why did people hate this so much?

When something gets popular for being out there, normies love to watch something while pretending to hate it to show how hip they are.

Ever since Gigguk came out with his videos about it every post has been:

>I'm on episode 11 and I'm completely done with this, it's just too far, I can't handle it anymore
>Is anyone else still here just to see how far this trainwreck goes?
>No officer, I don't know what you mean

And other jokes, simply because they can't admit they like a pretty basic and shallow show for the balls they had to make some of the jokes they made. It was a fine show, not groundbreaking, but you could easily find just as many "trash" shows that try and do similar things.

It just spearheaded the "ironic watching" movement this past year.


Because Sagiri is unlikeable and she behaves like a rape victim

Otherwise this show is good, mainly because of Yamada Elf (Emily)

>not Muramasa

Check out this fag

It was entertaining enough and the girls were sufficiently cute. I don't see what's so terrible about it.

Because anime """reviewers""" made it out to be a super perverted, whacky lel so randum xD fucked up series of the decade when it's an underwhelmingingly normal SoL where nothing happens.

Because it wasn't normalfag friendly enough despite being popular

the cutest

>not even remotely funny for a SoL "comedy" anime outside of that one scene with the producer
>one-dimensional characters
>barely any logical character development
>characters have very shallow reasons for even liking the MC
>shit-tier imouto

There are others though but those are the main ones

I don't get it either. It seems too generic to hate, honestly.
is probably correct. Its obviously youtube/MAL kiddies who are new to anime and loli fanservice.

Best girl didn't get enough episodes

>insult using the word "fag"
>like a girl who looks like a boy and has a name like a sumo wrestler


>beautiful, successful woman professes her undying love, respect and support to you
>turn her down because you want to fug your little sister

Because retards who've never seen an ecchi before watched it.




If anything it was BGE, he hated the show way more and ranted evey episode

Same hack who wrote Oreimo's shit ending, I ain't touching it.

Because their favorite youtube anime critics told them to.