What are you watching today Sup Forums?

What are you watching today Sup Forums?
I'm rewatching A Silent Voice.

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for the 4th time.

It's Valentine's day. Why aren't you out with your gf, user?

What's that?


I'm at work right now, so I'm reading the various romance dumps people have been posting. I might pick up WA2 when I get home.

>A Silent Voice
Why would you make a sad drama with a blueballs romantic sideplot your Valentine's Day watch?

I want to feel something.

I dont get people who say this. It was never about the romance yet we still know she likes him and he says on the bridge that he wants her to "help him live", how is that blueballs, it was bascially a confession

I don't watch anime.

I just took today to catch up on Yuru Camp

Weirdly enough, this is the first "Cute Girls doing Cute Things" I've ever watched.

Whatever you do, don't follow the outdoors guide.

Their guides work for Japan, but Japan is a wet island nation. Brush fires aren't as big of an issue there.

Thunderbolt Fantasy movie.

I just started SDF Macross, the animation is pretty bad looking

Their relationship is dysfunctional and will break as soon as either of them gets rid of their emotional luggage.
There's a reason why it's left ambiguous in the end.

>as soon as either of them gets rid of their emotional luggage
You say this like it´s something that usually happens

>character confesses
>other characters mishears them
>actual confession never happens
This is the fucking definition of blueballs.

I'm not really watching it for the romance.
For me it's more about being able to repent your past sins, be a better person and be able to look at yourself as a good person who can be proud of themself.

>being able to repent your past sins, be a better person and be able to look at yourself as a good person who can be proud of themself.
Why does the movie make it look so much easier than it is in real life?

I dont know, I just assumed that they are both aware of it because eveything was just too romantic and obvious. You dont go telling people stuff like that

Cause it's all about looking back at ourselves in the end.
We got to keep trying.

If they hadn't had the initial failed confession I wouldn't be so frustrated, but that was just unnecessary and frustrating teasing with no proper followup.

Because Shouko is always self-deprecating and forgives Ishida too easy, most people probably wouldnt (or maybe Im just a shit person myself because I wouldnt)

Gonna go over to my buddy's place and get really stoned and watch ninja scroll after I finish work in an hour. He'll probably have something else to watch after that.

>going to your "buddy"´s place on valentine

Why does Sup Forums like this shit-tier forgettable LN trash so much? It's been almost a year and instead of fading into obscurity people are still praising this horseshit.

Probably the smartest thing in this thread.
Best I done was sent a "Happy Valentine's , no homo" message to a few people I still talk to.

Where do you think you are?

Because I like it. Deal with it. You don't have to watch it. It reminded me of Clannad and KyoAni+Key Adaptations. It catered to my tastes. Kill yourself. I don't care if you call my taste garbage but It's something I thoroughly enjoyed in a long time.

watched another 3 episodes of Planetes. Up to episode 18 now. I know its going to get bad real soon after Sempai said "I'm quitting"

For you, perhaps, but for me it was the most disappointing series I've ever seen.

That's fine. People are different. Sup Forums is not one person. Sorry if I came off as angry

Now I'm watching some lighter material, Devilman 2004.

Oh god I'm in for a ride.

Bakuon! I heard it's just ok but I like bikes and cute girls.

What's that? You eat it?