I dont get it, what the hell is going on in these movies?

I dont get it, what the hell is going on in these movies?

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What don't you get? If you're actually looking for help, be specific.

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It's almost like you'll cowards are trying not to understand it.

I understand that she is like a puppet created by the red haired magician and that she has double personalities or something, but then they go to a weird building and then they kidnap her for some reason and it´s all just incomprehensible

>these movies
Which ones? How many have you watched?
>I don't get it
What you're not getting?

I think he just watched 5

Have you watched the 4th film?


Did he just skip the 4th?

>I understand that she is like a puppet created by the red haired magician
Man, I didn't think KnK was that incomprehensible without reading the novels first. Holy shit.

Shiki isn't a puppet, she has an artificial arm. She lost it in the third movie and Touko replaced it with the puppet one you see in the first movie.

The chronology is 2, 4, 3, 1, 5 and then normal. Although the fifth movie has its own achronological bullshit going on that wasn't in the novel, so you have to pay attention/watch it a few times to make sense of it.

I thought she told her she was like the puppets she made? Was that a metaphor?

Only her arm is a puppet, because Fujino destroyed her real arm.
Yes, she was saying Shiki was listless to the point of being without function.

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Oh boy just wait til you watch the epilogue

Just watched them last night, I was wonder what was up with movie 5

I don't think it was that difficult to understand

Also how can you not know the names of the characters after 5 films?

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Different guy here. I have a question about Souren and his plan. I get that his whole deal is that he planned on opening a path to the root by putting Ryougi, a human epitomizing the Monad, inside his apartment complex, which is a model of the Monad. I also get that his intention was to use the other espers + Shirazumi as a screen to prevent the Counter Force from interfering. My question is, was there some particular change he needed to effect upon Ryougi before she became suitable for his plans? Like why didn't he just go and kidnap her immediately during the timeline of Movie 2 or when she was comatose during Movie 4?

I believe he needed her to gain mastery of the MEoDP (her connection to the Root), which was the other purpose of all the obstacles he threw her way.

And the posessed body in Garan no Dou

It's been a very long time since I watched/read KnK, but I'm pretty sure the death of SHIKI was a requirement (given that he didn't anticipate or even realise the existence of the Void personality). Also the fact that he deliberately arranged for pseudo-Tomoe to escape Ogawa and act as bait for Shiki strikes me that he couldn't act directly. Possibly because of Touko or possibly because he couldn't afford to leave Ogawa during the process and couldn't count on Alba to do the job on his own for some reason (again, probably because of Touko. And because Willy Wonka is incompetent). Honestly, I can't remember.

glad you understand at least that

Shiki is for hugs and cuddles

i have a feeling that most people who watched KnK don't even realise that Shiki didn't kill those people.

The apartment plan didn't involve Shiki originally as a I recall, but it wasn't panning out so Souren planned to take Shiki's eyes and use them (in a way I don't recall, if it was ever specified) to reach the root.

I seem to recall thinking that my first watch through, but it was because I had confused some detail from the second movie.

How can Mana call SHIKI Father if SHIKI was long dead before she was ever born?

Isn't she connected to the Root simply by virtue of having an origin of Void? She only got the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception by accident, and Araya's interference during the incident where she ended up obtaining them (if you recall, he showed up when she was about to kill Kokutou precisely because Ryougi having an emotional breakdown thanks to Lio was not part of his plan) seems to indicate that he honestly didn't want or need for her to have them. He even says outright in Movie 5 that her eyes are an obstacle to his objectives IIRC.

There was no reason for Araya to leave the building and try to capture Shiki outside. That'd risk getting defeated, or Touko showing up. And he's only particularly strong there, as a magus he's weaker than Touko or Willy Wonka.
It's just a safer strategy to lure her into the building with one of Alba's dolls, and then catch her off-guard.

Willy Wonka is apparently one of the best magi in the series

He says really imprecise things like "it is still not the right time" or "I offered them as a sacrifice so you could awaken", so i guess she needed to train her eyes or something

He's strong, but he's insane, hot headed and kind of an idiot. Not the most reliable person, unless you want to burn something down

And yet his only fight scene was cut, with only that F/Z cameo to make up for it. Damn shame, at least it got included in the manga, with the dumb engrish incantation and everything.

He's not better than Touko or Lorelei, but still top tier. Above the likes of Kayneth from Fate/Zero.

One of my numerous complaints about the adaptation is that we see him doing exactly zero magus things.

Japan calls him "red fodder" and likes him ironically

what series is this?

5 is the best one

I knew he probably had a fight. He was so cool, now I am mad we couldnt see it

He needed her body, IIRC, not her eyes. He knew her origin was Void and the body was the key to that (even though he didn't know about the body personality being the Void, he was weirdly close on that point). His plan in the novel was to put his brain in her body or something to that effect, IIRC. But again it's been years since I read it.

Brain thing is his plan in the movies too
Also apparently he can regenerate a new body even if he has no spare ready but it takes a lot longer


Koe no Katachi

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I'd post the manga version, but I don't have it and I don't think it's been uploaded anywhere yet.

But in summary, it's the part where Touko seems to just blindside him and wreck his shit, it's kind of an abridged version of what actually happens:
>Alba crows about how he's totally going to get to kill her
>Summons a bunch of slimes to swarm her
>Touko unleashes her cat, which wrecks the slimes instantly
>Alba gets frustrated because he thinks that's the familiar she was supposed to have lost (possibly with reference to Lugh from Mahoyo, or whatever the original story ended up being before Nasu rewrote it)
>Touko mocks him some more before unleashing the cat on him
>Alba has a whole engrish incantation for a huge A Rank fire pillar spell and blasts the cat
>Obviously doesn't work
>Spams the spell a few more times with repeat magecraft
>Still doesn't work
>Gets chomped by the cat like in the movie
And you know the rest.

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>I understand that she is like a puppet created by the red haired magician

But in the movie it wasn't the cat. The cat was killed by Araya when Touko first died. She summoned a worm familiar to munch on Alba.

>Also the fact that he deliberately arranged for pseudo-Tomoe to escape Ogawa and act as bait for Shiki

I think this is only half-right. What I remember Araya saying is that puppet Tomoe's escape was not something Araya had planned but that he decided to run with it and implanted a fascination with Ryougi onto him to further his plans.

Touko got to her first. Touko is stronger than Araya outside the complex, and even inside when she brings one of her greater combat dolls to bear.

Nah, Enjou escaping was planned in the first place. That's what it meants to "accomplish nothing" on his own, he was just following the path decided by others, which is what brings into question wether his feelings and struggle were worth anything.

No, the cat manages to grab and corner Alba in the movies, and it's only because Araya comes along and helps out that Alba didn't die in the first fight.

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The cat wrecks Alba before Araya saves him, that's the point when the fight was supposed to happen.
Also the cat wasn't "killed", it was a projected monster made from ether, Araya blew up the projector in the suitcase after killing Touko.

5 > 7 > 2 > 1 > 4 > 3 > Mirai Fukuin > 6 > Extra Chorus

The cinema intro shorts are top tier too.

What donn't you understand? Tomoe was repeating a loop

I would rank it 4 > 5 > 3 > 1 > 7 > 2 > 6
But I have a huge affinity for 4's atmosphere

How different are the movies from the novels? I only that Movie 6, Miura took some liberties and heavily deviated from novels. How good of an adaption were the rest of the movies?

I feel that Overlooking View always gets the short straw in these. It's the one of the weaker ones narrative-wise, but the direction of the movie was superb.

Reasonably accurate by TM adaptation standards, probably the least egregious one to date.
There's obvious things like cutting Alba's fight with Touko and reinterpreting Shiki's second fight with Araya but it's mostly minor stuff.

I was wondering why the plot started jumping all over the fucking place after Araya captured Shiki. Apparently that wasn't in the novels either. Was it supposed to be from Shiki's perspective or something?


I see. Thanks

I'm planning to re-watch the movies in chronological order. Does watching it in chronological order have a different impact on you as opposed to when you watched broadcast order??

Sorry, haven't read the novels. Hope some other user can respond.

What boggled me was how they decided to resolve the outcome of the fight with Kurogiri in the movies. He says to Ryougi "You will lose sight of where you're going." She then attacks him, seemingly misses, and then he's no longer there. Did he turn invisible to her per his console command and walk off after restoring her memories, or what?

All of them have incredibly strong and distinct atmosphere. It's super hard to rank when they're each so good on their own.
I love Garan no Dou for the idea of Shiki choosing to rip off the bandages, and pressing forward with her life, despite having to look at death all the time. And all the moments in the "void". The intro sequence with M01 playing as Shiki gets brought into the hospital is amazing. And the "humming in the rain" part at the climax is incredible too.

However, I think overall the narrative is a bit too simplistic to rank it above some of the others. I definitely prefer Tsukihime's version of the "meeting the Aozaki mentor at the hospital" story. Hope that gets a good anime adaptation some day.

Absolutely. Visuals alone make Fuukan Fukei one of the best. It's a very strong start to get you into the mood and setting, and it gets better on rewatches when you can appreciate the subtle ways it sets up the main characters (especially Shiki), without revealing anything substantial about them yet.

Don't open this shocking image

The novel isn't that different. Biggest thing is that it switches between Shiki and Mikiya's perspective all the time. While the movie shows Shiki's whole story until getting captured, and then goes back in time to show Mikiya's whole story, and then follows the climax.
There are literally section dividers in the movie itself to point this out.

Or this image

I think it was just a directorial decision that was intended to impress upon the audience the vague sense of dislocation and repetition that dealing with.

I take a different view - the movies abridge the books in a lot of ways, though the degree varies by book. Only in Oblivion Recording is the adaptation completely fucked, however.

The achronological order is a matter of film direction.

Frankly I don't think so, considering the last three are in chronological order anyway. The second movie also has out-of-order elements within itself that take place between other movies, so I feel like it's a failing endeavour.

His words become reality.

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>the movies abridge the books in a lot of ways, though the degree varies by book
It still takes fewer liberties and cuts fewer corners than most of the other TM adaptations, though.

This one might get me banned.

The biggest problem with the movies is the absence of the inner monologues. But really, the movies would've suffered heavily from trying to include them, there just isn't a natural way to do that in that kind of adaptation without it killing the pacing.

They're out of order because nips and dumb. The movies being told out of order has no meaning at all

If there's one thing TM related that deserved that treatment, it was KnK. I think an individual movie for each part, with varying lengths whenever necessary is the biggest proof that they wanted to do the story justice.
HF seems like it'll be a generally good adaptation, but already not as perfect. I hope Tsukihime gets the Kara no Kyoukai treatment at the very least.

I think it was fine. Kokutou would've benifitted a bit more from inner monologues, but all of Shiki's important lines that I remember from the novels were in the movies.

>the way you're introduced to characters and a settting has no meaning at all

Why were they introduced like that? It just makes it confusing to first timer watchers

I think there are certain parts that needed to be included - in some fashion or another - for things to simply make more sense. Like in the pictured scene, how the fuck am I supposed to know that these words are an actual magic spell without reading the damn book? Sure, I don't need the whole fucking explanation of how the magic language works like we get in book five, but seriously, throw me a bone.

Honestly the direction and atmosphere adds a lot, Nasu wrote the novel when he was pretty young so the movies are probably the better product overall

It's more interesting than introducing a couple of high schoolers and the way they're related to strange murders.
Nasu starts off the story by showing you a badass with a prosthetic arm and magic eyes, fighting ghosts in an eerie, supernatural city, employed by a mage.
It sets you up for what the series is like, without spoonfeeding who the characters are right away. Keeps a sense of intrigue, but if you liked the aesthetic and supernatural elements of the first one, you'll keep reading/watching, and then there's plenty of time to establish where it all started, and give it a satisfying conclusion.

Likewise, the fact that that you only understand what the MEoDP are really like until movie 4, or how Shiki and Mikiya met Touko, keeps that constant sense of mystery throughout the first 3. Urban fantasy mystery is what Nasu excels at.

If you don't dig the first movie that much, and have to force yourself to watch 2-4, you probably weren't the intended audience in the first place (though you might still get enjoyment out of it, of course).


Could someone explain to me mikiya's purpose? What did he do?

>I understand that she is like a puppet created by the red haired magician
Good stuff

Helped to ground and humanise Shiki, for one.

That's it?

Nothing. He was just used as exposition and the romance with him and Shiki was laughable.

He's a creep who is attracted to weird, "empty" things, and gets obsessed over Shiki to a ridiculous degree.
However, that's also why he's able to love her that much, stays with her thoughout the coma, and even when she pushes him away.

In a practical sense, he has remarkable detective skills. He puts in a ton of work in movies 3, 5, and 7 especially.

His origin is literally Harmlessness. What were you expecting?

How are new fags suppose to know whose Origin is who? By going on to TM wiki and spoiling ourselves??

That's a pretty fucking important element to Shiki's character arc, which is ostensibly the primary reason you watch this series. What are you looking for?