Crunchyroll's Royalty Payments to Anime Industry Have Surpassed US$100 Million

>Crunchyroll's Royalty Payments to Anime Industry Have Surpassed US$100 Million


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Crunchyroll was a mistake.

It's fucking nothing though, anime industry generates 16 billion per year, physical distribution to overseas is 2.3 billion with the vas majority of it coming from China.

And that shit is reporting 10 million a year average? Pffft.

>Anim streaming websiteCrunchyrolltoldentertainment news sourceThe Hollywood Reporterthat it has contributed US$100 million in royalties to the Japanese industry.Crunchyrollconfirmed with ANN that the milestone was reached late last year.

Crunchyrollalso noted toThe Hollywood Reporterthat women make up half ofCrunchyroll's user base.

>The website launched in 2007 as a streaming service offering anime titles without authorization, but in 2008 itsecuredraised US$4.05 million in its first-round funding from Venrock an began licensing titles for streaming.

Crunchyrollannounceda joint venture to co-produce anime withSumitomo Corporationin 2015. It has since invested in more than 40 anime productions,includingthis season'sA Place Further Than the Universe,Citrus,How to keep a mummy,Toji no Miko,Laid-Back Camp,Junji Ito "Collection", andMs. Koizumi loves ramen noodles.CrunchyrollalsoproducedURAHARA, an anime adaptation ofPatrick MaciasandMugi Tanaka's webcomicPARK Harajuku: Crisis Team!, which runs onCrunchyroll. Last July,Crunchyrollannounceda partnership withNBCUniversal Entertainment Japanto co-develop new anime titles.

>Sumitomo is alsopartneringwith The Chernin Group. The Chernin Groupacquireda majority stake inCrunchyrollin December 2013. The Chernin Group and AT&T formed the joint venture Otter Media in 2014, and it operatesCrunchyroll's parent company Ellation.

As of February 2017,Crunchyroll's streaming service hasreachedmore than one million subscribers. The site also has more than 20 million registered users.Crunchyrollis alsopartneringwithFunimationto cross-stream anime content and to offer titles on home video viaFunimation.

>Crunchyrolllauncheda manga service in 2013.Crunchyroll,Sumitomo Corporation, andGREEalsosignedan agreement last August for the localization and distribution of games based on anime for North America and other overseas markets.

Source:The Hollywood Reporter


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It's certainly more than Sup Forums has contributed to support the industry.

The link says nothing about streaming having a negative impact on the anime industry. It says that international distribution has massively benefited the anime industry. And what makes international distribution successful in the West? You guessed it: Streaming services like Netflix and CR.


Reminder that Crunchyroll shitposters don't actually use CR.

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It took them ten years.
Meanwhile FGO makes a millions every day.

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The point remains standing that streaming services contribute next to nothing compared to actually buying the products when it comes to supporting the industry.

It does more than pirating anime and giving money to fansubbers so they can spend extra money on chicken tendies.

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