Marchen Madchen

Just watched the first ep of this and enjoyed it. The MC's reactions were cute.
>tfw you're so desperately lonely that you start seeing characters from books and even they don't want to be friends with you

Too bad nobody is watching this. It's Matoi all over again.

People are watching it. We just don't get threads every day and that's fine.

Matoi was fucking great.

I didn't even know it had started until it was up to like episode 3. Now I'm trying to catch up.

Matoi's dad was such a cuck.

>M-my wife is going to come back one day really
>it's only been 10 years
>women would never lie, right?

Meanwhile, Matoi's mom has been dicked by so many Chads that she probably hasn't even thought of her ex-husband since 10 years ago.

Is the OP just lazily done or something?

I'm watching it.

We are though, the threads just devolve into shïtpösting, so we've stopped having them.

Ït's Häzükïpöstïng, not shïtpöstïng.

I don't think that's what happened

This would've been more popular if Häzuki was a JC

>Marchen Madchen
Märchen Mädchen.

It's shit and the same thing that lead to Gochiusa threads being memes and self-insert roleplaying.

Yeah I have to agree, I love Hazuki but the spamming makes these some of the worst threads I've ever seen.


I want to throw a book directly at Hazuki's face.


I don't think I remember this

>he didn't watch episode 13

It's hazuki rape time

Häzuki heädpät time

I wonder what the boy Hazuki has a crush on is like


I'm literally only watching it because of Hazuki's seiyuu involvement in Love Live.

shows pretty mediocre desu

basically female harry potter but not as good as HP

biggest problem is Shizuka is so goddamn boring. It's like having a towel be your protagonist. Hazuki deserves a better love interest

Hazuki's fairy tale should have been The Emperor's New Clothes.

I wonder if Häzuki will get näked this time

>everyone sees her naked except the viewers of the show

This show would have been much better with a male MC.

The opposite, user. She gets butt naked when she transforms but nobody notices it except the viewers and Hazuki herself. Hazuki is confused and embarrassed at first, but once she realizes everyone thinks she's wearing clothes she indulges more and more in her exhibitionism until the last episode where it's revealed everyone knew she was naked the whole time.

Shut the fuck up, KyoAni/Trigger hetshitter.

If there is one consistent thing we can expect from Häzuki, it's that she will be completely useless.

Sounds like a good idea for a spinoff if I'm honest.

I like Hiyori.

>male MC
>just another shitty harem
No thank you.

Does the fiery redhead get paired up with someone?

>ineffectual beta harem MC
>ineffectual beta harem MC (cute girl ver.)
Pretty easy choice

She's the freedom loli's bottom bitch.

So is every other character

Rape hazuk

I've just started watching this as well.
MC's mom HAS to be related to the other world, right?

Episode 6 preview picture posted onto official site
p.s. Check previous few threads for some spoilers if you want to read thenm

game version.

I'm watching it, but i don't see how it can have non-stop threads.

Let's take turns misspelling Hadzuki's name!

Me first.


Delete this fake image of Hotzuki right now.


Me in cosplay!



Hazuki, transform!

finally, it took 6 episodes but our dork is actually doing something
bravo hädukey


Is it going to be a dumb browser game since it's DMM, or a phone game?

It will be available in three platform: Android, iOS, and DMM-PF
The official description say it will be a "Tactics RPG"

Here, have some salt and fuck off.

She's so adorkable

Raping the dork hazuki

Do not rape the dork Hauzki.


>Tactics RPG
Now you've got my attention.

This but with every girl replaced by a boy.

Rape hazuki

>all this build up

>she just get naked again

Magic isn't real

>t. unbelieving heart

I wanna lick her armpits

She's gonna one shot those base bitches

With great power comes heavy responsibility.

>Marchen Madchen
Stop butchering German, retard.

If you don't want to write an ä, at least replace it with an ae.


I'll replace you with Muhammad if you don't watch it, pal.



is that robin hood?

How many people here watch okatana mikos too?

Why aren't there any pictures of the dork masturbating

For the last time

Why is japan making me want to fuck king arthur

American ____ Hazuki


Are they going to rape her? Please tell me they're going to rape her.

They're going to kidnap her and make her can't read her books

thats a cute anime girl!

>Advertise your characters as JC
>All of them look like old hags
I find this show offensive.

Finally, a proper OP


Was this shot really necessary?

Cute girls are the best.


The red stripe girl is cute. Is she going to be relevant?

It's probably the most important shot of the first episode.

It made us all wish we were a book.

Why do I keep seeing this? She didn't make that song at that part did she?

Some action in this episode (And then a few other in later episodes but probably only a few of them will be animated)

>opening is called My uncompleted story
>now is finally completed with Hazuki accepting her place in the magic world
Holy shit

Hazuki, drawn by Hazuki's VA?