The first Layton PV is out

The first Layton PV is out

Also, before you leave, is kingdom hearts 3 out yet?


It's an anime you dipshit.

Man, Kat is cute but I can't stand the annoying dog and the pathetic beta orbiter.
I hope at least the plot will be better than the stupid scooby doo shit from Millionaires.

well I guess i better take the plastic off and play layton #6 and ladylayton in the coming months before this

Is he annoying in the game or what?
I know nothing about Layton.

He was getting on my nerves so much I dropped the game after 2 hours and I haven't gone back to it yet, might try now this is coming out though

Hopefully he's not bad in the show.
As long as Kat gets most of the focus.

Azran Legacy is great but i doubt it will have any story connections to this anime. Definitely play Mystery Journey since the anime will either partially cover the same ground or it's going to be set afterwards, from the looks of it.

He's literally Katrielle's bitch, he does all the chores for her and >he does it for free
because he's orbiting her and he just won't shut the fuck up about how amazing she is and all.
All this combined with pathetic attempts at asking her out, which she promptly declines.
The dog instead is supposed to be the tsukkomi to Kat's boke, but he's just annoying.

I'm somewhat annoyed by how Katrielle sounds nothing like the game, her distinctive voice was one of her charm points, now she sounds like your typical moeblob.

I would have preferred a Hershel focused anime.


This. To me Lady Layton kind of feels like a desperate attempt to get more people interested in the series, when it was already good.

Should I finish her game before this show airs or what?

>It's Lady Layton shit rather than the actual Layton


Oooh yeah.


Do you guys think it'll be as bad as that Ace Attorney anime?

The Ace Attorney anime was decent.


Yeah, 'english gentlemen detective' isn't the peak of originality but I feel like I've already seen 1000 spunky anime girls by now. Also what is Luke doing?

It's about the style, too. Layton has a cute enough design but we have to have a moe girl instead. The more western influence was a really charming aspect to the art.

Lady Layton just feels inferior compared to the regular Layton games. Sad this is getting an anime instead. I really enjoyed The Eternal Diva movie so hopefully, it maintains that sort of quality.

I'll wait for the British dub

Imagine being raised by Layton. He would drill puzzles into you like crazy too the point you would see puzzle everywhere.