Seto no Hanayome

Sun or Moon, Sup Forums?



can some one spoil me the manga end?

11 years later, I still gotta live the Akeno life.


>11 years later,

This is the only correct answer.

Give me Moon.


Katana girls are the best


best romantic comedy.

100% Lunar for best girl. Sun, however, was also great, but Lunar was the best overall

MC is quite good too albeit being a manwhore

JC show of 2007

JC the studio?

I want Masa-san to cuck my father and fuck both me and my mum


>main character's mom is about to fuck Masa-san, leaving the dad depressed
>all of this treated as a funny joke
What the fuck?

Because it's satire, it's real in Japan. With the advance in technology, housewife has less work thus more time and bore. Some seek excitement from gambling in stocks while other seek more physical thrill

>>main character's mom is about to fuck Masa-san
It was one-sided to be fair, Masa-san didn't give a shit.

why? Mom is cute and it;s wrong to be gay as yakuza

I liked the tiny assassin the most.

underrated show

What do you mean why, that's just what it was? He was literally the only one from Sun's family who wasn't trying to fuck things up for Nagasumi and Sun

my negro

But he is so sad, he lose good job, a family and his nice body. He deserves some compensation

Sun's hot mom was nice too.

She likes the manlyLunar papako


It was well-renowned for its comedy during its time and it was the ages of memorable anime like Darker than Black and Haruhi. It’s already over 10 years old user so don’t expect people to talk about it a lot.

He’s Japan’s equivalent of Bruno Mars so I’d rather say we got SAMOAN’D

Honor among theives is something under the seas. Remember that localization? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

I wish i can man the fuck up like Nagasumi

His seiyuu, Murase Katsuki, was few weeks ago on Anigera, telling some crazy stories.
He said he trapped gorillas for National Geographic because he wanted a work where he wouldn't have to speak with other people. After being forced to retreat due to an armed conflict in the region, he became a bartender and one random night Kishi Seiji (the director of SnH, not to mention Sunred, Kamisama Dolls and InuBoku where Murase also plays characters) came to his counter because he had heard there was a bartender with an exceptional voice and charisma. Murase refused him countless times, but eventually agreed to try voice acting and then he read the description of his role which basically said "A dandy yakuza merman with an afro and amnesia".

Sun’s mom

Nagasumi brings Sun to her grandma's place and they promise to always be together.

Sun, every time. An elegant waifu from a more civilized age.
But obviously the only correct answer is Masa-san~

M-me too

I need to finish the manga

I haven't finish the manga because I stop at the same place the anime stop,we need someone to translate the missing gap

manga is boring