Panty is better

Panty is better.
This isn't an argument.

guess i'll see you on page 10 then

I respect your opinin, but I have to disagree

Stockings is the type of girl who'd have a tumblr account.

She kinda does in-universe though

Kneesocks and Scanty are best.

and how is this a good thing?

panty is dead though

>Great tits
>Get's super excitable and pouts very easily
>Got NTR'd
>10/10 English voice
If you don't like Scanty then there's something wrong with you

stocking is into kinkier stuff and his bigger tits

Yeah, it's an opinion.

>All that
>Plus glasses
>Plus thigh highs

kneesocks is better in every way, dude.

Kneesocks may have a nice aesthetic but her breasts are significantly smaller and she's more Aizen then pouty
Scanty is still superior

S&K are kind of a package deal.


Better slut maybe.

This guy gets it. Who here honestly wouldn’t enjoy a threesome banana head and gum hair goth?

Not at all.

Panty can always be beautiful even when she pick a boy to make love with.

small tities are better. especially in the art style of the show, their nice and perky.
when i was a baby i almost fucking died because my mom's tits where too big for me to get milk from.

>when i was a baby i almost fucking died because my mom's tits where too big for me to get milk from.


Retarded but you’re right. DFC > COW tits

I understand why you may think Panty is perfect, but the reality is that Stocking is even more perfect.

Elaborate on this story

my mom doesnt have big bimbo titties, she's just fat.

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Correct, it is not an argument, you're just flat out wrong.

kneesocks is the best without question
shame that theres so few good hi-res wallpapers with her.

there's good porn though

yes there is and i wish there was more

I agree, however, Stocking is the better fuck.

i highly doubt that

She is thicker than Panty, no level of experience can beat that.

wanna bet?

panty is a rosite but she is blond, so

My precious virginity, that Panty can't make me cum as fast as Stocking would.

>liking panty and stocking
>liking scanty and kneesocks
>not preferring ghost QTs

Dis nigga knows what's up.

True. Her small figure and perky tits are perfect.