My hobby is watching anime, not "consuming each and all kind of Japanese media".
I don't give a shit about manga except for rare cases.

This is what we get from lonely Sup Forums tourists


They're better than Sup Forums shitters at least

>watch the anime
>manga is still going, pick up where anime ends
>too lazy to keep up with it
>drop the manga
tell me im a shit

I'm watching Cromartie High School! Should I read it instead?

And for retards like this one, this board is full of shit-tier threads

manga is shit

Source on the left pic?

We Sup Forums now.

I just always hope people like you realize how garbage the stuff you're watching usually is.

I prefer manga too, I don't know of an example of an anime adaption being better than the original manga.

While the manga is always superior, I love animation and I like to enjoy the anime without knowing what's going to happen.

I watch anime since scaflowne was in VHS but I don't read manga or play shitty Vn, Sup Forums is in this state because everyone watches anime nowadays and everyone knows Sup Forums.

As shitty as the source and there are plenty of originals that are really good, without going too far Sora Yori this season is a good example.
Gintama is better than the manga and there are lots of anime that are better than the source.

americ anfootball

There are tons of adaptations that were cut off early (or just completely deviate) with anime original endings. And I see people all the time talking about them not realizing they're missing a good chunk of the story. Not to mention the reliance on CGI in anime now that look like garbage and shitty, barely-there animation. I can't say I've ever seen an anime that was clearly better than the manga. Haven't read or watched Gintama so I can't say anything there.

Mob Psycho 100. The original art is dogshit, and the anime not only has phenomenal animation, it manages to keep hold of what makes the source charming to look at.

Out of manga to anime adaptations that is. There's some manga that were adapted from anime. Anime originals still often suffer from shitty looking animation even if they're not based on anything.

than kyou

See there are always the opposite. I gives no fuck about anime whatsoever and only come here for manga

The anime's pacing is rushed and the manga art actually improves later on.

>enjoying still black and white images more than full color, animated and voiced images

I will never understand this

More often than not better art and I'd rather have no animation than shit animation. If every anime was Akira (which is a shit adaptation but has nice animation) then there'd be less of an issue. Voices are nice but not needed. And you can read manga at your own pace which is nice.

>ever watching anime that is an adaptation of an unfinished manga
Only asking for shit pacing and filler bullshit

>Budgetary constraints mean only show-stopper scenes actually look very good (QUALITY)
>Typically butcher the story, by cutting things out to compress it, shitty original ending/no ending, or by adding in filler to extend the runtime
>Takes much longer to get through an equivalent amount of story (20 minutes of an episode vs 10 minutes to read the equivalent amount of chapters)
>Voices are never as good as in the manga

That said, I'm not a purist, just much more of a manga reader.

Never meant

Paneling work strokes imagination, whereas animation is limited by itself. Most sasuga webms just left me thinking "that's nice I guess"

Also reading is always fun

If only she were older

That album used to be a secret pleasure of mine. Now I just listen to TTNG whenever I want to scratch that particular itch.

neck urself ratman scum

Hunter x Hunter
>Voices are never as good as in the manga
Please elaborate

>HXH's anime is better
This is what animeonlies actually believe.

Manga voices was an "include me in the screencap" shitpost from the dumpire anime.

I only watch Anime when I like the Manga. Feels a lot easier for me to read a chapter in 5 minutes than watch an episode of 20 something minutes.

Nice, argument right there

Hunter x Hunter anime is better because don't look like the drawn of a japanese 5 yo and the pacing is better

But I'm already reading almost 70 manga simultaneously. I'm not sure I can do more than that.

Togashi's art hasn't been bad for a while. And the pacing is only better because the anime has a regular release schedule. At least when it's actually coming out because it's still reliant on the manga for content.

I was a more anime person before, but now I just exclusively read manga. I just got tired of how cheap anime is. Far too many just have this 'designed by committee' feeling to them which sucks them dry of urgency and impulse. So many come across as budget-driven storytelling. I can't deal with flashbacks to shit that happened five minutes ago anymore.

The art is still bad in the Hisoka vs Chrollo fight, so you have to see 357 chapters of bad art

And the pacing is better because the anime implement the infobumps in a better way

What manga?

What if I'm already reading the manga but the manga is based on LNs I have no intentions of reading?

for sure

Maybe if manga had reliable raw releases and wasn't purposefully ruined whenever it gets popular by the publisher trying to milk it for all it's worth.

>purposefully ruined whenever it gets popular by the publisher trying to milk it for all it's worth
Sounds like what studios do with anime. They fill them up with filler to keep them from ending if they actually make money.

The reliability and quality of English translations of manga is a legitimate issue though. There's plenty of manga that were never translated while partial anime adaptations of them were. And even scanlations are unreliable unless you're a fairly popular series.

>They fill them up with filler to keep them from ending if they actually make money
That's literally just the giant shounen adaptations, which I'm not interested in either way.
>The reliability and quality of English translations
I don't read translations. Raws are often terrible quality digital rips or just nonexistent though.

I've only downloaded a few manga's raws but I've found good quality raws for manga that aren't being scanlated so they at least seem more reliable than those.

I'm much more of a comic enthusiast than an anime enthusiast but when it comes to manga it can often be frustrating to keep up with for the casual reader.

Popular series' like shonens are lengthy as hell, so legally supporting it is a fucking investment, and scanlations are always a mixed bag. Weekly series' like One Piece have to deal with garbage scanlations like MangaStream that rush the translations out so they can be the first, at the expense of quality, while more niche series' will often be far behind Japan out dropped on a whim. That's not even getting into how the scan quality of older manga is downright atrocious in a lot of cases, and unfortunately a lot of those manga don't have any other options if you want to read it.

Unless you go out of your way to master Japanese and have the money to collect the original Japanese physical releases you've gotta accept a lot of bullshit. Meanwhile with anime you just pirate some Crunchyroll subs and you're gold.

I see people complaining about Crunchyroll subs a lot. They seem to be the anime equivalent to MangaStream translations. I know Kodansha does English translations of some of their manga. I wish Shueisha would do something similar for stuff other than just like the top 10 most popular manga. Or Viz could get off their lazy asses and license more stuff.

Read a fucking book.

Go fuck yourself, there is plenty manga with perfect scans and decent trans online, you reek of someone who only reads shounenshit

I just prefer animation to comics, sorry

I'll see you when we're both not so emotional

>if i say it's garbage, maybe it'll come true!

Well, Manga isn't animated or in color, so that automatically drops it about 5 points for me.

What's the point in looking at pictures of shitty drawings if they aren't even moving?

same. to me manga gets 64/69 points, while anime gets the full 69/69.

>unironically watching shit animation only to get half the story because they decided to end the anime years before the manga ends

>What's the point in looking at pictures of shitty drawings if they aren't even moving?
I've seen plenty of anime that just pan over stills while the characters talk. And the stills look much worse than manga artwork most of the time. Apparently in the Jojo part 4 anime some scenes that would be cool to be animated are just a series of stills.

>I've seen plenty of anime that just pan over stills while the characters talk.
Yeah, those are called dialogue scenes. It's like that in live action shows too.
>the stills look much worse than manga artwork most of the time
They're still voiced and in color, which automatically makes it better. All anime/manga artwork is mediocre as fuck anyway. If I wanted to look at good artwork I sure as fuck wouldn't look for it in Japanese pop culture lmao.

>>unironically watching shit animation only to get half the story because they decided to end the anime years before the manga ends
Have you only seen Shonen adaptations?

If by perfect you mean low resolution and passable translations.

>you reek of someone who only reads shounenshit
What? Currently popular shonen manga are the type of manga most likely to get rescanlation projects and be completed.
It's smaller stuff that falls through the cracks.

>live action dialogue scenes are just still images where nobody is moving at all
Not really.

>They're still voiced and in color, which automatically makes it better
I like the look of black and white artwork. The contract can and often does look good to me. It's similar for black and white movies which I also think can look amazing (and better than a lot of color movies) if done correctly. I couldn't give any less of a shit about voices honestly. It's often jarring to hear what kinds of voices they picked for the anime after reading the manga.

Happens with seinen adaptations too.

It’s just me but I feel animation is only animation, it doesn’t get more than that. Whereas a series of pictures paneled in the right way can invoke great imagination of the action being described. Same way with words in novels
That’s why I don’t like the OPM manga’s “gif” either

you know i should be leaving soon

Yu Yu Hakusho and HxH
Usagi drop
Jojo part 1, 2 and arguably 3

Post an animelist or something.
You sound like a shonenfag or those that read shitty edgy mangas.

I love mango

Okay shit like Eden it's an Endless world has good scans and is completed, so does Freesia and Kokou no Hito. Not gonna help you with any more reccs but you should get the picture, trying to make shitty statements as if there aren't tons of manga with good scans out there is idiotic.

This picture brought me life. Thanks user, I'm going to go listen to them and Mineral now.

>It's like that in live action shows too.

Live action shows usually have things going in the background and when the characters talk they are actually expressive.

I thought the "Every anime ever is adapted from a manga" mindset is something that has been left behind by the English-speaking anime community YEARS ago.

I'm surprised people like OP still exist.

Original anime have pretty much all of the same problems except you can't just go and read the manga.

Most are, most originals also suck ass and you can name a handful from this whole decade that are worth watching.

>You don't love the anime if you haven't read something that isn't the anime

It's finally happened, elitism has become a parody of itself.

Yeah, stop watching LOGH anime and read the manga right now!

>Enjoy animation
>Watch anime because it's the only consistent source, despite most of it being shit and barely animated
>No, read the manga!
Fuck off. They really should divide this board into two already.

Quell your autism.

More like read the books in its case.

But it's not fully translated yet, and I heard the existing translation is shit

jokes on you, yu-gi-oh is playing on the tv while I'm also reading the manga on my computer

I only watch anime originals.

After watching countless anime, I have come to the conclusion that manga is definitely vastly superior to manga, at least 99% of the time.

I have recently found a place that lets you download countless manga for free (not a torrent site that relies on seeders)

So maybe the medium is not for you - feel free to leave it behind.

I mostly have. Unfortunately the majority of Sup Forums is anime focused so it's hard getting discussion for shit that doesn't have an anime unless it's a popular shonen.

Comics are a tedious medium and I find no pleasure in them.

>not playing the game while reading and watching ygo
One job.

I will do no such thing and will continue to purely watch the dubs. Fuck you and your reading.
Unless its a doujin

Hunter x Hunter

Reading web novels>>>>>>>>reading light novels>>shit>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Reading manga=Watching anime

Natsume Yuujinchou

>japanese literature

>And the pacing is only better because the anime has a regular release schedule

Does that really make sense to you? What do you think pacing is? Pacing is how natural the progression of time feels. Whether you watch is week to week or back to back, it has nothing to do with the "release schedule." I haven't watched or read Hunter x Hunter, but what you said makes no fucking sense and isn't even an argument.



Where do you all buy your manga from?

but the manga spoils the anime

Webnovels are quite possibly the bottom of the bottom in terms of quality. Don't be so optimistic about them just because you picked one or two that happen to be good.

Cromartie and Bobobo

Fuck you OP. Besides which plenty of things are LNs or originals. So fuck you OP.

>Missing ONE's fantastic paneling.
>Casuals can't read gud.
Get fucked user.