Team White vs Team Black

Who wins?

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Shounenshit spics win. Sup Forums loses.


This is the most random ass selection of characters i ever seen.

white prolly since iskandar is stronger than most of the people on black, assuming he can get enough mana to use his NP. the others can help cleanup

Nrvnqsr is a pretty hard counter to Rider's NP and even then Bellerophon is nothing to sniff at.

>Nrvnqsr is a pretty hard counter to Rider's NP

Army vs army. Except that Iskander's soldiers are literal mana buckets and are going to be great sustenance for Nrvnqsr, so he can maintain himself while Iskander loses mana.
In a battle of attrition, Nrvnqsr is likely to win. Unless the sun inside the RM is actually capable of hurting him, but even then Nrvnqsr is conceptually hard to kill regardless.

Does Al have a philosophers stone?

Kenshin is blatantly overpowered

Would Hol Horse be able to mow down most of them because it wouldn't even look like he has a gun?

I would give it to nero, but iskandars Rm is self sustaining due to the servants he summons fueling it- its why he can summon thousands of it

however full beast 999 nero can just kaiju stomp all over them, since its been shown that they cant hurt big tough things all that well due to no NP's

Im stealing this for later. Great idea user.

Well the white commander conquered entire star systems and the black commander was an overly glorified security guard

That's kind of my point though, all the mana is going to be lost feeding Nrvnqsr as he eats the soldiers, it's a straight depletion process. The reverse doesn't really apply, I don't think the soldiers are going to recover mana from killing Nrvnqsr's beasts.
>however full beast 999 nero can just kaiju stomp all over them, since its been shown that they cant hurt big tough things all that well due to no NP's
I mean, that too, if it comes down to it. But even some of Nrvnqsr's stronger beasts might be too tough without Iskander's direct involvement with his chariot or something.

Kenshin has main character plot armour

Alphonse IS the main character plot armour.

Is that a fucking mech you faggot OP?

Cybele gg

EOS Sanji solos the entire black team.


Team black because I like their characters more. Also I have no idea who the commander of team white or the mechas are.

Medusa is on the other team, she makes Iskander a non factor since she counters him hard.

Does anyone on team white has strong magic resistance? Because she might petrify everyone.

No he doesn't you dumb secondary. He would have trouble with Medusa alone.

But then you factor in that Domel is a far better commander than Olivier, and would have superior tactics for Iskandar's army.

Enough said.

Team White.

Sanji has haki which allows him to resist the quasi-magical powers of others affecting his body directly

Someone like Kenshin is such a non-factor in this contest

Wrong. His speed ranks among the best in that image, along with Clare.

except thats alicia

outclassed by Sanji

Who is outclassed by Nrvnqsr.

just shows how insignificant Kenshin is

The mech kills everyone on the right other than maybe Nero

>the mech
You are so stupid and braindead you don't even know what series it came from. Embarrassing.

How can white even compete?

Medusa is enough to destroy Iskandar and his NP, have you even read the vn?
It's literally one of the worst match-up for him.

Except he has a much better commander.

Sanji sweeps.

Team Black.

Rider can just use her Mystic Eyes.

Team black is overpowered as fuck.