can be summed up in hiding from Marley while stirring shit up (but never letting himself get involved).
He was probably really intelligent and all, but he was kind of a coward, especially when considering the nature of his titan.

The asian milf. She also wears a scarf last time we saw her

I would rather have a Kruger story than a manlet story.

>Mikasa gets cucked by a milf asian

Thanks to the paths, she's a lolimilf. Schrodinger's cunny.

>She also wears a scarf last time we saw her
Fuck that's true. Pretty much confirmed?

Would I lie to you user?

n-no, I never doubted you user.


Annie is made for Bert cock

Makes sense since both of them are dead as fuck

>Annie is made for Bert cock
Female Titan is made for Colossal Titan cock

The dead can't have sex

This is nothing like Mikasa's.

>Power hungry bitch gets killed by Mikasa who turns into the touyou head.

Reminder that CT and FT are guarding the coast of Paradise together while Eren is in Marley

Eren did nothing wrong

>To you, 2000 years from now
How deep does the rabbit hole go?

Then for what purpose are the lights?

The third cup

Guiding the wall titans out of the dark ocean and along a certain path

stale shitpost mate

A reminder that they totally did it before confronting Eren


water pressure alone would kill them

jeanbo or manlet?

>water pressure killing a titan
Mate please

RIP Paradis, then. Also
>at the bottom of the ocean at night

>Being this retarded
Go look at the maps, read the ocean depth, look up what pressure does to above water life and then think about what that's going to do to somethings nape.

Jean and Annie?

>american education

wait a fucking minute, where's the volume cover?

I'm more saying that Isayama wouldn't have titans killed off by something like that. Plus they could be swimming. They don't have to be walking along the bottom.


The wall titans traveling by ocean is clearly possible or else it would never be a threat in the first place

How the fuck you don't see the swimming titans coming? Also no sunlight no deal.


The first king was bluffing.

Yet everyone who hears about it regards it as a legitimate possibility, and they have 2000 years of experience to know whether titans can cross water or not.

I miss BRA posting, they're all probably dead now

Who ate Annie?

Eren turned the wall titans back into humans. He will transform them back as they are falling onto the internment zone.

How nice of Magath, concentrating all of them in one place so it's easier for Armin to nuke them.

They actually don't, the general population still think the eldians can turn into titans out of nowhere.

Bert that was actually OP and strong couldn't even destroy all of Shinganshina.

He didn't, they were absorbed into the spinal column decades ago. Did you even skim read the manga or just go full speedread?

We don't know, probably a new recruit, hange or hitch
>Eren turned the wall titans back into humans.
no such feet is possible not even by the founding titan

Looked cool though.


BRA posters are mostly disguised BR fujos, Anniefags are the only constant ones.


>Counting out Annie

well I can't deny that

aren't most monkeyfags also BR fujos?

Just actual monkeys

>Made it so they had it agonizing and were terrified
At least he's one of word.

>they were absorbed into the spinal column decades ago
Ymir was a titan for 60 years and she was fine.

CT's are in place far far longer. Can't argue with canon user, it is what it is.

>Armin eats Zeke
>Armin transform into the beast titan
>It's a chihuahua titan

If she was fine after 60 years 100 isn't too unrealistic.

It's established that it is unrealistic. It's literally canon. Don't be an extra dose of brainlet.

stop being a speedreader
her body dissolved too retard, and when she ate a shifter it reformed and that is why she was naked, as for armin he didn't stay in that mindless titan for long so probably on his head was dissolved

>her body dissolved too retard
I know.
>they were absorbed into the spinal column decades ago
I was arguing against this being evidence that they could't turn back.

they can't turn back user, not without eating a shifter

>I was arguing against this being evidence that they could't turn back.
See Now stop

We don't even know how the wall titan were created. You have no evidence.

>What is hardening skill?

>We don't even know how the wall titan were created.
>You have no evidence.
what do you even need evidence of?

>what do you even need evidence of?
That they work like pure titans.

pure titans are pure titans, titans without shifters? what the fuck do you even need?

People are using the mechanics of pure titans and applying them to wall titans.

well they are pure titans so yeah

They're dormant because they're blocked from any sunlight since they've been incased in their own hardened skin, hence why Pastor Nick was freaking out about "don't let sunlight reach that titan" and they can be controlled by the foundation titan like every other pure titan like every character in fucking Marley has been talking about.

They look nothing like pure titans. We have no reason to believe they are.

do you even know what pure titans are? titans that are not shifters


The wall titans are different from all the pure titans we have seen. We have no reason to believe the operate in the same way.

Stop shitposting
Stop feeding to the shitposter