So what was the deal with the teddie bear and Brau 1589?

So what was the deal with the teddie bear and Brau 1589?

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The symbolism being?

Shameless self bump. I want answers.

the super computer didn't actually die from the teddy bear getting impaled, right?

the way I look at it, its a self-parody of the peace-loving anti war message of the rest of the manga's finale.

The manga makes it's message out as 'hate can only breed hate', that violence is a never ending cycle and can't solve or fix anything, and that maybe someday humans can move beyond it.

It then has what it might have you think is the most 'human' of all the bots in the series in a way, Brau; a robot that did something only a human should be able to do but with no flaws in his programming, commit an act of violence in revenge against the mastermind behind everything, using violence to in the end fix their problem. If i recall, he did this at the request of Atom as well from their conversation beforehand.

In and of itself there are different ways to interpret the meaning behind this contrast, as I said I see it as a self-parody, an intentional contradiction to show the flaw and unreasonability in the message of the rest of the manga.

This weird, contradictory ending is really what made the manga a 10/10 for me, something about it really tied it all together just right, making sure such a deep and interesting manga didn't end on a simple, done-before one-note 'war is evil' message.

well the supercomputer was behind the teddy so the spear impalled the bear and then the computer.

I don't see it as self-parody, that doesn't make sense in the context of the book. It does however tie in to the central theme of the book. You said your self that the main message is that hate is bad and humans should strive to move beyond it. But the end just shows that both humans and the robots they create have a long way to go with that journey.

I failed to make any sense of it, I just can't see how Brau could escape prison in his condition in the first place, yet he somehow knew about teddy bear shenanigans as well as were he is, and how the fuck he got there anyway? This massive computer supposed to be located somewhere in America, and Brau himself was in Germany, right? This is so illogical I don't even know anymore.
Also, that rod in Brau's body was supporting his life, so it was a double kill.

>If i recall, he did this at the request of Atom
He did? I don't remember that part. That is why i thought how weird was for brau to go after the mastermind behind everything.

I just assumed it was lazy writing going for a cool scene and damn he consequences.
Maybe I'm wrong.
Urasawa isn't known for well crafted endings tho.

Atom asked Brau for a favor, it wasn't clear what favor was it till the end though.

This. Hell, that was something explicitly stated in the original Astro Boy story. Everyone in the story was forced into violence in some way, and it was a reflection on how pointless the whole thing really was, all for the sake of stroking some tyrant's ego.

Are you sure that it wasn't Brau who ask Atom for a favor. And there is something that I never understood, Brau is a character of the original Astroboy?

>Brau is a character of the original Astroboy?

Not that I know of. He seems to be one of the few original characters the comic has.

Well, that also isn't complete since it's missing Uran.

Didn't Lamp also have a cameo here?

I really dislike Urusawa's artstyle

Are we really gonna get an anime adaptation?

this. I love Urasawa but his endings are so hollow

Which bot had the best story? I loved North's story. It's simple but beautiful

I love it. It's so different.


I like it a lot. It's got the right amount of realism without being uncanny or weird looking.

Yeah, by the studio that did Onihei.

Yeah, North's was definitely the most memorable of the bunch. Photar was also pretty good and a close second for me.

It hint that he may be blue knight or blue bon

If I was born to late to watch original Astroboy, should I still check out Pluto? I love robot stories like Asimov to no end.

Just how much longer until we get a PV, I'm tired of waiting! a pretty cool thought

Absolutely, it's self-contained and you don't need to know much context to enjoy it.

But the original manga/60s and 80s anime are still a highly recommended read/watch. They're good stories in their own right and it will help you appreciate what Pluto was trying to go for more.

Makes sense, but it's a bit weird since Brau doesn't care about robots or humans.

I'm just wondering what Roosevelt was a reference of. Maybe he's the math supercomputer from the original comic that tried to destroy anyone that didn't pass the propaganda tests?

I feel like this sums it up:
"Then we cut to Brau 1589’s violent favor, an act of revenge against the orchestrator of all the bloodshed and death, an act Atom orchestrated and which has to be very much on his mind in that field of snow. ‘Nothing comes from hatred’ is easy to say (although when Gesicht says it, it’s anything but easy, given what he’s been through) but hard to live up to. It’s easy to condemn the hatred of the fanatic when you don’t believe what they believe. It’s easy to condemn that hatred born of prejudice. It’s harder to condemn the hatred that comes from injuries against you and yours. Two parties locked in a cycle of retributive violence will destroy each other unless an epiphany is had, but that epiphany must be life-changing, and a sudden turn to non-violence by one party may well lead to a dagger in the heart. We are all Brau 1589. We hurl our hatreds out in an effort to destroy and in so doing kill ourselves, one hatred at a time."

North and Gesicht, the rest of them didn't get much.