WIXOSS Missing Link

We're about halfway between the release of Missing Link and the beginning of season two.

Where. Are. My. Subs.

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At this point we just need to keep waiting my friend. Also keep in mind we might have to rely only on Horrible.

If anything you should go to /u/ threads since almost everything is posted there.

It's dead. Jim. Learn nip. Or just watch it anyway, you can just grasp the context of what's going on if you're paying attention or have rudimentary knowledge of nip anyway.

I don't believe that. There might be certain bits that have context clues, like action scenes, but there's more scenes that don't, like five minutes of characters standing in a park infodumping in Japanese.

The /u/ thread is dead. Strange as the last thread was active.

Maybe he is talking about to the other /u/.

LRIGs are acting with free will this time since they are not human anymore and this means LRIG born from bad memories are likely to fuck with their selectors.

>people still waiting for subs
>meanwhile I already saw it with God-tier Mexican subs

Mexico saving anime yet again

I want to date and mate adult Ruuko before Iona/Tama/Yuki gets her hands on her.

Deja vu.

You can have Ruu and I'll have Yuki.

Construya la pared

>implying she is still virgin
Tama/Yuki/Mayu already enjoyed her.

>I'll have Yuki
Over my dead body.

>implying it was a girl
Ruuko's probably got a part time job in Kabukicho

Ruuko isn't Akira. I can't imagine her working in a hostess club.

I imagine her working on model stuff she had the potential.

Asenshi fucking when!?

Happy vday batoru buddies!

Tha's dedication.

What happened to her nose? It looks normal somehow

I hate this meme. There was absolutely nothing wrong with Infected and Spreads art style concerning staple noses.

Seems dumb for a few anons to move to another site without telling anyone.

I am pretty sure we can't spoonfeed.

Does someone play Wixoss TCG here?

I bet it is very hard to play considering how much time the game has.


>still not subs
But why? It not like it would take more than 2 days.

>Midoriko lrig with coins will be important in the early episodes of conflated
Someone will get a boner.

>meanwhile okada
Holy shit.

>he didn't watch it with chink subs.

Fucking never faggot.

New event in march.

Why the OVA didn't get the subs already?

Cute Tama.

Waifu-ism to the next level.

>waiting for asenshi

Well people just have infinite places to go.

I'm not loyal to any sub group, I'll take it from whoever subs it.

We just need to wait until the french does something.

>not waiting for asenshi

Subs fucking when!

I feel the same...

I won't give up. I will keep waiting. I know they will sub it before conflated airs.

>tfw adult iona in conflated
hell yes!

>people had four years to lean nip
>complain because no subs
It's your own fault.

I thought Suzu and Chi-chan forgot each other, how come Suzu remembers everything but Kiyoi?

>not brainwashing your friend who lost her memories into being your devoted friend.

I want to fuck Ki-chan

Why are Wixoss threads so fucking ded now?

No subs

she'll be in the next season right?

No subs.
No new anime until april.

I could watch it now but I'm waiting so I can enjoy it at the same time as my friends here on Sup Forums and /u/.

I want to fuck Piruluk.

Impostor detected, Pirulukanon is ded.

Do you think there will be a little time skip between -The Missing Link- and Conflated? I mean between Infected and Spread there wasn't much problem. In the other hand, Incited and Conflated will have more than 1 year of difference in production and this time is likely to translate in inside-anime time.

She already appeared in Incited.

Does Tama wear pantsu?

LRIGs are nopan you fool!

Mayu must be quite the pervert huh

When does the suffering begin?

I used to, years ago. WEBXOSS is dead though, and nobody wants to buy cards for some physical TCG they've never heard of.

Still waiting it to become more tenhou-ish.

Mayu is pure!

Is this the same user?

No. The original user used an image with a different file name.

Ahhh too bad. I will mourn his passing.

Okada is coming back?

I hope not. I almost always hate the 2nd half of her works.

Then who should write conflated?

I want to fuck Yuki.


Is Chi-chan healed yet? Does Suzuko give her nightly healing sessions? Do her parents know?