Why is Asuka dating Mari, Sup Forums?

Why is Asuka dating Mari, Sup Forums?

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Complete lack of desirable men.

Why shouldn't she?

When is the wedding?

Because yuri is a disease. Although this pairing is just a forced meme.

Still better than Kaworu/Shinji. That one triggers my autism.

You are a disease.


I fucking hate Mari.

Why is Asuka kissing a toilet?

I think she's into scat.

Obviously meant for

shame there arent many Asuka/Mari fics. She's got the perfect personality to deal with Asuka.

Because you're an obnoxious Assuka fag.


Eww, that's gay.

Yeah but in a good way.

>implying that's the only reason

>he thinks liking girls is gay
I have bad news for you user

It is gay, unless Asuka secretly has a dick.

Women can't be gay because all women are bi.

Dumbass, Futa is what is gay

But it’s literally canon tho.

>all this gay shit

Fuck off

Gayshit is the best thing we have, considering the series' characters.

None of those two even have romantic interest in each other

Hurt feelings?

>tfw no scene with Mari force-feeding Asuka to the point she has to poop and uses Rei as a toilet

Because yuri is superior.

Roles matter more than feelings.

Don't be judging

kill your self

die you fucking buzzfeedfag

Asuka isn't dating Mari, she and Shinji are part of Mari's harem.

4.0 WHEN

No way, their relationship is special.

Well, she certainly chased after men before.


Ah yes, Asuka bent over, ready to receive Syrian refugee cock.


Because Asuke likes big boobs.

el atrocidad...