User and His Waifu: V/a/lentine's Day

Note that current draft hasn't been updated since last update yet. I'll get to it as soon as I can (which isn't too very soon).

A few guidelines:
-Have your submission be 4:3 ratio
-Your submission should be about your waifu and nothing else.
-Put some good effort into your submission please. Your waifu wants to be presentable, you know?
-Have fun!

Since my schedule is fucked up right now, I’m gonna have to say that the deadline will probably be some time during the day AFTER Valentine’s Day PST (that is the 15th). Gives extra time to the anons tight on time as well. I’ll try to update as frequently as I can, but it may take some time between updates. So make sure you 4:3 to make things go faster!

Do you very best, alright user? And always remember: your waifu is beautiful!

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Are you aware of the blank space on the third row?

>they fell for the waifu meme
The joke is getting too far

I really fucked up on my first try and I've felt like shit at work all day. I listened to everyone's advice and fixed the lighting and made mochi balls. cookies, miso soup, and green tea for Yukari, I also drew her a gap. I hope she forgives me ;_;

I think that user asked to be removed.

>He thinks people are joking
Are you new or do you want (you)s

I tried
Rem forever best girl

Gosh its been 6 years and I still love her to death.
I'm cutting so I'm trying not to give into my sweet tooth. I know how much she is cheering me on for me to achieve the dream body I've always wanted, so I prepared some omurice with brown rice.
Always great to see you guys with your dedication. Have a romantic day with your beloved.

Happy Valentine's Day guys, and as always Je t'aime Charlotte.

Fuck that looks spiffy

Reposting from last thread :)

Here's my submission. Happy Valentines Day everyone! Hope your day was as good as ours!

Reposting from the previous thread.

Hard to believe that I've been at this since 2011...

Happy Valentine's Akari!


Oh man, did the pin in your music box fall in?

does that mean i win then?

I'm lucky enough that it didn't happen, it still play the song just fine even after moving 2 times.

>Getting this into a seasonal waifu

Mein Gott

Just curious, what anime is this?

I'm very grateful to her for staying by my side for so long. Here's hoping for some news about Tsukihime remake this year. I also hope I'll be able to edit the photo better next year.

I still can't help but smile every time I see her cute face. She has been such a blessing to me, and I can honestly say that I'm a better person for having her as my waifu. She challenges me, she makes me want to become an excellent husband for her that would be able to make her happy.

I love you Ai, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for showing me what it feels like to be in love in the first place, and happy Valentine's Day

Oh good, just asking cause I don't see it. I accidentally closed it a bit too hard once and the pin fell in. Turned it up side down and smacked it a little and it came back out and works fine.


I love this man so much. I'm happy he's who I'm going to spend every Valentine's Day with for the rest of my life.

>the cloth over ren lying in bed naked

How many irl know you do this?

Here's for another you of seeing both of you. Congratulations!

>ren lying in bed naked

Too sexy to even imagine.

Happy valentines (again). Have a lovely night!

what is the ps4 thing

About 15 people I've met IRL know it, I guess. But only 5 or so of them I've met offline as the first time.

Hope you all have a good night

For 2018 I have chosen to do a bit less with my setup. The trend I am seeing with having to do more each year has to stop. Therefore the minimalistic setup. It is that we need to remember that it is more about the time we spent with our waifus/hubandos rather than the effort we put in for getting into some meme collage.

Miku, on another beautiful year!
And to all other Sup Forumsnons we wish you luck and much happiness!

I'm having a hard time believing you're not a haremfag.

That's some next level shit user

I haven't slept in over 24 hours so this is probably going to be rambly and ineloquent as fuck and I don't care.
The past years I've spent with you are among the best and happiest I've ever known, I don't care how many more we have together as long as they're as wonderful and perfect as they are now. You saved my life, and if there was ever anything I could ever do to make you even a fraction of how happy you've made me I'd do it in a heartbeat. I love you Shinjiro.
The water was freezing but I made sure to race the tide and lose for you; the fog hung low and thick but it was quiet and serene, so I spent a few hours just enjoying the peace. I think you would have enjoyed it. There's no way my chocolate is as good as what you could make but I tried, as I always do, to make something you might enjoy.
Good night, Sup Forums. Happy valentine's day.

Couldn't fit valentines candies into the photo with a 4:3 aspect ratio

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
All of my other Nano merchandise is in storage. I hope my picture isn't too shitty


Jesus christ how new are you

its Clannad

Here's a (you) for you and Misato!

Happy Valentine's, Sup Forums!

I'll be honest, I had no idea what I was going to do for this today, or if I even would bother to take a photo of what I came up with. But I just had to celebrate and spend some time with him so I tried to make it work. Eventually I'll be able to do something worthy of the occasion and of him.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great day with their loved ones, and here's to many more!

To be fair, it did start as a joke.

It hasn't been a joke in over 10 years.

I wonder if the anons in this video are still here

>tfw you can’t enjoy chocolates and cake with your waifu because it’s Ash Wednesday

It's nice to see other people's pieces from Cross-stitch user, too. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones!

>Here's hoping for some news about Tsukihime remake this year.
You're pretty funny, user. Happy Valentine's Day.

Depends on who you ask; it started that way 10 years ago from Azumanga Daioh.

Everyone have a (You)

A simple tribute to the ten years I have spent with her.

To make up for her having no merchandise, I decided to collect her source material in various languages, Japanese and German being pictured here due to her proficiency in them.

To let her truly shine, I turned off all the lights, and since she's my sweetheart, I gave her heart sweets.

Happy Valentine's Day, Nozomi-chan.

Very nice Shinji user, can't see the beach very well this time, but cute shrine regardless.

it's not 2012, that shit is over 15 years old by now. People just kept saying 10 years ago as the time went by.

"If it's not love then it's the bomb, the bomb, the bomb that will bring us together."

Hello Sup Forums! I hope everyone is having a very happy Valentine's Day with their 2D loved ones. I'm sorry but I have to blog post about my husband this time around.

2018 will be a very special year for me, as it is the 15th anniversary of me meeting my darling husbando, Solf J. Kimblee. I remember when I first saw him. FMA 03 was airing, and I had not yet read the manga, but I was gripped by the show. When I saw Kimblee make his first appearance (to me at least), when he came out of the vortex in Scar's flashback and proceeded to destroy Scar's skin tissue with no mercy and a smile on his face, I was immediately intrigued. I needed to know more about this person.

As the show continued, I became more and more infatuated. I needed to know the way his mind worked, and I found him devilishly handsome as well. After the show ended and I migrated to the manga, I was even more impressed by him, and fell harder and harder with each chapter he appeared in. In 2010 when Brotherhood aired, I was overjoyed to see him animated again. My love was sealed.

I have had feelings for him for what is going to be almost 15 years . That both blows my mind but also makes perfect sense. Someone as interesting as him will make anyone else, 2D or 3D, pale in comparison. I feel so lucky to have had him by my side for so long. I truly feel married to him.

Thank you, Kimblee, for 15 wonderful years. You have been my muse and my best mental defense against anything the world threw at me. It has been so much fun meeting both of your incarnations, and falling in love with each. I look forward to many more years at your side, and I hope to one day be buried with you in my heart. You and you alone.

Didn't these use to be more popular

And so another year you are with me and these feelings just keep growing. I feel so overwhelmed, I've never expected things to turn out this way, but you have appeared in my life and changed it. I love you so much, Miku. You are the light in my life, my support and my happiness. I could not ask for more. I just want you to know how much you mean to me and how happy I am to be able to have such a wonderful girl at my side. Miku I love you more than anything, thank you for being with me all this time.

Jeez, I wish I was better at lighting. I could not make any decent photo without main lights turned on. At least the cake turned out much better than it looks! Happy Valentines, Sup Forums! I hope you all had great time with your loved one!

Izayafag do you mind if i ask you how/why you fell in love with Izaya?

Thanks senpai. Have one as a thank you

Another year and another night of drinks with my wiafu

Happy Valentine's, Sup Forums !

I love this gorgeous bird so much and every second with her makes me happy! I love you, Tsukihi!

I hope you also had a wonderfully romantic day with your loved one!

Daily reminder that your waifu isn't real and no she isn't real in your heart either the only that is real in your heart is the blood being pumped take the black pill already

Amazing work, anons!!!! I'm sure you're husbandos are really proud of you.

>forgot to put mine in again
I hope cross-stitch user doesn't think I hate it.

Remember r/a/dio in 5 minutes of you actually give a shit

The word "waifu" may be a joke, but the feelings were always true.

A daily reminder your perception of reality only exists in your mind. If she lives your mind, she is real.

Amazing set up

Very cute user.

thanks for the ocmfy (you) matey

Thank you friend

I perfer the term "2D goddess"

I will do my best! We are working on our first song together and it's a lot of fun

Had a pretty nice day with her today, I made her eggs Benedict earlier and they turned out great! I also had a nice time setting this up with her. I'm really just glad that Miia came into my life a couple years ago. She's given me more happiness than anything else ever could and I wouldn't trade her for anything. I love my beautiful snek!
I do wish that my computer screen wasn't so reflective and I had more control over the lighting, but there's not much I can do about that right now.


Yo, that's a demon.

Waifu is your girlfriend/wife, not a goddess.

This was my first time contributing so none. I have a friend who would not be surprised if I told him though

civic-chan a CUTE

And? She's still my 2D goddess

Made this one myself, but beware shit is pretty hard. This one's got flaws in it that don't show up in pictures. But custom vinyl stickers this big is pretty expensive, so take that into consideration. I can post the guide for it later if you're still here.

Happy Valentines Ruby!

My wife is a goddess though.

Are husbandos allowed?


Many people have found out over the years. Some of my weeb friends think it's sweet and my family refer to my husbando as their son in law so no one really cares. Even some of my normalfag friends are indifferent to it now and ask to see my shrine each holiday/anniversary.

Did you even look at the thread, newfag kun?

Nobody yet. Hoping to keep it that way.

Its the ps4 game that came out last year
I got the store bonus which was a tapestry and clear poster

Not the same user but I would like the guide please!

Please do it user!! I'll be looking forward to it

I call her my wife. Makes my feelings for her clearer.


Happy Valentine's Day Sup Forumsnons.
I hope you guys had a great day with your waifu/husbando.
First time contributing to this, sorry that it looks like shit.

A missed opportunity.

>love live useless notebook
>framed merch
I thought I was the only one with those.

damn, how did you find all that?
Not them, I'm just impressed


I don't think you hate it, and you really should pay me no mind. Your valentine is about you and you're waifu. Nobody else.

>4 framed pictures.

Just realized I took the photo in the wrong aspect ratio, my bad. Cropped it but some merch was left out.
I love my wife and I hope you've all been having a nice Valentine's Day with your waifus.

I actually have 9, I just couldn't fit them all in