Lucky Star

Konata Izumi, aged 28, died this morning on 14.02.
She sank into silo of grain in Satte, Saitama Prefecture.
Press F to pay respects. Rest in peace, Konakona.

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Konata is 28?

Yes, she was around 17-18 in 2007
She ages, you know?
And retired stars die sometimes

So, Konata's Dad is alone. How will he cope?

I don't know really. I hope he finds a way to live a normal life one day.

At least he still has Yui and Yutaka.

he needs them the most
also Kagami, Tsukasa and Miyuki offered their help


Can we still have season two?

Might as well be true since no one really cares about Rucky Stuar anymore. Slowly drifting away from peoples mind, more and more.

mode stick it

That sounds pretty depressing, user.


Not enough Konata's

I still care about Tsukasa though.

Was she recovered from the silo? Maybe she isn't dead.


Stop depressing me user pls




Wait, hang on just a second. How did Konata manage to sink into a silo of grain?

maybe she had something to do with it.

Why would MIsao do it. What could she have against Konata?


they recovered the body

Perhaps she didn't like the fact that Kagami kept hanging around with her all the time.

And now that Konata's gone Misao can have Kagami all to herself.

I imagine her last word being ITADAKIMASU
Then she slowly falls into darkness

Is Konata alive?

How will Misao live with herself?

Yes, in your heart.


somewhere, far far away... maybe...

Timotei is now a Thanato-cosmetics brand



Easily she has Kagami and all her other friends.

And none of them no the truth.

and nothing of value was lost that day

That devious bitch. Surely someone must know?



please don't break Sup Forums

Only Ayano knows.

And she's with Misao all the way.

Deer Konata,

I'll miss you, desu.


Don't worry user I'll behave.

are you the author of this famous Konata copypasta?

Tsukasa's really good with that flute.


The consumer of reconstituted meat strikes yet again.

damn right

I wish Tsukasa was dead so I could fuck her rotting corpse.

Your asking for too much user.



You fags can't fool me again. It's gonna be cuteposting and then one guy is gonna post Spookasas and the thread is gonna go to shit

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
John 15:13

That looks like a pretty awful way to go. Not as bad as drowning in molasses though.

I gotta ask though, is there a bunch of artists doing this stuff, or just one guy? I know every fandom has weird art like this, but it seems like there's just shitloads for Lucky Star
t. Newfag I know eat my ass

its a meme ya dip

*Desk Slam*
“Your Honor, this trial cannot come to a end this quickly!”

I am the one who started adding bible quotes to it

innocent until proven guilty.

Did she at least finally get to meet her mother?

I'm watching it right now though.

“Well it’s a good thing my job is to prove you guilty!”

wtf is this


I can only save 10 series because limited disk space. Lucky Star is one of them.

Wow, no one has mentioned the bassistgate yet.

Which you can't do without evidence.

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I don't think anyone saved this.

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>Lucky Star was 927 years ago

Lucky Star must have influenced Mohammed.

So let not this present life deceive you – SurahFatir:: verse 5

*forges evidence in your path*


Okay, I'm prepared this time! Front of her head and everything!

Wait, what did you say?

>stopping after 2

You think he ever remarried?

Konata rest in peace
You were our angel for 11 years
Happy Valentine's day!


Why does Tsukasa like balsamic vinegar so much? Is it because she has autism?

Tsukasa is my favorite, she's so cute and funny.

I thought Konata died at the same time as Aya Hirano's career.


Your intuition stinks.