Depiction of the state of an average thief lover after having finished volume 7.

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Best Meido

How many times do you need to fuck the butt to get an anal fissure?

Depends on who's doing the butt-fucking.

find a nice girl and get married user

oh look another general thread

Is it okay to lewd Shizu?

Of course, as long as you don't try to fuck her.

Kill, marry, fuck, enslave.
The twins come as a single package.

>nice girl
Those are not marketed for another 20 years or so.

Kill them all, especially EE!

Why would I marry if slavery is allowed?

If I choose Gagaran who will do the fucking?

Fuck off old man

How can one person have taste this shit? And here I thought robot fans were the most friendly ones.

This vid is surprisingly pleasing to look at..

Solution is shit deal with it

Kill EE, marry chuuni, fuck Gagaran.

Solution is objectively the best maido, your taste is shit.

Not as many as you would think.
It just needs to not be a happy butt fuck.

>Solution is objectively the best maido

Glad we came to an agreement.

Funny way to spell Entoma.

From what point should I pick up the LN?

fag, she is the worst. WORST


You just need to take a huge shit and rip your asshole open.

This literally happened to me recently and I had the worst fucking hemorrhoids on the planet for like 3 months.

>eats and melts living toddlers in acid for fun
>best anything

They are the beginning of the fifth book, so that's a good point for you if you don't wanna read all the LN.

*They are at the beginning of...

i agree, toddlers are fucking disgusting
they should be mowed down and thrown into the garbage where they belong

>mfw this can happen

>inb4 who fought Chair and how TGOALiD works again

>Be in the woods camping
>essentially army training
>havent shit on a week
>take a hour or two on the toilet after get pack
I was literally shitting tight,compact and hard bricks which completely clogged the toilet. Im lucky my anus didnt tear and bleed

> Aura, Enri, CZ, Hamsuke

> Evileye, Gagaran, Neia, Fifth, Victim

> Narberal, Albedo, Renner, Mare, Lupus, Tia, Yuri, Arche, Zesshi(post Rubrik)

> Shalltear, Lakyus, Tina, Entoma, Tsuare, Crusch, Zesshi (pre Rubrik)

Supreme backbirths
> Solution, Sixth, Clementine

>how TGOALiD works again
How does it work?

Put Clementine to the very top where she belongs faggot.

Good taste.

Exactly how does Lupusregina fight, I know she's describe as a close combat fighter so does she just wildly swing that big mace around?

I think she bashes she shit out of enemies with her crest while in enhanced strength Werewolf form then retreats to heal herself or something.

>killed and butchered like an animal
>little sisters she was trying to protect sold into a child sex ring until their deaths
I sort of understand what happened to Arche given the poor choices she made but what did their imoutos do to deserve a lifetime of abuse and misery?

>what did their imoutos do to deserve
That's not how world works.
>lifetime of abuse and misery
Wasn't it, like, a really short miserable lifetime though?

they didn't give me enough praise

Sup Forums - anal adventures.

Blame Maruyama for being an edgelord and a torture porn fetishist.

She tortures enemies to death.

What a disgusting thread full of filthy secondaries, their ""opinions"" and just a bunch of ultimate shit taste anons.
Oh wait it's americans posting time, now that all makes sense.

It's their fault to be born so cute and abusable.

>what did their imoutos do
They were humies in Overlord.

>implying there's zero slavs with insomnia here

Her backstory was retarded and her family was fucking stupid.

> Neia, CZ, Entoma, Clementine
> Evileye, Albedo, Aura, Mare, Shalltear, Yuri,Narberal
>Enri, Fifth, Victim, Renner, Hamsuke, Lupu, Solution
>Lakyrus, Tina, Tsuare, Crush, Zesshi
Supreme backbirths

Solutionfag spotted.

>He doesnt stay up to 3am

Wasn't it the fans that voted on if she lived or died?

Don't ever post that webm again, thanks

Drown Entoma all the way down and you might be onto something.

Are there any strong,native humans in overlord? Ones that can go against floor guardians?

Humans are weak shits so no.

Why yes, there are.

Not that we know of, no.


I'm very partial to insects so that part is heavily biased.

are we gonna see her again in s2?

What will you do when Climb smashes the staff of Ainz Ooal Gown and vanquishes the broken, hollow shell of Ainz?

Why are there no catgirls?

CD is confirmed stronger than Shalltear despite being a lower level. NW talents and gear are too much for Nazarick. It's basically an expansion character vs a vanilla

that doesn't bode well for Nazarick

>this guy doesn't stay up for 24 hours a day


Couldnt you create a human class in the MMO though? Wouldnt they be bloody strong?

Whats stoppong hummies from going full god emperor?


Entoma is cute

Midnight-Early morning overlord threads are the best. Second only to new LN chaprter Overlord threads.

I want to hug this bug

Who said there aren't? There are rabbit-kin in the east, probably catgirls are out there somewhere too.
Your pic is 100500 times more appealing than Entoma simply because this is a single entity and you need a picrelated the size of a coffin to keep all of Entoma together while she's sleeping.

Lack of access to character creation console?

Where is it confirmed that CD is stronger?
The only I can think of is when she asks her subordinate "Am i stronger?" "Yeah lol"

is it physically possible for Entoma to mate with a human being?

I want to see what's under her "face"

It's also got some sick music to go with it

Who made Lupu? Ulbert?

>replying to stale bait
Sasuga regarded doggo.
I mean, organs are all there so intercourse should be possible. Not sure about the offspring.

He stated she was stronger than chair therefore it is fact.

Best girls in the series are Neia, EE and CZ.


>you're definitely stronger than that monster
>also skeletal dragons are immune to magic

i want Entoma to wrap me in her silk and use me as a dakimakura

Lack of good questlines?

Maruyama himself confirmed that she's stronger than PDL, who canonically raped Shalltear.

I always thought it was kind of true to the MMO experience, my first guild in my first MMO had a guy named Lucifer. Think its just a sort of universal thing that there's always a that guy with that name.

why does Evileye wear the mask?


NW humans are "Natural" local humans, they're stronger species than Homo Sapiens, but Yggdrasil "Constructs" are on the other level entirely. Nothing about Yggdrasil "humans" is actually human: they're an aberrations on the reality in no lesser way than heteromorphs. Built-in cross-breeding function is just a gimmick that give you half-aberration of considerable power like KC or CD.

Just like there are commies or reds in every modern MMO.

To keep people from questioning why 12 years old knows 5th tier and why doesn't she age.

>canonically raped Shalltear
>goes back crying to his house because his armor is getting fucked up

Did cold war 2 happen while i was sleeping?

So people don't fall in love with her.

You'd get upset if your quadrocopter got fucked up too.

If I pulled that off, would she die?

>what is that what-if scenario in which he one shot Shalltear into oblivion