Aikatsu Stars! & Cocotama

Mahiru's last stand and gyaru Idles return tonight.
Nobody actually watches Cocotama.

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>Nobody actually watches Cocotama.
Don't tell lies on the internet, Imouto-chan.

Can we skip to next week already?


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How do I forgot about Madoka's birthday

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Who is Akagi Anna?

I love Mahiru.

Cute and sexy respectively.

She's the rival of the three main prichanners.

I love you, Yozora.

>Cocotama gets two Valentine's episodes this year
>Stars gets zero
Somehow this doesn't seem quite fair.


Both are only half an episode, so they should've probably aired both romance episodes last week and aired the Hikari episode and the baseball episode this week.

I would have done it that way myself.

Though apparently the baseball half is the half with the romance in it.

Huh, you're right. Yeah, the other once is about Kokoro teaching kindergarteners music or something like that. Probably a Melory episode.

The long-lost sister of Akagi An

I'm expecting her to do the intro for the episode.

>Nobody actually watches Cocotama.
I'm surprised with all the attention Cocotama has been getting on /ai/ lately, which isn't a lot but it at least is more than what it used to get. A year ago I wouldn't have imagined anyone actually discussing the plot in here.

Cocotama didn't really have a plot a year ago.

Nozomi's plot was pretty much the first time Cocotama ever tried to do plot, and while that was underway a year ago it hadn't started much before that.

Does Cocotama appeal to indecent lolicons?

It also took a while to get started.

hell fucking yeah


When will Itou Mikku voice an idle?

The second ending does.



There was the whole drama about Bibitto going out at night hunting stars behind Nozomi's back.

I think that started less than a year ago.


And then it would up being not enough and she tried to cheat to become a God. That went about as well as you would expect for her.

It started in December 2016.

It's been almost a year since Hikari showed up user.

Barely a year ago, then. That was my entire point, really, it took quite a while for Cocotama to get something that could be called a plot.

The first seeds of Nozomi being neglected by her father were planted way back in June of 2016 with the amusement park episode where she helped a little boy spend the day with his overworked father, but it didn't really go anywhere until they had a sleepover mid December of that year when she revealed her father was going to the Amazon and that she had a time limit on growing up to go with him. Hearing that is what led Vivit to going out at night on her own. But yeah, it started airing in October 2015 and took until December 2016 for any real plot to start happening.

Since we're on the topic, there's an important plot point in Cocotama that I've wanted to discuss.
Who exactly is the true identity of CHOU ELITO COCOTAMA SPAI CODONEMU SAN-YON-ROKU? My bets are on tama-sennin.

It's Hikari. She's THAT good at magic.

There's been a plot ever since Nozomi showed up. She wanted to be with dad, so she had to collect stars and get her wish granted.
The thing with Cocotama's plot is that Kokoro is never at the center of it, that's why it seems as though there was no plot.

But we didn't know what Nozomi's motivation was until the sleepover episode.

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Cocotama is a much better show than Stars, user.

Pretty sure Ema is an actual Japanese name.


>I doubt Ema is pronounced as Ema in Spanish
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we were /pc/ all along



No bully.

They're the only decent subs for the show.

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I need to make an account in the wikis and brainwash little girls into watch Fairilu.

Does Dorayaki have autism


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There's a Cocotama wiki and I'm afraid to see how bad it is.








So which ESL f/a/ggots are making these?

are these actual little girls posting or autistic late teens males?

It seems rather outdated and abandoned.


I unironically agree with this.


Research has shown that it's probably bi-lingual kids from the south east asia area

This post was clearly made by a little boy/girl, sophisticated and mature people can appreciate how sexy Koharu is.

There's two of them, and they both died when subs stopped at episode 3 for 6 months.

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...what? There was development between Ako and Kanata just a few episodes ago.

When are we making our very own /ai/ wiki? We could fill it with /ai/ mythos that only we understand.

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