R/a/dio Valentines Thread

Happy waifu day to one and all! It's that time of the year to grab all the booze one possible can and drink away the misery that nobody's discovered dimensional portals to the 2D realms yet.
And might as well do it with some nice music to go with it!
/r/s are open for now. Given the usual speed I'll close them soon I expect.
To listen in, google r/a/dio

/r/ Kilim suicide

Claud is a giant faggot.

/r/ qunka

He already did
/r/ Eku suicide

/r/ kimi no shiranai monogatari

happy valentine's Sup Forums

Been looking forward to this! Thanks for doing this every year Claud.

/r/ Scarborough Fair

Rip Eggmun and Ekureiru ;______;

emiri katou - terminal terminal

And premature apologies for the tripping, last time went weird.
Also, everyone with booze pour one for Eku, faggot's in Gensokyo now

He already did
/r/ Egg suicide

/r/ Vanilla Salt

too soon

Happy Valentines Sup Forums, I hope you're with your beloved waifu right now.

/r/ raise your flag

/r/ Kogarashi Sentiment


/r/ Bacon suicide

/r/ "everything's alright" by shigihara at the appropriate time. danke claud

/r/ Skies of Love

RIP, I'll miss Eku ;_;

/r/ Ishukan Communication

woops, forgot the /r/

/r/ Hai! Chance-chan

/r/ Melt, any version

Isn't jail enough for him?

/r/ Sora Ga Ai Deshou

Bacon was murdered by the r/a/dio staff

/r/ Michael Jackson

/r/ train train by the rolling girls

/r/ Moonlight Densetsu

This good enough?

Happy Valentines Day Sup Forumsnon! I'll be with her when I dream at night..

Remember Sup Forums, since we're here forever, might as well love one another!

/r/ My Will
The Inuyasha one


/r/ Toki wo Kizamu Uta

/r/ Hanyuu suicide

/r/ Flashback - MIYAVI vs KenKen


/r/ make my day



Thanks for streaming Claud!

/r/ Lonely Love, Love is in Danger, or any other appropriate song for Valentines Day.

/r/ Dango (normal version)

Nice. I hope you don't fail on dreaming with her.

/r/ Colorful

/r/ Welcome to Disco Kemokemoke

/r/ Someone Else

/r/ Sekko Boys

/r/ kibou no Uta

Only one way to find out!

Stop posting my gif Sup Forumsnon. Didn't you read my filename earlier?


It's close, but I think we need some thriller in our lives.

Why is eggmun in jail?

Are you requesting Someone Else by Kana Asumi, or just bullying me?




/r/ koko


He tried to overthrow the Japanese government

I was requesting the song but I'll take the unintentional bullying too

She's just a good friend of mine, don't worry, I wouldn't betray my own wife.

Molesting girls on the train

Gonna close /r/s at this one for one.

>Couldn't get beer because I woke up too late and the stores had closed
>Just vodka and energy drinks
Just another valentine's.

Pirating music

>drinking any kind of alcohol
>not being a part of sober master race

>Shibayan - Fall in the Dark
Whoever requested this is my nigga.

Yakuza related crimes.

Sounds like a good night to me friendo

Who are you quoting?

So what are you drinking tonight Sup Forumsnons?

/r/ ICHIKO - First Kiss

I think it's in the r/a/dio database.

Who is your wife anyway user?

C-could you be my f-friend t-too?


happy valentines Sup Forums!

i'm always here

>08 feb
Nice try.

>not having high resistance to inebriation

some sick water


/jp/ get in


How much are you going to stream?

>ywn hold eku in a tight embrace

Hey /jp/ I figured out how you can go to gensokyo.

Vodka and some of this good Taiwanese shit

Strawberry Daiquiri to celebrate the girl who has brought me so much joy this season. The joy I feel every time I bully her

>ywn be egg's gf

Theres nothing stopping you from holding his corpse
You're just not trying hard enough


/r/ [Just Because!] Natsume Mio, Morikawa Hatsuki, Komiya Ena (CV: Isobe Carin, Yoshino Yuna, Lynn) - behind

ES + kossu
knowers will know

/r/ Neptune Sagashite

That's pretty much why you should only date 2d girls.

/r/ lum no love song

What a fucking loser.
Look at this loser and laugh. Laugh hard.

shibayan songs always drag on too long

/r/ Kiss of Death

/r/ chiisana boukensha