Henshin Ganbou and other romance manga for Valentines Day

As it's valentines day, I'd like to take a moment to share with Sup Forums a one-shot manga really worth reading on a day of romance, a heartwarming and cute story of revenge in the sweetest way possible of working hard to achieve your goals and get the girl.

This manga also happens to have the best confession of all time, but you won't realise it until later It's page 5, where she gives the MC a thorough list of everything possibly wrong with him. Take a look and you might realise there is no way she knows some of these details unless she's been paying a LOT of attention to a guy that's just some no-name club-skipping sub for the baseball team!

This is a thread to talk about how cute this manga is and generally other romance manga on a day that might otherwise be a bit lonely and sad for most Sup Forumsnons.

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Alright, I was sorta hoping it'd take off but I might as well throw another out here too.

Love Roma is a classic I've seen being mentioned a bit more than usual around here, and deservedly! This manga starts right out the gate with a confession [not too dissimilar to Naze de Naito, thought more restrained] and the relationship spends 5 volumes growing as does the cast of side characters, all quite enjoyable, with an ending that in any other manga might feel weaker but here is pulled off perfectly, you saw the relationship go through and grow a whole lot and had your fill, not to mention the bonus pages of the characters thanking the reader themselves is absolutely adorable.

wait fuck i thought you were posting the manga my b user

Wanko Ni. Not too short, not too long, perfect length IMO. The premise is also pretty crazy/interesting too. RIP the author though.

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This is probably my favorite one-shot.


I must've read this shit like 20 times now and I still re-read it every dump. A perfect story of subtle foundation-laying, buildup with the MC making himself a better person, and an excellent payoff.

This page right here is pure genius.




This shit is bad for my diabetes fuck


>buildup with the MC making himself a better person
This is what I live for, especially when it's for revenge.


Too many times the author just makes the MC some passive pussy who has girls gravitate to him for no reason. This manga is such a middlefinger to that. Dude works his ass off.


This is the kind of shit manga and anime needs. It should show the flaws of the character and how they overcome and succeed. I'm sick of having wimpy protagonists that cry or bullshit their way to victory


Anyway, the girl is fucking cute, perfect mix of flashy and girl next door type

>She's watching him

So fucking good.


Viewer discretion is advised.

By the end, he's /fit/ as fuck and he gets best girl. Truly the MC we need.





Truly The HEART


And congratulations, you have diabetes now. Take good care of it.

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This is fucking hot, her neck and positiion is just perfect

I read this so long ago i can't believe people haven't read it already

i love you too user

I'm still sad this never got made into a full manga.

>you purposely avoid getting in relationships so you can enjoy diabetes indulging vanilla romance
how many years can i take this charade, lads?

Might as well appreciate it. Who knows? Maybe this was for the best. Avoiding months, hell years of waifufagging, Author possibly chimping out, NTR bait, etc. etc.

It's like a well-crafted vanilla, non-H doujin, along the lines of Schizanthus.

It would probably turn into a never-ending shitty harem romcom with garbage MC. This oneshot is perfect because it's short, sweet and satisfying.

>10 volumes of misunderstandings until the same ending happens

That is how you do it.

I'm dying over here, lads. Someone call an ambulance.

That reminds me of another champion of Sup Forums.

i remember that thread

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>MC goes back to being a beta bitch
>3 new girls are added over the next 30 chapters, each lusting for the MC


Well the writer is the infamous sentient logo, so it probably would've been something different. When Nisio takes it seriously, anyway, his stories are always at least interesting in their concept. I really don't know what you would do to make it a worthwhile on going. Its punchiness is what's really great here. You could have a story about what happens afterwards, but it'd have to be almost entirely be new stuff rather than just a logical progression to make it an actual story. Perhaps he could do something like Wakabayashi or Dr. P and have a rotating cast of couples going through stuff like this.

Pls no. I want idyllic romance, not a slap in the face.

Fucking Nisekoi
>OS presents a pure Romcom hijinkis ensures and very original
>Ch1 of the serialization FUCKING ONODERA
I will never stop of being mad.

>fucking breaks her neck

This thread is alive? holy fuck I gave up on it when I thought "shit i should've just dumped the manga, it'd be too embarrassing to go back and change it now"

i'm kind of an insecure retard as it happens so, thanks for dumping and keeping this going and sharing a great manga with new people, dumpanon

Whoa, this guy sure had that girls attention for a while

happy valentines day you fuck

Mercy user, have you seen Nisio's actual serialisations? Let's just be content that this one-shot chapter of his was executed well

Just like I said in the OP, that page is the best confession of all time. She'd definitely had her eye on him

this the greatest romance manhwa of all time and if you haven't read it yet you are doing yourself a disservice

Anything by Kouji Miyata is amazing. The man had a dedication to Vanilla that surpassed his peers and his anthology was great as well. I really do hate the fact that we'll never get a new work by him.

>the weak should fear the strong

explain further please

I felt some rage in this.
But Que Sera Sera gave me a fuck ton.

Not a manga but I am glad I picked this up. I don't remember seeing threads for it at all last year and it was so sweet and satisfying even if it was just one really long LINE commercial.

Why does she have the world's tiniest hands?

The way she's clenching her skirt because she's freaking out on the inside is fucking great.

This was really good

>yandere kanojo
god this was so fucking good but when i read it somehow the chapters of the two versions got all jumbled up as it went on and i got an ending about a bunch of shit that'd been foreshadowed in the OTHER publication about the MC's familly and it made no sense to me, really ruined the experience for me. some day I'll go back and try and find a version with everything correct and try again.

Strangely enough, I don't remember how I read it. I think I read the official part, then the side part chapter by chapter. I bought the japanese manga and they're all in one place which helped.

RIP im Peace

>blond girl is faceless in the background there
Fug, I've read this a couple times and never noticed.

>I don't remember seeing threads for it at all last year

You missed out. It was actually pretty funny, since there was a steady progression of the threads.
>first two threads
>Everyone shitting on it for being a LINE commercial

>Next few episodes
"Uh guys this is actually really good."

>Next few
"I can't watch this without crying/pausing every minute"

>Last few episodes
>Hugs and feels all around
"Greatest romance anime ever."

> I don't remember seeing threads for it at all last year
People were calling it the best romance of all time for months. I finally got around to it last week and thought it was okay.

This completely, but the funposting came in several flavors.
>MC-kun quoting Dazai is foreshadowing a double suicide in the last episode!
>Based Kotoro is going to beat the shit out of Chad. Look at him shadowboxing his light cord like "Akanecchi said knock you the fuck out!"
>This fucking homewrecking tomboy whore get out of my comfy romance REEEEEEE
>*Cute autist noises*
>Just kiss her you fucking faggot, Christ, Japanese kids are such beta cu-wait, oh shit he actually did it the absolute madman

Nice memory. Those are the juicy details.

>that blush

It's not like there aren't other manga with a similar premise.

Damn never knew it was a line commercial

What manga is this from?

This page was great in OPT threads

I must admit after reading the whole oneshot back then, that my first impression was that she never let her friend read the love letter and it was all her ploy to turn her crush from a beta bitch to someone decent.

That'd be some 4D chess. How would she know he'd fall in love with her?

>stupid simple 4 koma
>suddenly takes a serious turn
i dont know why it was so good, it didn't even feel that forced at all

You can pinpoint the exact moment the flame of revenge was lit

I missed this, and you know as well as I do that reverse image search is garbage for crops. Name?

>You don't have enough love for cleaning
This is so specific

There's always sundome.

Oh he did get a haircut

Sundome is nothing like this, what.



Guy trains from bitch to brawn because of a girl. There's ups and downs, hnngs and oh noes. How is it not what you would want from a serialization of something like this? Romance not one shots are about making your heart feel. Don't tell me you wanted 'I'm sorry, what? My ears stopped working' and nonsensical relationship reset bullshit.

> How is it not what you would want from a serialization of something like this?
This is a cute story about a guy confessing to a girl who thought he loved her friend. Sundome is a fucking femdom tragedy. I like them both, but they are worlds apart.

Also recommend this. It's really great, but be prepared to cry bitch tears.

Not OP, btw.
And here's one I use for healing purposes. It's just so sweet.

And if you want an H version, try pic related