Crunchyroll pays the industry
When will pirates ever learn?

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lol didn't read

>10 years
Wow, it's literally nothing. On the order of actively detrimental compared to just letting people import.

Fuck off.

It's fucking nothing though, anime industry generates 16 billion per year, physical distribution to overseas is 2.3 billion with the vas majority of it coming from China.

And that shit is reporting 10 million a year average? Pffft.

Pretty sure you just had your thread deleted, mr shill/

>we literally get new anime only thanks to crunchyroll
>only thanks to people paying for anime
Fucking kek. Thank G*d for retarded suckers. Why the fuck would you pay for something you can get for free?
>Half of Crunchyroll user base now comprised of women

>Half of Crunchyroll user base now comprised of women

>people are actually replying to this thread

>people actually are too retarded to sage

Female anime fans are great. I especially like cosplayers.

90% of that 16 billion is merch sales from shounenshit series and kid shows plus gundam.
CR is giving the small and medium companies good money, now fuck off.

No it makes sense. Only women would be stupid enough to pay for crunchyroll.

Serious question. What kind of person pays for anime?


100m is nothing. That's a couple large-budget movies. Princess Kaguya alone cost about 50m.
Does somebody have that infographic on how much the average anime series costs per episode?

You better show some source on those statistics. Because even when you consider just the American market 100m in 10 years is fucking nothing. Even less when the US is barely 2% of the whole market.

There are around 30 anime per season.
An anime costs around 1.5M to make.
CR can't even pay for 1 year of the TV anime industry and they have existed for 10 years.

Thanks for further proving how inconsequential CR really is.

Netflix is a giant and hasn't funded one anime.

That's good.

Sadly that's true. Women are also accountable for nearly 80% of consumer spending. Women spend money like it's going out of fashion.

Can we finally admit they're our guys?

Fuck off, Miles. You're a weenie.


A single autistic buyfag has probably contributed more to the industry than twenty CR subscribers.

And I'm not even making shit up.

>CR shill has nothing to back up these claims

Who the fuck is Miles? Is he the new Daiz?

This. When it costs $10 to make a figure and they're charging +$100 it makes CrunchyRoll's money look like pocket change.


Have you fucking seen the slippery slope? Make that fifty.

I'm going to start using Crunchyroll now.

Since when are crunchy chill threads allowed? Fuck off.

That's a fairly simple figure to beat, Ill take my case, I spend 500 usd a month on figures and random merchandise, a crunchyshit monthly subscription is 7 usd, striaght ahead I'm spending 71 times more than those guys.

Now lets take approximates, let's say middleman take 20% of a figure's worth ( its less than that) so 80% stays within the industry (manufacturers, copyrights, distributors, etc)

That's 400 usd a month

Now, crunchyshit has an annual income of around 100M usd, out of which lets say 25% (way more than reality) is going to Japan, thats 1.75 USD per CR user actually going to japan per month. Now I'm at 228x times my contribution vs a crunchyshit turd.

If you go down to an user who gets a single figure or a BD a month he would still be paying enough to contribute more than 50x CRturds

>Female anime fans

Thanks for this. I now realize Crunchyroll is the only way.

Did someone say dubs?

>supporting the anime industry

The anime industry needs to fucking die and so do the fags that support it. Unless you only buy manga, you are scum of the worst kind.

holy FUCK



Made you reply.

Thanks you to guys getting hacked, my normalfag friend was charged like $1000 in microtransactions.

I told him before you guys were trouble, thanks for the laugh though.

F U C K crunchy roll. shit used to be a site where you would download shows. now its a sell out. pass.

>average of 10 million a year
That's a drop in the bucket compared to pretty much anything else. That could only fund, like, an anime and a half per season.