Would you an Hisui?

Would you an Hisui?

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Only if she comes with a side dish of Kohaku.

Who is this red saber?? Some OC?


Why are people calling everything a Saber face now? Arcueid doesnt really look like Saber and much less Hisui

It's an epic, hilarious meme for secondaries.

Tsukihime remake when

this is related, but does anyone remember where the "wa wa, uwaaa" scene was? it was one of the flashbacks

Just give me Kohaku.

As long as by Hisui you mean Kohaku in disguise, then yes.

>wa wa, uwaaa
No idea what you mean by this.

during one of the flashback scenes where Shiki is getting cut into bits there's a screen where it's
Wa wa, uwaaa
Wa wa, uwaaa
Wa wa, uwaaa
and then either on that screen or the next one it says "A girl is crying." or something to that effect
I looked for it for a while but the flashback scenes I found where the ones with the distant cicadas

maids a best

>This is your villain tonight
>Say something nice to her.

>remake never

Legit best Type-Moon villain after Kirei.
Her reveal scene and entire second half of Hisui's route are unforgettable.

all right turns out it was "waa, u, uwaaa and "Akiha is crying" and they were on the same screen and the reason I couldn't find it is because it was in the Arc route when I was looking in the near side ones
it's right at the very start of day 8 if you were wondering


I don't know who that is but I would probably rape the maids.

Rank the Tsukihime routes

Hisui > Kohaku > Arc > Ciel > Akiha

Arc's is underrated, the early parts of Near side are fucking great.

Hisui > Arc > Akiha > Kohaku > Ciel

But pretty much all of them have super memorable moments that will stick with me for many more years to come. All the (True) endings are amazing as well.
I hope Sachiin's can live up to the high bar set by the original.

Hisui > Akiha >>> Kohaku > Arc > Ciel

Out of all of the heroines in Type-Moon works, Akiha is the one who is most dedicated to the person she loves. It's a shame that her route was overshadowed by others and that she has essentially been demoted to the level of a joke character by Melty Blood, Kagetsu Tohya, and Carnival Phantasm.

Best Type Moon girl?

It's been a long time since I played Tsukihime, but I remember her being my favorite. You're not alone.

>she has essentially been demoted to the level of a joke character by Melty Blood, Kagetsu Tohya, and Carnival Phantasm.
But that happened to everyone.
The best hope we have to see "serious" Tsukihime characters again is in the Remake. And hopefully an anime of that.

Best TM is Shiki Ryougi, followed by Arc (yes, I know I have boring taste).



who is that?

Asagami Fujino is the antagonist of the third chapter of Kara no Kyoukai

I liked the Kohaku reference in the chronicle mode for Under night.

>still no PC release
paraphrase it for me, I loved elt's antics in the arcade mode on UNIEL

She's a bit too dead for my liking.

Yuzu is too lazy to bring her sword around on a particular night so she decides to bring a broom. Later she says how she wishes she could pull a knife off the top.

Oh what the fuck, was not expecting that.
FGO still garbage, but it's pretty cool that they'd add new content on reruns.

That coffin seems to be making both Sony and Type-Moon a metric fuck ton of money though.

Good for them. Shame they won't use it for anything but more mobage shit and musou shit, and putting the rest of TM into shitty Fate games.

everybody knows emotionally repressed people are the only good ones user, they are just too nice to cope with reality

Saber is the original Hisui-face

Anybody who has actually played this game will agree that the actual best end of Tsukihime was Hisui's good ending. Everything felt in place when all was said in done during her route. It really felt like a true ending.

Fight me.

Emotionally repressed isn't the same as dead.

>never noticed the connection between kohaku battou and yuzu battou
I'm kinda disappointed with myself
I like yuzu's gameplay, too, I should've noticed
at least I wasn't dense enough to miss the Carmine-SHIKI connection

>conveniently loses all her memories
>not as beautifully tragic as the true ending, with no conclusion to Kohaku's character

Fuck I made a mistake.

Hisui's true ending was the best.

Again. Fight me.

Carmine in the chronicle mode is hilarious. He's too stupid to realize what his power is and just beats people up like normal. He just thinks that his power is to turn his arms and hair blood red.

You're doing a pretty good job of fighting yourself.

>used goods

Oh, right, she had an actual VA in CP... Guess this means they can finally make Minase Inori do it

I agree. Kohaku's route just felt like an afterthought or something. Nasu should have saved some stuff there instead like making the player feel like the VN was going full out on Hisui's route.

Arcueid > Hisui > Kohaku > Akiha > literal shit > Ciel.
You might not like it, but this is how the objective truth looks like.

It was literally written in one week because the beta testers said it wasn't fair that Kohaku had no route.

Hisui's Midday Moon is still the best thing Nasu has ever written.

>Hisui thread on my Sup Forums


>turning Hisui into Rem

I'm still sad.

Camelot and Babylon are the best things Nasu has written.

So Hisui's route was the actual end of the game. Nice to know that best girl is the canon ending.

>Kohaku's route just felt like an afterthought or something.


Close enough but not quite there yet

This explain a lot of things. Based Hisui True Tsukihime Ending

"Canon ending" is the Eclipse.

Camelot might be Fate route tier if it weren't attached to a piece of shit.
Camelot is just bad.

Babylon* is just bad

Why is Akiha so shit, she ruined the whole VN.

>There are people who haven't loaded up Tsukihime on Christmas day

>tfw was working on Christmas day

Fuck off and take your reddit frogs with you

The cutest couple.

>sister dead
>best ending


The best endings aren't always the ones where everyone lives.

What happens on Christmas day?
I thought it was KT that had special holiday and birthday stuff.

I loaded the game up on Christmas day and there is a special scene that plays. I didn't know about it and was merely testing a new bed table and remote for my laptop.

>Nasu forcibly reminds you of reality
>even when you have no friends or family and wanted to read a VN for escapism
What an asshole.
But still, that is pretty cool. I love stuff like that in games. Weird that FSN had none of it.

The end was final and in a way the only one in which Shiki was freed from the burdens of the Tohno's while letting him come to terms with what it all meant. Hisui, Kohaku, and Shiki were all bystanders who were roped in and in every other ending were still basically bound to the families will and whim. The thing was that Akiha was just as much a monster as SHIKI, only in other ways, and while she wasn't evil she was still an oppressive force(even if much of it was half meant as a form of amends).

Gave me chills when I first read it. She's definitely best girl and we need a Tsukihime anime to prove it. No character in Fate/stay night is as interesting. Except for maybe Kirei, but her past and the twist is still the best.

>No character in Fate/stay night is as interesting.

Why not?

SHIKI did nothing wrong

Absolutely. I don't remember if this is in the VN or my headcanon, but I love the idea of Shiki and Hisui selling the Tohno manor after True End, and moving to some small apartment together. Completely cut ties with that past, and not have to be reminded of the tragedy of the True End (for Kohaku,SHIKI, and Akiha), or all the years that Kohaku endured suffering in that house.

I agree with pretty much everything you said. Hisui and Shiki really deserved to be at peace, and be able to be away from all the crazy vampire/demon shit. Sure, Kohaku didn't get her happy ending but fuck, Kohaku was broken anyways and broken people always tend to fuck shit up. Just look at Sakura.

Akiha was also worthless like her brother. Shiki deserved to be at peace.


B-But I don't want any more medicine.
I think it's only making it worse...

Have you read Tsukihime?
Characters in Fate/stay night are still good, and I like the VN, but Kohaku is possibly the best character between those 2 franchises.

True, a man should not be separated from his sister. SHIKI was the hero we needed.

Is Akiha the worst imouto of all time?
Literally cucking her real onii-chan because he doesn't fit her ideal image, and wanting babies with an adopted demon killer autist.

tsukihime deserves a remake with better animation and action of manga-vn


She's a whore.

>Kohaku endured suffering
Kohaku was a canon slut who loved Makihisa cock

Can Arc get preggo, and would her children be True Ancestors, so she can keep her species alive?

Would Akiha and Shiki breeding just ruin both bloodlines, or would their kid be born with a mix of Nanaya and demon powers?

Hisui >> Akiha >>> Kohaku > Arc = Ciel

A whore does it for money, user.

Wouldn't their kid just have a constant urge to kill himself?


I'd rather a Ciel

I doubt it. At worst, the kid might inherit the madness that runs in Akiha's family-line. If I remember right, Shiki was a prodigy when it comes to killing things. His training and Pure Eyes are the reason why he can't stand anything not human. The kid would probably be spared from most of that so no murderous impulses. The lack of blood-related incest probably helps too.

What do her eyes going blank symbolize during the scenes? I didn't really understand that and it kinda spooked me

IIRC she first does it when pretending to be Hisui, you can tell something is off because the sprite isn't a normal one.

I got Curry on my first playthrough of the game. While I love all the other routes, she's still my favorite.

Re-read the scenes and take note of she refers to you user. There's a noticeable difference in how Hisui and Kohaku talk to Shiki. You should see what I'm getting at.

>Kohaku is possibly the best character between those 2 franchises.

Archer and Kirei

Shiki doesn't have Tohno blood. What are you smoking?