Violet Evergarden

Has there been a show more competently animated than this?

RIP baguette.

Violet looks different in this episode. Longer hair?

Best Kyoani girl can't get any be-
>Adds ponytail

Ok, who's gonna tell her?

They made Violet pretty appealing in this episode.
Now that you mention it her bangs are pretty long.
Shut up, Kyon.

Violet >> Luculia > Cattleya > rest


Why she kill the bread?



Look, I am ok with the broken spaghetti but THIS, this goes too far.

so much forced animation over such useless action

Kabenari uses the same animation style if not better

ur life is useless action

>tfw the show is so bad the only thing you can praise is the animation

There's that meme again.


How do we save this show?

Magical war action with flying Rifle-Axe like Izetta.

From what?

put ishitdate on fire and stream it

she already won this season in ep.3, now kyo is circlejerking their waifu trophy.

>angry Bioretto
>sad Bioretto
>lonely Bioretto
>dead inside Bioretto
>lovestruck Bioretto
This week was so good.

watch it on crunchyroll



The latest episode is good,

Kek of the day

Picked up.

Aurora Borealis?

Disney's Pinocchio.


>aurora borealis
>outside of a polar region
Bravo Kyoani

Kemono Friends.

how exactly did Violet do that for him?


She showed him you could ravel the world no matter how emotionally inept you are.

Her crippling autism made him realize that things aren't so bad for him.

By making him fall for her and admire her traveler's work.

Why are the girls so goddamn cute?

Iris a best

Iri is absolute garbage.

Absolute shit taste right there.

This show has the worst Kyoani girls ever

Real men like Cattleya because they can handle a full-ass woman.

*blocks your path*

I'll deck you in the pecker, mate.
She's the top Doll in the entire country.

Bogger off

Literally a slut named after cows.
Literally a brocon abomination.

She's an immature cunt.

Why do we need to explain the most level 1 basic plot of every episode to autists?

*counter block*

She should have stayed in her village and married that nice shoemaker.

Oh god this is Yuru Camp again.

Immature cunt has always been a highly valuable asset in human history.


She’s not the good kind of immature cunt, she’s the bad kind. See episode 5 for an example of the good kind.

WHAT IS UP with anime characters mishandling food this season?

Can we talk about the dudes? Fuckin each of them pose on a cover of MensHealth.

Even the fat ones look good.

Too many long haired fujobaits.

The fatty drunk brother was a cutie

That part was way over the top. But the rest of the episode is great, is the first one to have a solid story telling, despite skipping some parts from the LN.

By showing that taking risks can be rewarding even if it may cost them their lives.

What's up with Iris and Erica, why weren't they called to do that shit as well?

>Not Violet Evergarden Bread
One job OP.


Don't know. Don't care.

Iris was fired since her broken arm made her unable to work, and Erica has never been relevant.

They're nobodies, Violet stole all the fame.

Why even include them in the anime if all they did was have their one shitty anime original episode? It's incredibly stupid.

Based on Violet's reactions this week, do you think Dietfried told her that his brother is alive but doesn't want to see her?

>This scene
>Violet's reaction


That's probably it. She doesn't look happy at all.

Shitting on this series feels mean at this point, it's like kicking a two legged dog

Characters form other series: Spilling Spaghetti
Character from Violet Evergarden: Breaking Baguette

Add Axe Surfing and rape attempts

By their powers combined.


>Ripping off Yuru Camp, PTE and Kimi no na wa in the same episode.

Hiro,what are you doing in this anime?

The overarching story cohesion has been way down since episode 3. Seriously, why have big bad brother show up if the next episode is gonna be about star gazeing?

>rape attempts
Unironically this
and this is coming from a diehard vanillafag

>Dietfried appears last episode
>cool, so next chapter will be a flashback about how Violet was found and almost raped
>next episode is about some random guy in an boservatory
Fuck this show. Even best girl Luculia can't save it.

The backgrounds look really blocky for some reason, they're not as good as other episodes. Who made them this time? Animation Do? Studio Blue?

There goes the Thbread


Wasn't this a Do episode?

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

is this a meme of did Dietfriet and his men actually tried to rape Violet?

Kyoani confirmed time travelers.

looks like adult Ueno is still a bitch. but to breads instead of deaf girls.

only a bunch of their men. Unfortunately it didn't end well for their men because Violet literally all rekt them

Some of his men did try it, the slaughter you saw at the end of episode 5 was the end result of that.

That bread did nothing wrong.

Spotted the /t/v/edditor.

so...the girls all had sex with the boys right?

Violet isn't even especially fast at writing...shes just good. As much as Violet could last writing, im sure leon had a break.

im not the only one who thinks there was implication of guys all having sex? thats the only reason they wrote so much, because the others were having 'fun'

>woah, this girl has metal hands, that’s strange
I got it the first time, thanks

>Episode is not anime original.
>Isn't shit.
What a coincidence!

Why do you think they hired a bunch of girls specifically?

They aren't sex dolls.

Well new clients didn't get to get it that first time.