Indefinite "Hiatus"

ITT: Series that claim to be on hiatus, but you know will never come back.





Dumb wojack poster


The author perpetually sick with the Japanese flu

>Show becomes a fad
>Also gains a dedicated loving fanbase
>IP is extremely valuable
>Fire the director, alienating the dedicated fanbase
>Fad audience loses interest
>IP is now worthless
What the FUCK were they thinking?

Hellsing: The Dawn was never officially cancelled but everyone knows the author does not give a fuck about it in any way.

With the faggot writer dead, there's nowhere to go but up. If Inazuma cared to try getting the rights and picking it back up, that is.

In a world where Beet the Vandal Buster came back, there's always hope

I remember this being one of my first romance/harem series.
Why must you remind me.

King of Bandit Jing

This deserves to stay dead. Fuck this author.

She's never coming back

If I have to suffer knowing it will never come back so do you.

Nanoha Force because everyone pretty much hates everything about it besides maybe the weapon designs and the guys in charge caught wind of that. The fact that it apparently was supposed to take place at the same time as Vivid is the funniest shit.

>Original run :April 30, 2009 – June 29, 2013
(indefinite hiatus)

Abnormal-kei Joshi

>What the FUCK were they thinking?
They weren't thinking.

Never ever

You shut your whore mouth, OP. It'll be back any day now.

They thought that the fans would care more about the property than the director.

>Ashihara turned 37 yesterday
I hope he's doing alright.

Ending, never


I don't get the love for this series. Outside of the art it's pretty shit.


It's silly over-the-top bullshit with a likeable cast, and zombie survival manga are few and far between.

Came here to post this. And thank God for that


What is this guy's story, is he just lazy or is he sick/injured?

Still surprised it ran as long as it did.

fun zombie mango, good cast, the fanservice was enjoyable, the action was hype enough, and the few doujins that arent ntr shit are good shit.

Maybe. You tell me.
I didn't check for updates in years now and the last I found I had to read in chink.

What, this isn't finished? Jesus christ.

It's actually pretty hilarious when people complain about series like Berserk or Hunter going on hiatus when they are two of the only popular manga on hiatus that ever do come back, most popular manga just say they are on hiatus to cushion the blow for fans that they are never coming back until the author dies and a sequel is made

>this series has been on hiatus since before Sup Forums existed
It's hilarious that when this went on hiatus it was their longest-running series

Mx0 it's technically "finished" but the creator said he wanted to do more if he could get the funds.

It was garbage anyway.

He presumably just said that at the time, he publishes through Jump+ so he could ostensibly do sequels to it on there if he really wanted


how the fuck has this not been posted

>doesn't know there's an F3 key

It has.

Because it's comming back. Don't know when, but it is.

I completely forgot I read this

Already came off hiatus for a few chapters and is confirmed to be returning soon when the new magazine launches.

Those chapters were over a year ago

>Even the anime's incredible success is this now that Kadokawa Pictures responded to creative differences regarding the yet-to-air second season by firing the director, then taking the entire original staff off the project, including the voice actors, who had nothing to do with the dispute. The fandom both in Japan and abroad is in an uproar, and anonymous leaks have stated that insiders fear that the second season will flop without the original team.
Did they deserve it?

Which makes the wait since the last new content shorter than everything else in this thread.

fuck CLAMP

>you will never see what happened to jim

This was the last page I read, is there anything further?
I don't think the mangaka has ever finished a series she started.

The Legend of Maian

Aflame Inferno

>mc never got to master his powers

how about you get fucked in the ass

Black Bullet

Volume 8 never